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"Female Devil" Lao Rongzhi refuses to hire a lawyer for his family and his second brother still does not give up

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According to a December 12 notification from the Public Security Bureau of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, Lao Rongzhi has submitted to the public security organs to refuse his family to hire a lawyer and apply for legal aid. On the afternoon of December 12, Lao Rongzhi ’s second elder, Lao Gang (a pseudonym), told Nandu reporters that he has not yet received written documents and still hopes that the lawyer commissioned by his family will meet with Lao Rongzhi.

It is reported that Lao Rongzhi is currently detained at the First Detention Center in Nanchang. Lao Gang told Nandu reporters that after receiving the police's notice, he went to Jiujiang from Nanjiang on December 11 to sign a detention notice and entrusted the police to Lao Rongzhi with his clothes and money.

Nandu previously reported that on December 8, Lao Gang signed a power of attorney with Wu Danhong, a lawyer of Beijing AIA Law Firm, and entrusted him to act as the defender of Lao Rongzhi.

On December 12, the Nanchang Public Security Bureau informed that on the 11th, Lao Rongzhi made oral and written submissions to the public security organs. He refused to contact the relatives with the Nanchang police. He hoped that the family members would get rid of the shadows and refused to hire a lawyer for the family. Apply for legal aid. On December 12, a lawyer designated by the Nanchang Legal Aid Center has provided legal aid to Lao Rongzhi.

In 1996, after Lao Rongzhi and Fa Ziying murdered a family of three in Nanchang, Jiangxi, they committed numerous crimes. In 1999, Fa Ziying was arrested in Hefei, Anhui, and Lao Rongzhi then made an incognito and used multiple false names to abscond in many places across the country. He fled to different cities and lived on odd jobs and short-term jobs in bars and KTV. At 11 o'clock on November 28, 2019, he absconded for 23 years, and a fugitive, Lao Rongzhi, involving seven lives in three places, was arrested in a shopping mall in Xiamen, Fujian. On December 5, the Xiamen police handed over the murder case fugitive, Lao Rongzhi, to the Nanchang police in Jiangxi. The Jiangxi police escorted Lao Rongzhi back to Nanchang the same day.

Write: Nandu reporter Zhan Chenfeng

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