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Baobo responds to Ping An's headline recruitment: Non-news organizations serve only Ping An internal

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Original title: Baobo News responds to Ping An's headline recruitment: non-news organizations, only serving Ping An's internal ecology

Ping An of China Going into the media industry?

On November 14, the official Weibo of Shenzhen Baobo Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ping An of China, issued a statement saying that the company currently only serves the internal ecology of Ping An Group and provides daily information services for its users and customers, not news. Institutions cannot recruit journalists without obtaining news editing rights.

Recently, some media reports said that Ping An ’s “Ping An Headline” will recruit 180 financial journalist editors, and corresponding recruitment screenshots have flowed out. Baobo Information is the operating agency of Ping An Headline.

According to the data of Tianyan Inspection, Baobo Information was established on September 30, 2019, and Shenzhen Ping An Financial Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Ping An Security Co., Ltd. holds 42.86% of the shares. The co-CEO of China Ping An claimed Xin Ying as a director of the company.

According to Baobo Information's statement, the company provides professional vertical information services to its customers and customers in accordance with the needs of Ping An Group's "finance + technology" and "finance + ecology" strategic transformation, focusing on "financial, health, automotive, education" and other fields. Client.

Baobo Information pointed out that at 8 pm on November 12, a staff member of the company created a recruitment poster, which was not reported to the superior for review, and was forwarded by the media after being posted in his personal circle of friends. The poster mentioned the recruitment of journalists and used the wrong word.

"The staff member did not comply with the news management order and caused misunderstandings in the society. We apologize deeply and have dealt with it internally. We will strictly abide by the laws and regulations and rules and regulations of the national Internet management and media management, and adhere to the correct direction of public opinion. , Value orientation, vigorously promote positive energy. We will also strengthen the management of external information release to ensure rigorous and accurate. "Baobo Information said.

Regarding the future development plan and the latest developments, Baobo Information stated in the statement that the company is currently in the process of construction and will release relevant information in due course.

Editor-in-chief: Shuai Wang

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