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People's Daily Health Client, Health Times Joint Recruitment Notice

release: 12-13 Category: Recruitment

Specially welcome talents in the fields of media management, internet technology, network operation and operation, consulting physicians, in-depth investigations, health news, live video, clinical information, etc.

The People's Daily Health Client is positioned as a comprehensive health client integrating disease consultation, health news, and medical academics. It is planned to be launched in March 2020; Health Times is a health professional newspaper directly under the People's Daily. It is one of the top 100 newspapers in China. The following outstanding talents are jointly recruited.

I. Disease consultation and clinical academics

1. Internet disease consultation:

Director and Deputy Director: 1 each; Product Specialist: 15 Familiar with the design and operation of internet inquiries, with relevant post work experience, and management position with more than 3 years of management work experience.

Consulted physician: 15 people. With clinical work experience and Internet medical platform work experience, can be competent for disease consultation. Among them, there are 2 general practitioners, 5 surgical (surgical, chest, digestive, abdominal, urinary), 8 orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, otolaryngology, stomatology, dermatology, andrology.

2. Medical editor:

Director and Deputy Director: 1 each; Medical Editor: 10 Have a specialized or comprehensive scientific foundation, good at editing clinical information, and good at maintaining and developing doctor resources.

Video, vision, photography

Senior video editors and reporters: 5. Longer than the health industry news, popular science video interview editor, camera, editing technology is skilled.

Studio director: 1; studio camera: 3. Good at professional camera, familiar with lighting, streaming, directing and integrated studio management.

Graphic and web visual design: 3 people. Longer than all kinds of visual creativity and design.

Senior photojournalist and photo editor: 3.

Third, content information

Channel editor, deputy editor: 12 people. He has worked as a chief editor and deputy editor of news channels such as hotspots, surveys, medicine, news, and academics, and has worked in related fields for more than 3 years.

Senior editors and reporters: 20; editors and reporters: 20 each. Responsible for all media interviews and editing of the corresponding sections of the platform, and related fields for more than 3 years.

In-depth investigation senior reporters: 5; editors: 3. He has experience in in-depth investigation, supervision and reporting in health, medical, pharmaceutical, food and other related industries, and has worked in related fields for more than 3 years.

Senior creative project planning and production: 3 people. Good at creative, planning, design and production of new media explosive products.

Text proofreading: 3 people. Have professional experience in proofreading or proofreading in mainstream media and medical media. Part-time or retired staff (under 65) are preferred.

Fourth, technology

Technical director: 1. Professional technical foundation, independent lead team experience in client project completion, Internet industry experience in related industries is preferred.

Java development engineers: 6; IOS development engineers: 6; Android development engineers: 6; H5 development engineers: 3; product managers: 3. Each position requires more than two years of relevant work experience.

Bring a team into the job is preferred.

V. Business

Deputy General Manager: 2. He is better than the health client operation and health all-media operation, and has extensive experience in the medical and health industry.

Department directors and deputy directors: 10. Responsible for the advertising operation of the corresponding industry sectors in the pharmaceutical, equipment, food, exhibition and other industries, and is better than business development in various sub-sectors.

Customer advisors: 20. Newspaper, Internet, and full-media operation and development in the field of medicine and health industry, and Internet and media work experience in medicine and health industry are preferred.


Human Resources Director: 1 person. Experience in the Internet medical industry is preferred.

Administrative Commissioner: 3. Responsible for daily administrative affairs.

The above positions must meet the following basic conditions:

1. Love the party's journalism and possess good political quality and ideological character.

2. Obey the law and abide by the law, and have no bad employment records.

3. Possess academic qualifications, professional literacy and working ability consistent with the post.

Special Note

1. Welcome to bring teams and projects, apply for employment.

2. Candidates for management and senior mature positions fill out the application form for senior mature positions; new graduates in 2019 should fill out the "Application Form for Freshmen".

3. Candidates for management and senior mature positions need to know the salary status, please fill in the "Senior Position Application Form" and send it to the mailbox for inquiries.

ways of registration

Log in to the official website of Health Times www.jksb.com.cn, download and fill in the "Application Form" on the "Recruitment" channel (divided into fresh graduates and senior mature positions), and send an email to the joint recruitment mailbox. Registration deadline: December 27, 2019.

Email: jksb@jksb.com.cn

Consulting Tel: 010-65369681

Work location: New Media Building, Renmin Ribao, No. 2 West Jintai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Welcome to apply!

People's Daily Health Client

Health times

December 13, 2019

People's Daily (11th edition, December 13, 2019)
(Editors: Chen Chen, Xuan Zhaoqiang)
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