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A county bureau unit in Zhejiang recruited 58 people and 31 were relatives at or above the branch level

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Selecting and employing people is related to the success or failure of the party's cause.

Since the education of the theme of “Not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission” has been carried out, our province has consciously assumed the political responsibility of the “three places”, actively raised the bar and imposed pressure, and selected the grassroots candidates with courage and self-revolution. Emphasizing issues is an important part of special rectification, further consolidating and developing the political ecology of mountains and rivers, and striving to build a team of high-quality cadres who are loyal and clean, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for advancing the "two high-level" construction of our province.

As of the end of November, units across the province reported 18,391 12 key rectification situations through comprehensive self-examination and extended inspections, rectified and corrected 2,779 violations, checked and handled a total of 864 responsible persons or parties, and established and improved a total of 1,775 regulations. .

With tenacity

Continue to correct the grassroots selection and employment atmosphere

"In recent years, the quality level of the selection and employment of our province has been continuously improved, and the ecological environment for personnel selection has continued to be purified. However, inspections and inspections found that the violations of the selection and employment of some places and units are still prominent. Some are not corrected, some are rebounded after correction, and some are new The problems that arise must have the perseverance of 'always on the road.' The relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee said that as the "optional action" of the province's "remembering the original heart and remembering the mission" theme education special rectification, this special rectification The goal is clear: timely correct and seriously investigate and deal with violations of regulations and disciplines in selecting and employing personnel, and further improve the quality of grassroots selection and employment and the recognition of cadres and the masses.

Since the special rectification was carried out, the party committees (party groups) of various units in our province have improved their political standing, thoroughly studied and understood General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on comprehensively ruling the party and regulating the selection and employment of people. Implement the "Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres" and other systems and regulations to ensure the correct direction of rectification work. Responsibility should be strengthened, adhere to the combination of sections, up and down, and go to the end to ensure that each task is caught, stared, and promoted. It has successively targeted 83 city and county development zones (agglomerations) and 32 vocational colleges. The school, 3016 government-affiliated units, and 2142 other various enterprises and institutions organized extended inspections. The Provincial Party Committee Organization Department carried out comprehensive project supervision and management for the 5 counties (cities and districts) that found out that the inspection and selection of personnel had a special problem. Shaoxing City closely follows the four-word formula of "investigation, research, supervision, and reform", and conducts layer-to-layer pressure to compact the responsibility. Zhoushan City has carried out special inspections on the selection and employment of functional areas, large systems and large units, and higher vocational colleges.

Practice the mass line and insist on opening the door for rectification. Actively invite the masses to participate, let the masses judge and be subject to mass supervision. During the special rectification period, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department released information on the special rectification to the society, announced the "12380" letter and visit report method, and accepted supervision from all walks of life. Units around the country adhere to the combination of "face-to-face" and "back-to-back", and adopt methods such as setting up opinion boxes, issuing solicitation forms, and leaving messages from the media to listen to the opinions of the masses.

Up to now, 556 units of letters and visits have been received and reported by various units in various places, and 390 clues with traceability issues have been checked. The masses reported that more than 10 relatives of a county-level people's congress leader worked in the county's government agencies (enterprise) units, and many served as section-level cadres; the cadre took care of and arranged for a number of cadres while serving as the county's deputy director and director Relatives work. After the relevant situation was verified, the cadre was removed from his post, and two were instructed to exercise strict control over the promotion and use of his relatives.

By strict standards

Efforts to Rectify the Problem of Selecting and Employing People

Wherever problems are concentrated, focus on what is the focus, and focus on what problems are highlighted. This special rectification emphasizes more on problem-oriented. Once the problem has been solved, the problem has been solved. The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee has listed personnel selection and orientation to correct inadequate corrections, illegal recruitment and promotion of cadres, and violations of the cadre selection and appointment procedures. Waiting list of 30 negative issues in 3 aspects, meanwhile highlighting highlighting key areas, key units, key objects, focusing on personnel who have entered public institutions without open recruitment, salaries should be transferred to non-transferees, promotion and appointment of non-in-house personnel, and long-term borrowing of subordinate units Twelve categories of issues, such as personnel, are urged to urge units and units across the country to check each item one by one to ensure that the specific rectification is focused and focused.

Various units and units throughout the country did not cover up the problems, showed that they were not timid, and combined the methods of comprehensive self-examination and extended inspections to comprehensively and thoroughly investigate the problems. According to statistics, the personnel departments at all levels of the province carried out extended inspections on 5,273 key regions and units, and found more than 3,900 clues. A number of stubborn dysentery in the selection and employment of people were found and corrected: 1 deputy During the period when the township chief served as the leader of a county-level bureau, 31 of the 58 recruits were relatives of leading cadres at or above the branch level ; the children of a county-level city leading cadre were in important functional departments such as the "Big Four Offices", party committees, The problem of grouping higher-income units such as development zones is more prominent, and there are also cases of care promotion and frequent job adjustments; of the 12 people promoted and appointed in a county economic and technological development zone since 2015, only 1 has democratic recommendations and inspections. Records of conversations. The other 11 people lacked links such as communication and preparation, democratic recommendation, inspection interviews, soliciting opinions, democratic evaluation, and pre-appointment public announcements ...

"Most of the special rectifications involved are long-standing problems, strong public reaction, and constant attempts to solve problems that have not been solved. We must work hard to achieve results," said a responsible comrade of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee. All units in various places in accordance with the requirements of immediate knowledge, immediate investigation, thorough reform, and vigorously promote the rectification of the problem. The Provincial Party Committee Organization Department analyzes, judges, and supervises rectification of wages reported by various units in various places, such as non-transfer, adjustment and adjustment of personnel, and supervises rectification. Currently, 48 people have been held accountable for fraudulent business frauds to correct wage relationships. There should be 197 non-transferred personnel, and 1,279 long-term loan personnel should be cleared and regulated. Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Lishui, and other district and city party committee organization departments carefully supervised and guided the relevant counties (cities, districts) to conduct special inspections and rectifications in conjunction with inspections, to thoroughly check and comprehensively rectify key issues. Chuzhou City has standardized the clean-up of non-staffed workers in government agencies and institutions, reducing a total of 4,464 non-staffed workers, with a significant reduction in total salaries and benefits.

With strict requirements

Ensuring that good deeds are normal and long-lasting

Units everywhere adhere to both the symptoms and the root causes, and investigate and deal with specific problems in a timely manner with zero tolerance, discover and share accountability together, and focus on researching and solving common problems from the institutional mechanism, establish a sound long-term mechanism, and promote the scientific selection and employment Institutionalization and standardization.

For key persons, issues and issues that violate regulations and rules, in addition to dealing with the parties seriously, the relevant responsible persons will be held more seriously, and the maximum effectiveness of checking and accountability will be exerted. During the rectification period, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department advised and dealt with 4 provincial management leaders who were responsible or directly responsible for the selection and employment of violations of regulations and disciplines, and issued 4 special notifications on the outstanding issues of selection and employment, and played a role of early warning and deterring , With the case interpretation method, with the case regulations. Eleven counties (cities, districts) including Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Beilun District, Ningbo, Yueqing City, Changxing County, and Songyang County combined special rectification with inspection and rectification, and seriously corrected and investigated a number of violations and disciplines. 312 related personnel. A county-level city verified the problem of three business cadres falsely recruited in other provinces and then transferred back to local work. The personnel relationship of the three persons was lifted. The responsible person seriously warned one person in the party, seven people in the party, and two posts. 1. One person was instructed in another county; another cadre verified the file fraud of one cadre, one was seriously warned and demoted in the party, and two were warned in the party; a higher vocational college was verified to have hired five non-editing staff in recent years. Middle-level cadres, three of whom have reached or exceeded the retirement age, the party secretary of the school was admonished and five non-staff cadres were dismissed.

Adhere to comprehensive governance and focus on solving problems from the institutional mechanism. Units in different places pay attention to repetitive or common problems, analyze the deep-seated reasons, and form a batch of effective and practical work specifications and institutional results. Taizhou has formulated and issued the Opinions on the Examination and Approval of Reports on the Promotion and Appointment of Leading Cadres and Close Relatives in response to prominent problems in the promotion and use of children of the leading cadres' families. The Provincial Water Resources Department promptly revised and improved the "Regulations on the Management of Cadres' Positions and the Procedures for Appointment and Removal" to address the issue of non-standard job titles for some institutions.

The Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, as the lead department for special rectification, summed up the practices of local units in a timely manner, and strengthened the standardization and effective supply of the personnel selection and employment system at the provincial level. Combined with the revision and implementation of the Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres, the implementation of the concurrent policy of civil servants' ranks, etc., the system has gradually introduced the “five measures” for the selection of cadres in our province, and the implementation measures for the systematic exchange of leading cadres. In order to make the special rectification truly achieve the goal of correcting and investigating a group of people who have responded strongly to violations, selecting and administering a group of parties and persons responsible for violations, and establishing and improving a group of effective management and selection systems.

"The fight against unhealthy practices in selecting and employing people cannot be accomplished in one battle, and it must be sustained and sustained." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Party Committee's Organizational Supervision Office pointed out. Next, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department will continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection and selective spot checks on the situation of special rectification work, promote the formation of a complete system of cadre selection and appointment and supervision, and strive to create a good environment for the selection of talents, talents, and best use. .

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