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2019 Asia-Pacific Real Estate Forum Chengdu Station: Hot discussion on Asia-Pacific development, 58 same-city, Anju guests empower overseas real estate information services

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As a real estate information service platform, 58 city and Anjuke continuously extended the breadth and depth of information services. In the field of overseas real estate business, 58 city and Anjuke together with Property Guru hosted the "2019 Asia-Pacific Real Estate Summit Forum", which successfully became a multi-category industry Service agencies and users establish smooth communication channels. On December 5, the fourth event of the Asia Pacific Real Estate Summit Forum 2019 went to Chengdu.

58 Senior Vice President of the city & Ye Bing, Anjuke COO, Li Fuquan, general manager of the special project of Fanggulu, Zhang Ying, head of Anjuke Overseas Real Estate, Yang Hairuo, head of Huiqiao Immigration, Shen Zhiqiang, founder and CEO of Mitsui, and “Overseas Investment Platform” 》 The founder, Zhan Jinlong, the Secretary General of the Forum on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises and the Overseas Investment Summit, and other guests, as well as hundreds of overseas brand real estate agency agents and related institutions attended the summit.

Prior to this event, 58 same-city and Anjuke joint overseas platform houses Guru has held Asia-Pacific real estate summit forums in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, respectively, and has won high attention from the industry. The industry's influence continues to rise, which has recently led to the Chengdu Station The summit also attracted more partners to participate. At the summit, real estate information services, developers, investment agencies, real estate agents, real estate custody, and immigration overseas students gathered to build a comprehensive overseas real estate service ecosystem with rich segments.

Black technology empowers overseas real estate information services, connects domestic and overseas to enhance online experience

At the Chengdu Summit, Ye Bing shared a speech on "New Experience in Joint Real Estate Overseas," in his opinion, "at present there are still pain points such as asymmetric information and high customer acquisition costs for overseas real estate agents." In recent years, 58 cities and Anjuke rely on the advantages of technology to apply black technology to overseas real estate services, bringing convenient and efficient online experiences to global users.

Ye Bing introduced 58 technology products in the same city, Anjuke's cloud library, Linkan VR house viewing, and micro-chat. They will be deeply integrated with overseas real estate information services, improve the marketing efficiency of agency companies and developers, and bring users New browsing experience, new consulting experience, new service experience. 58 The "micro-chat" tool launched by the same city and Anjuke breaks the constraints of time, space, language and culture, enables users and agents to communicate "in the air" and "interculturally" to obtain professional and secure overseas real estate information services.

58 In the same city, Anjuke will also use the "Lingan VR house viewing" service for overseas listing information display. With a 3D picture and a 1: 1 ratio, the holographic image of overseas listings will be reproduced to show the entire picture of the entire room in front of global users, so that users far away from other countries can get an "immersive" online browsing experience.

Favorable policies bring new opportunities for economic and real estate market development in Southeast Asian countries

At the Chengdu Summit, Li Fuquan, general manager of Fang Gulu's regional special project, detailed the current per capita GDP and economic profile of Southeast Asian countries. With the in-depth development of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Southeast Asian countries have brought a new wave of opportunities in tourism, construction, investment and real estate markets. High-speed rail from China to Southeast Asian countries will be opened to traffic in recent years, which will make the Chinese people and people in Southeast Asian countries closer.

At the summit site, Zhang Ying, head of Anjuke Overseas Real Estate, and industry representatives also had a lively round-table discussion around the theme of "How to help buyers make a good global asset allocation." Yang Hairuo, the person in charge of Huiqiao Immigration, said that with the rapid rise of the domestic economy, there have been many changes in the immigration industry in the past two years. From the original "heavy immigration" family immigrants to the current "light immigration" overseas asset allocation, favorable policies in Southeast Asia Conducive to helping buyers complete the dual requirements of asset allocation and identity allocation.

Shen Zhiqiang, the founder and CEO of Meisu, said that around the core of urban homestays, through virtual store + service center model and standardized operations, asset management can be better achieved. During the round-table discussion, the Secretary-General of the Chinese Enterprise Globalization Forum and Overseas Investment Summit Zhan Jinlong stated that he hopes that the platform will provide users with more transparent and authentic Southeast Asian market information and provide better services through deep cooperation with local institutions. Protection.

Zhang Ying, head of Anjuke Overseas Real Estate, concluded that 58 cities and Anjuke are also actively cooperating with overseas real estate companies to complement domestic and overseas resources and exchange information, so as to establish a richer and more efficient real estate information service system for users. 58 In the same city, Anjuke and Fang Gulu integrated resources in the B2B summit, and cooperated in Southeast Asia listing online display, information articles, house price data reports, etc., and continued to promote the joint hosting of the Asian Real Estate Summit to provide users with in-depth information service.

Developers from Southeast Asia such as CMC Group, Guoco Real Estate Group, Cowell Real Estate Group, Singapore ERA Group, Singapore IWC, KOBAY, BRDB, Wealth Asset Group, Ancubic, etc. also visited the summit site for project presentations and overseas real estate and study abroad, immigration And other relevant institutions for in-depth exchanges.

As a leading real estate information service platform, 58 real estate businesses in the same city and Anjuke have spread across 640 cities across the country, leading the domestic market. 58 In the same city, Anjuke innovates and develops advanced tools for finding, viewing, and selecting housing to provide users with intelligent and digital services to understand the overseas real estate market. On the other side, it cooperates with real estate related companies at home and abroad to build a mutually beneficial real estate ecosystem To bring high-quality and efficient new experiences to global users and create more value for partners.

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