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Will it become the next tide shoe or blind box when Hanfu is out of the circle?

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Fashion is a reincarnation, this sentence still applies at any time.

Gu Feng, a short video blogger, recently screened the entire network. All of its videos focus on ancient style, traditional food in classic costumes, and the setting of the whole environment, which has attracted countless national style fans, and also pushed the public's attention to Hanfu culture to a new level.

Hanfu has become a new fashion, and the base of people who love Hanfu is also getting bigger and bigger, and it even gets the attention of Internet giants. Recently, Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) was exclusively informed that Ali has launched the Gutao APP and Huya has launched the Huaxia APP. Both apps are mainly for Hanfu social functions.

According to company information, Zhuoyi Changyou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., the developer of Gutao APP, suspects that the actual controller is Alibaba Culture and Entertainment Co., Ltd., which holds 90% of the shares. The developer of Huaxia APP is Guangzhou Cashew Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the suspected controller is Guangzhou Huya Information Technology Co., Ltd.

According to Qimai data, the online version of "Gu Tao" was July, and the latest version was updated on December 4. The online version of "Hua Xia" was November, and the latest data was updated on December 5. Both apps are targeted at Hanfu users, build a community of communication, and provide hot-selling clothing sold in popular stores, as well as accessories and peripherals related to Hanfu.

It is becoming a trend to build a community platform for Hanfu people. Currently, there are several apps such as "Hanfuhui" on the market. As of now, 4.79 million users have downloaded Hanfu Hui on the Android side, and Ali and Huya's entry into this field is exactly the consumption potential of Hanfu people.

More and more people love Hanfu. What used to be a small circle carnival is now gradually accepted by the general public. On November 30, this year, Beijing ushered in the first snow in the winter, and the snowstorms started. Many people dressed in various Hanfus appeared in the Forbidden City.

The hanfu tide swept silently, will it become the next tide shoes and blind box?

Hanfu out of the circle, supporting a billion market

"The biggest expenditure this year is Hanfu." Xiaohan told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) after 95. On Double Eleven this year, he grabbed a favorite Hanfu on the Internet for a long time. It was her ninth suit.

Xiao Han is a student of ancient literature major. He liked to watch costume TV series and national style cartoons since childhood. He was obsessed with traditional culture. "Until I joined the Hanfu Club after college, I didn't know that there were many people who liked Hanfu, and the same robes would go out wearing Hanfu together on certain days."

"Robe" is a collective name for people who like Hanfu. It is taken from the "Same Robe with the Son" of the Book of Songs. It has been reported in the news as a "heterogeneous" since travelling in Hanfu in 2003. Hanfu has experienced more than ten years of development. According to the "2018 Chinese Hanfu Industry Report", as of the end of 2018, China's Hanfu enthusiasts had exceeded 2 million people, and the total size of the Chinese Hanfu industry that year was about 1.087 billion yuan.

The e-commerce platform is the main purchase channel for robes. As the number of Hanfu people grows, Hanfu has also become an important sales category of the e-commerce platform.

The number of Hanfu merchants on Taobao has soared from 7 in 2005 to 815 in 2018. According to statistics, in 2018, the total sales of Hanfu related to Taobao and Tmall platforms were 921 million yuan. On the day of Tmall Double Day in 2019, as of 14:00, the turnover of Hanfu has exceeded 180 million yuan, of which the post-90s cost over 90.65 million yuan.

With the increase in purchases, Hanfu has derived a variety of high, middle and low brands, with prices ranging from hundreds, thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. Xiao Han, as a college student, has a limited level of consumption. He buys more than a few hundred yuan of Hanfu, and there are a lot of uniforms that often start with high-end boutiques. "I can't afford such expensive for the time being, but I occasionally buy a baby in installments. Clothes, even if you eat dirt for a few months.

Why is Hanfu so expensive? According to industry insiders, "Hanfu has very few stocks in the entire market. It belongs to handmade products. The manual labor cost of fabrics is large, the construction period is long, the production capacity is not large, and the market is highly polarized. Sets, the high-end construction period is longer and longer, at around 10,000, the high-end custom of hand embroidery is 2-3 million. "

As the source of Hanfu's production, Hanfu's processing plants have also become a new target for many manufacturers. Cheng Kun runs a Hanbok processing factory in Suzhou. In early 2019, after listening to his colleagues saying that making Hanbok is not only low-cost, but also can make greater profits, he switched to Hanbok from the beginning of the year.

"A three-piece set is priced from 300 to 500 yuan. The cost of embroidery plate making is 65 yuan to 75 yuan and 10,000 stitches. The cost of embroidery is 1.5 yuan to 2.5 yuan and 10,000 stitches. Depending on the color and size of the embroidery, it is not necessary to start cooperation proofing. The cost is only the cost of printing. Generally, the order for external sales in a month is about 4,000 sets, and sometimes because of their own machines, they often have to rely on other homes to make them. "Cheng Kun told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) .

This year Cheng Kun started to open a store on Taobao. It can sell nearly 2000 sets online in one month, and the monthly sales profit is around 300,000. Recently, Cheng Kun has also begun to recruit a large number of embroidery plate makers to form his own brand.

It is common among robes to empty your wallet for the fantasies of Hanfu. As more and more people chased, the enthusiasm of the Hanfu economy was also accepted by the society.

According to statistics from Ai Media Consulting, as of November 6, 2019, there were nearly 200 topics related to Hanfu on the Douyin platform, and the number of Hanfu topics ranked first reached 764,000, with a total of 20.94 billion broadcasts. ; On the Weibo platform, the number of discussions on the topic of "Hanfu" reached 2.974 million and the number of readings was 2.2 billion.

From the previous posts, Weibo, to today's B station, Douyin and other social platforms that have gathered a lot of young people, the boundary of Hanfu cultural spread has been continuously widened, and it has gradually come to the public, and it is also behind this. Derived an interlocking industrial chain.

`` A monthly income of 100,000 people and a monthly income of many people are not many. ''

The Hanfu market is a good business and is being recognized by more and more people.

The "coffee" (pseudonym) of the post-80s is a seller often traded on idle fish. At first, because of his hobbies, coffee gradually "entered into the pit" and started to use a variety of Hanfu. However, the investment in Hanfu is a bottomless pit. The coffee that has been purchased for many years has gradually become familiar with the rules in Hanfu transactions, and it has become a platform seller.

"There are quite a few people doing Hanfu trading now. We have a monthly income of 100,000, and a lot of people have a monthly income of a million," Coffee told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618).

According to coffee, many merchants are using the VIP system to raise the threshold for Hanfu purchases and launch a money-filled membership system. The highest store will set up a cumulative purchase of 200 sets of clothes in the store, and the cheapest clothes will also be 4000-5000. Therefore, a cumulative consumption of at least 1 million yuan is required to be able to enjoy VIP booking and customization services.

"The rules of the store have led to a lot of robes that love Hanfu ca n’t be bought, so many people put money to help people buy things, just to improve the VIP level. Others also specialize in raising numbers in order to make a difference, such as 50 clothes for 25 people Buying two sets per person, Minghuatang is such a carpooling group mechanism, "Coffee told Tech Planet.

Minghuatang is one of the high-end Hanfu brands. According to its official website, for ordinary users, the current construction period has been scheduled to the end of May 2021. But for VIP users like coffee, you can get it in a month or two.

Coffee revealed to Tech Planet that VIP has many discounts, and it seems that it can enjoy up to 82% off. Minghuatang will also have some privileges, a few more sets a month and expedited construction periods, and special settings

The authority of control can participate in the design of the pattern at the highest. "It is said that the VIP system will be adjusted later, and the initiative is still in the merchant's house. Earlier this privileged expedited order could only be customized. If the rules were changed, those professional players would have to stop cooking."

In addition, some merchants engage in hungry marketing, such as how many sets are on the shelf at a fixed time, and will not be repeated after they are taken off the shelf. But such out-of-print styles are also the easiest to sell for coffee. The original price of a piece of clothing called Jiuwei was 1099 yuan, and the highest price was 5,000 yuan. From the coffee perspective, "I can't understand. Isn't it a mood to buy clothes. There are also people who go to the business, and the boss is almost flattering, just to buy a limited edition."

Buying a number is equivalent to the initial investment. In the later period, the head of the group has more than a dozen VIP numbers. In a month, you can buy dozens of clothes and then sell them. It is easy to achieve tens of thousands of monthly income.

The Hanfu market has apparently seen an imbalance between supply and demand, and with the entry of players and hype sellers, Hanfu has become a luxury product. Limited editions and out-of-print editions are even more desirable.

Hanfu "poisoning", is it just around the corner?

When love is more than reason, there will be crazy hype, too deep poisoning can not be avoided.

Some time ago, reports such as "College students' shoes made a million dollars a month" and "The highest premium of a blind box 40 times" swipe the screen. The enthusiastic spending power of young people is amazing. There are even paragraphs saying: real estate speculation is a carnival after the 70s, stock speculation is the madness of the post-80s, speculation is the absurdity of the post-90s, shoes are a feast after the 00s, shoes are fried after the 00, and blind boxes are started after the 10s.

Just when everyone didn't understand the law of shoes and blind boxes, profitable fried skirts also emerged, and the first group heads with many VIP accounts have emerged, with monthly income ranging from as little as 100,000 to millions. With the expansion of the Hanfu market, the doubling of prices is also the general trend.

Hanfu, Lolita and JK were nicknamed the "Three Sisters of Bankruptcy", a seemingly small skirt, which has been fired by a crazy eating soil boy. But Hanfu, Lolita, and JK costumes are very important elements in the second-dimensional culture, and they are also sought after by many Cosplay enthusiasts.

Unlike Lolita and JK costumes from Japan, Hanfu is a traditional Chinese culture that bears its unique charm in shape and style, and naturally has a stronger cultural reproduction capacity. With the increasing popularity of Hanfu culture, many young consumers have chosen Hanfu as their daily outfit.

From the perspective of Hanfu consumers ’purchase motivation, 47.2% of consumers are out of favor of Hanfu culture, and 40.3% of consumers are out of pursuit of fashion, and Hanfu enthusiasts have strong spending power and passion. High and sticky, and the future consumption capacity is also inestimable.

Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) found that the top ten Hanfu clothes sold on Taobao last month were priced at around 100 yuan, the monthly sales were above 2500, the highest reached more than 5,000, and the number of collections was more than 10,000. It is also normal for the sales of other accessories of the merchants to have monthly sales of more than one million.

Hanfu is evolving towards a model of high growth and high sales. Statistics show that the Chinese Hanfu market will continue to grow in the next 2-3 years, and sales in 2019 are expected to reach 1.41 billion yuan. Ai Media Consulting analyst Wang Qinglin believes that the number of Hanfu enthusiasts is only about 2 million, which is a relatively niche group, but the consumption scale supported by this group exceeds 1 billion yuan.

Once the brand's scale effect occurs, counterfeit big brands, appraisal agencies, and price index curves may appear in the later stage. In the Hanfu community platform "Hanfu Hui", the cottage identification is also placed on the first page of the Q & A.

Regarding the development prospects of the Hanfu industry, Wang Qinglin believes that "At present, the Hanfu industry has limitations such as a small audience, long production cycles, and uneven prices, etc., and the industry chain is still at a relatively early stage of development. However, unlike “fried shoes” and “fried blind boxes”, driven by factors such as social networking, secondary industries, comprehensive commerce, and cultural generation, the market size of Hanfu will expand rapidly, The direction of industrialization and branding is likely to form an authoritative industry standard. Therefore, the Hanfu industry has a better development prospect. "

The Hanfu, which looks like tulle wings, has a vast market behind it. It may only be a matter of time before the hype is "poisoned".

Source: Tech Planet Author: Ma Bing Chen Qiaohui micro

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