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2019 Shanghai Institutes of Higher Education Special Research Assistant Recruitment Bulletin

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Original title: 2019 Shanghai Institutes of Higher Education Special Research Assistant Recruitment Announcement

The Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "High Research Institute") is located in the core area of Zhangjiang Science City, Pudong New District, Shanghai. It is a young, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive science and education institution, mainly focusing on energy environment, advanced manufacturing, and information. It has carried out scientific research layout in science and technology, chemistry and chemical industry, new materials, and carried out original innovation and integrated innovation research. It has made preliminary breakthroughs and developments in low-carbon energy conversion, gas turbines, smart cities, CCUS, etc., and has Shanghai synchrotron radiation source and national protein. Facilities (Shanghai) and other national science infrastructures.

In order to speed up the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government decided to take the National Laboratory as the target and the High Research Institute as the contractor to construct the Zhangjiang Laboratory to further expand the country's major needs and the frontier of technological development Field layout, and together with innovation units in the core area of Zhangjiang, such as Shanghai University of Science and Technology, to create an ecosystem of scientific and technological innovation and personnel training. At present, the High Research Institute is focusing on building a new type of scientific research institution with rich innovative functions, gathering of talents, advanced research and development facilities, complete supporting facilities and beautiful environment.

The high-tech research institute flying forward is looking forward to your joining with the spirit of inclusiveness and innovation, and we look forward to joining hands to create a better future!

I. Recruitment needs

Recruitment Discipline

Chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science and engineering, physics, optical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, materials science and engineering, biological engineering, information and communication engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, etc.

Recruiting direction

° heterogeneous / homogeneous / in-situ catalysis

° Materials Engineering Research

° Research on energy storage or energy materials

° Catalytic reaction engineering and reactor research

° CO2 capture and utilization

° Low carbon technology / economic assessment

° Data assimilation / energy economy

° New energy storage and conversion materials and devices

° Structural / material technology / pneumatic design check

° Research and development of photovoltaic device simulation design

° Functional Lubricants / Chemical Engineering / Analytical Chemistry

° Key technologies of big data and artificial intelligence

° Synchrotron Beamline Engineering Technology / Data Analysis

° Accelerator physics research / high frequency technology / beam measurement control technology / magnet power technology / low temperature technology / drive and seed laser technology

Recruitment object

According to the needs of the discipline layout and the development of scientific research, about 30 special research assistants are recruited for scientific and technological positions. The recruitment targets are:

° People with PhD and scientific research;

° Age generally does not exceed 35 years of age.

2. Benefits

The salary level of special research assistants is equivalent to the average salary level of deputy senior professional and technical personnel of our hospital. Special research assistants can be promoted in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures during the employment period. Our institute establishes "five insurances and one fund" for special research assistants. Special research assistants enjoy benefits such as apartment housing, lunch subsidies, annual leave and medical examination during their employment. Those who meet the relevant conditions can apply for the "Special Research Assistant Program" project, and those who are particularly outstanding can apply for the "Hundred Talents Program" project. Special research assistants are employed on a project basis, and they can be recruited as career staffers after the expiration of the program.

Application materials

° CV,

° Doctoral certificate, degree certificate;

° Scientific research results, other materials that can prove personal ability and level.

The compressed file of the above materials is sent to: hr@sari.ac.cn (The subject of the email is marked "Name + Special Research Assistant + Application Direction")

For more complete job listings and announcements see:

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