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Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Area Action Plan: Foreigners' Permanent Residence Approval Right May Be Decentralized

release: 12-13 Category: Recruitment

Beijing News (Reporter Jiang Huizi) Shenzhen has entered the implementation stage of building a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The reporter was informed today (December 13) that the action plan of the Pilot Demonstration Zone has been officially issued this month. The action plan proposes that the authority to approve foreigners' permanent residence approval should be decentralized.

The full text of the action plan consists of three parts with 127 specific tasks. Many of them involve the absorption and training of talents, especially international and Hong Kong and Macao talents.

The plan proposes to carry out international talent management reform. Compile Shenzhen's international talent management reform plan, and promote a number of more active, more open, and more effective talent policies.

Specifically, we will implement a more open and convenient foreign talent introduction and entry-exit management system, strive for the decentralization of foreigners' permanent residence approval authority, and seek the support of the Ministry of Public Security to promote the implementation of skilled immigration as soon as possible. The state will implement a quota management and filing system. International talents who have obtained permanent residence qualifications are allowed to establish technology-based enterprises and act as legal representatives of scientific research institutions.

For Hong Kong and Macau talents, the action plan proposes that Shenzhen should be authorized to formulate management practices for Hong Kong and Macau professionals in various industries, and allow financial, construction, planning, health, patent agency and other professional service talents to practice in Shenzhen after being filed by relevant departments or institutions.

For example, medical, pharmaceutical and other Hong Kong and Macao professionals with qualifications to practice medical care in Hong Kong and Macao can refer to the practice of doctors' practice registration and apply for practice in the city.

The construction of medical talents also includes exploring the establishment of a medical talents training and hospital accreditation standard system that is in line with international standards.

Promote the construction of an international specialist training center, and establish a specialist talent system. Develop international edition A and other hospital evaluation standards to promote mutual recognition of evaluation and evaluation of hospitals at home and abroad. Relax restrictions on overseas doctors' practice in the Mainland. Support doctors 'groups to cooperate with medical institutions to set up doctors' studios.

In addition, the action plan proposes to establish a high-level talent recruitment, salary, evaluation, assessment, scientific research funding and management system in line with international standards, and explore cross-border settlement of medical insurance.

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