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Be pitted! Citizens of Chengdu drive into the ravine to find a hotel by themselves (picture)

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Mr. Zhao found himself far away from his destination.

Mr. Zhao followed the navigation prompts to the hotel, but he did not expect to be taken to the wilderness.

What if I want to go to a place I have never been to and do n’t know the road? Previously, older drivers might choose to look at maps or ask directions. Since there is mobile navigation, everyone will choose to take out their mobile phone and follow the navigation. What if navigation is wrong?

On August 27, Mr. Zhao, a citizen of Chengdu, returned by car from Sichuan Lover's Sea View Area and booked a hotel in Marcon through a travel app. Due to his unfamiliar life, he followed the mobile phone navigation all the way, and the navigation showed that the hotel was in a small mountain village 50 kilometers away. Under the guidance of navigation, he went up a dirt road between 7 and 9 in the evening. Mr. Zhao got more and more wrong. Later he called and asked, the hotel is in the city of Marcon, not in the mountain village. The black light was blind, and it was raining heavily. Mr. Zhao, who had gone the wrong way, could only return along the mountain road. He didn't find the hotel until 11pm, not to mention how depressed it was.


Follow the navigation to find accommodation

Hotels in Mountain Village

Mr. Zhao, a citizen of the country, loves to travel and take pictures. Every holiday, he likes to meet friends for three or four, and take a self-driving tour to relax.

When he got off work on the afternoon of August 25, he drove his car and went to Aba Prefecture Lover Sea View Area with his friends, ready to relax on the weekend and relax. On the evening of the 27th, after playing for two days, he drove back to Malkang, preparing to rest for one night before returning to Chengdu.

According to his habit, before each self-driving tour, he must book a hotel in advance on a travel app, and this time is no exception. After 7 pm, Mr. Zhao arrived in Malkang by car. "I couldn't find the way, so I opened the travel app, opened the hotel order, and selected navigation." The hotel is actually 50 kilometers away from the city of Marcon in a small mountain village.

"It's seven or eight in the evening, and the hotel also paid for the booking. How much trouble is it to refund the money!" No way, Mr. Zhao could only follow the navigation along the way, "It's a small road with a maximum of two lanes, and the traffic conditions are not good. , Potholes. "

Why is such a big hotel in a mountain village? Mr. Zhao and friends also wondered if the original ecological hotel is located in a mountain village and has a beautiful environment?

All the way to country road

The hotel is 50 km away

At night, the black lights were blind, and the mountain road was crooked and potty. Mr. Zhao did not dare to blink his eyes. He clenched the steering wheel and did not dare to slack off.

After driving for two hours, at 9 pm, the car stopped in front of a small bridge. He opened the map and found that the parking place was a small village called Jiaomuzu. It was more than thirty kilometers away from the National Road 307. To get on the national road, there is only a dirt road that is less than two meters wide and muddy.

"Will it be the wrong navigation?" Mr. Zhao was suspicious, and when he turned on the high-beam light, the bridgehead of the small bridge in front of him clearly had a sign saying "Dangerous bridge here, no traffic".

At this moment, he only remembered to call the hotel, but the customer service's reply made him stunned: the hotel is in the city of Marcon, where is in what small village. The real address provided by the hotel's customer service and the positioning address of the navigation software were 50 km away.

"Oh, what is this navigation? It really is a pit!" In desperation, Mr. Zhao had to return the same way. There was a sudden heavy rain on the return journey, gravel continued to fall on the cliffs along the highway, and the car's fuel level was insufficient. "It was really all the way and I was worried all the way."

At 11 o'clock in the evening, Mr. Zhao and his friends arrived in the city of Malkang. At this time, the fuel was exhausted. "I asked afterwards that it was easy to slide when the local rain fell.

Apologies for navigation software

Error will be corrected immediately

Thinking of the outrageous navigation error, Mr. Zhao was a little depressed. "The navigation is a little bit worse, it's actually 50 kilometers. Is this too outrageous?"

On August 31, a reporter from West China Metropolis Daily contacted the person in charge of the travel app and navigation software. The person in charge of the APP explained that after booking a hotel on the APP, if the customer wants to choose navigation, after clicking the navigation to the option, it is guided by the third-party navigation software that comes with the phone, not the travel app itself.

In addition, the relevant person in charge of the navigation software explained that the map positioning error is a very rare phenomenon, and there are many reasons. It may be that the actual road conditions have changed, but the map has not been updated in time. Regarding the situation where Mr. Zhao reported a difference of 50 kilometers, he apologized to Mr. Zhao and said that he would modify it immediately.


Do you have "navigation dependence"?

Can't find a way to find a restaurant in the city? Use navigation; self-driving can't find the road, continue to use navigation ... As the road network continues to be dense, various mobile phone navigation software has become a necessary tool for manpower.

However, the Chengdu Qingbaijiang Public Security Traffic Police wanted to tell everyone that during the driving process, you must not completely rely on navigation. The roadside signs and signs are well established. Why don't you watch?

Traffic police reminder

Travel must be planned in advance

Never rely solely on navigation

The traffic police advised that, before traveling by long-distance self-driving, you must be fully prepared. For unfamiliar routes, you must know the road conditions along the route in advance. Especially in rural or remote areas, it is good to ask more local people while following the navigation. Even if you follow the navigation, pay attention to the signage along the way. If you are on a highway or in bad weather, you must use cruise at a fixed speed, otherwise, if there is an unexpected accident, the brakes will be too late.

Foreign media reports

Navigation reduces judgment

Make people "stupid"

According to the British "Daily Mail" previously reported, experts said that satellite navigation will not only make people more lazy, but also slowly deprive humans of the sense of direction, the sense of "use or waste." Experts remind that you must not rely too much on the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite navigation will not really deprive people of navigation capabilities, but only rely on navigation broadcasts, once there is a failure, there will be no backup, "equivalent to reducing the human judgment and analysis in disguise Ability to make people 'stupid.' On the contrary, studying maps in advance can not only improve navigation, but also observation.

In addition, foreign media have referred to excessive dependence on navigation as a new type of "road idiot", that is, navigation dependence, which is already a global topic.

"Navigation is an important tool, but it cannot replace your judgment and obey the rules of road traffic on your behalf." Experts said.

West China Metropolis Daily reporter Li Zhi photography Zhang Lei

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