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Ping An's big move, strategic investment in Wind! Not long ago announced the heavy recruitment of 180 "financial journalists"

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Original title: Ping An's big move, strategic shareholding in Wind! Not long ago announced the heavy recruitment of 180 "financial journalists"

Wind Information recently completed a new round of financing, invested by Ping An Capital.

Not long before Ping An Capital invested in Wonder Info, Ping An ’s “Ping An Headline” recruited 180 “financial journalists” to the market in a high-profile, all-media information platform to be built. Although Ping An rumored afterwards, saying that Ping An's headlines are non-news organizations that only serve Ping An's internal ecology, but it has exposed Ping An's ambitions in information business.

The acquisition of Wonder by Ping An Capital echoes the information business of "Ping An Headline", which is astounding.

The two sides will cooperate in information and data and innovation

Ping An Capital's strategic investment in Wonder Information did not disclose its transaction amount. Since its establishment, Wonder has raised a total of six financings, most of which are mainly equity transfers. Investors include Xinhu Zhongbao, Xingfu Capital, Gaofeng Capital, and Zhongding Investment.

Based on the latest equity transfer of Wonder Information in 2018, Wonder Information has a valuation of 22.73 billion yuan.

It is reported that after the transaction is completed, Ping An and Wind Information will cooperate in financial information, data and innovation to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

Dong Liu, Chairman and Chief Partner of Ping An Capital, said: "Wonder is an important layout of Ping An in the fintech industry chain, and the two parties will jointly develop new markets, new products and new technologies in the field of financial information in order to realize Win-win. "

Wind Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a financial big data supplier. Wonder Information is its brand product, which is mainly positioned in the institutional market and has many users on the C-end. In the domestic market, Wind Information's customers include more than 90% of Chinese securities companies, fund management companies, insurance companies, banks, and investment companies; 60% of qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission Of organizations are customers of Wind Info.

The Wonder information terminal is often compared with Bloomberg by industry insiders. Bloomberg is the world's most well-known financial data providing platform. Its popularity and information accuracy are far ahead of other similar products. In order to be able to compete with Bloomberg internationally, Wonder also needs to increase investment in manpower and technology. This may be the basis for cooperation between Ping An Capital, which has technological advantages, and Wonder.

Sky eye inspection revealed that the actual controller of Wonder Information was suspected to be Lu Feng. Wonder Group also controlled Shanghai Wonder Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lotus Equity Investment Fund, Wonder Education Training and Wonder Nanjing.

Ping An Wants to Launch Information Platform "Ping An Headline"

On November 12, Ping An Group ’s “Ping An Toutiao” released job information indicating that it would recruit 180 “financial journalists” with the highest salary in the industry.

Recruitment information shows that "Ping An Headline" is an all-media information platform created by China Ping An Group. "Baobo Information" in the recruitment information is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Saiandi Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Ping An Financial Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. holds 42.86% of its shares.

Is Ping An entering the media industry? Soon, Baobo Information responded that Ping An's headlines are not news organizations. They only serve Ping An's internal ecology and provide daily information services for its users and customers. It is not a news organization. It cannot recruit journalists without a news editing license.

Although Ping An Toutiao is not a journalist, the Ping An Fintech consulting company behind it clearly has deep insight into the value of information.

In recent years, Ping An has been committed to the strategic goal of building an ecological circle. The "finance + ecology" strategy is to first establish an ecology and then inject finance into it. It has incubated projects such as Financial One Account.

Ping An Capital has made frequent efforts in recent years

Ping An Capital is the core equity investment platform of Ping An Group. Currently, it has an 80-person "fundraising, investment, management, retirement" team. It mainly invests in industry-leading companies with mature business models and development space. The advantages of resources such as capital and business provide powerful value-added services for the invested enterprises and promote their rapid growth.

Ping An Capital has invested in many projects in recent years. Some of the more well-known projects include Car Home, Yunnan Baiyao, Shanghai Jahwa, and Meinian Health.

Car home

Investment time: June 2016

Investment amount: RMB 12.5 billion

Investment income: 81% IRR, MOC (return on capital) 2.76 times

Project Status:

Car House is a leading Internet media vertical company in China and a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It provides customers with one-stop service for selecting, buying, using and changing cars online.

After the acquisition of Auto Home, Ping An's value-added services include: customer promotion and promotion of Auto Home business to Ping An Auto Insurance customers; Ping An Million Life Insurance Agents promotes Auto Home Business; financial services, including auto insurance, auto loan, financing lease, Supply chain finance; the combination of Ping An's offline and Auto Home online resources, and the construction of second-hand car evaluation, claims repair and maintenance services around the car ecology.

Yunnan Baiyao

Investment time: December 2008

Investment amount: 1.394 billion yuan

Investment income: IRR 23.6%, MOC 6.11 times

Project Status:

Yunnan Baiyao is one of the high-tech modern large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise groups with the strongest strength, the largest scale and the best brand in the fields of manufacturing, new drug research and development, drug distribution, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation and standard setting.

After Ping An's shareholding, Ping An Real Estate cooperated with Baiyao to establish several types of medical pension plans; assisted Baiyao in establishing a new strategy (entering the field of toothpaste and other fast-moving consumer goods); jointly developed the "Baiyao First Aid Kit" product for Ping An auto insurance users; helped Baiyao establish Efficient e-commerce service platform and more.

Shanghai Jahwa

Investment time: December 2011

Investment amount: 5.109 billion yuan

Investment income: IRR 15%, MOC 1.87 times

Project Status:

Shanghai Jahwa is one of the oldest daily chemical companies in China. The company, as an A-share listed company, focuses on three major brands in the fields of beauty and skin care, personal care and home care, including Liushen, Herborist, Gough, Meijiajing, Qichu and so on.

After Ping An Investment, with the help of Ping An Life Insurance sales channels, it broadened the sales channel of Jahwa to increase the sales of Jahwa; assisted the company to make outbound mergers and acquisitions, successfully assisted the company to complete the acquisition of UK baby and child projects; and helped the company complete its long-term equity incentive plan.

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