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Focus on the high-quality development of Chengdu's cross-border industrial economy

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Original title: Focus on the high-quality development of Chengdu's cross-border industrial economy

Underwater scientific fish farming and photovoltaic power generation on the water. On November 28th, the People ’s Daily “Ask for Development” theme interview group went to Tongwei to explore how Chengdu ’s “fishing and light integration” innovative enterprise can take the road of high quality and sustainable development.

"Joining forces to promote high-quality economic development, adhere to excellent industrial structure, high technological content, low resource consumption, small environmental impact, good quality and benefits ...", which was proposed by Chengdu in this year's government work report, and Tongwei This "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises" company is a combination of traditional fishery and modern new energy, has independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements, cross-border integration and development, and has become the first agricultural listed company in Sichuan with annual sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan. .

Tongwei's dual main business innovation and development solve two problems with one kill

Tongwei organically integrates modern fishery and photovoltaic power generation, which improves the difficulty of eating fish and environmental pollution. At present, Tongwei is promoting and establishing "fishing and light integration" bases throughout the country, and high-quality and clean photovoltaic power is continuously benefiting millions of households.

From "difficult to eating fish" to "cross-border breakout", Tongwei has gone through four stages. In the words of Tongwei Group's founder Liu Hanyuan, "Yesterday did not dig a pit for today, today does not lay a mine for tomorrow", every step Have become a solid support for the next step. From the start-up stage from 1982 to 1986, Tongwei seized the opportunity and quickly succeeded in the rural market; from the initial stage of 1987 to 1991, Tongwei started with technology and won by quality, laying an excellent cultural gene for the development of the company; 1992 From the run-up phase from 2003 to 2003, Tongwei paid close attention to internal management, and formed a firm, stable, and firm corporate style based on scientific management, standardized management, and people-oriented management. From 2004 to 2010, Tongwei got through Chemical and new energy circular economy industrial chain, a "dual main business" combined with aquatic feed; from the high-quality development stage from 2014 to the present, aquatic livestock and poultry feed, high-purity crystalline silicon, and high-efficiency battery chips have developed at high quality and high speed, Tongwei The 365 breeding model and the "fishing and light integration" business model have been fully formed and quickly rolled out.

Tongwei Solar has occupied the leading position in the global photovoltaic cell industry

In 2013, Tongwei acquired the world's largest single-cell solar cell factory in Hefei, Anhui, with 870 million yuan, and officially entered the mid-cell segment of the photovoltaic new energy industry chain. Tongwei Solar Hefei was established. Six years have passed. From the initial not-optimistic to the industry leader today, Tongwei people have made the best response with practical actions.

Xie Taihong, general manager of Tongwei Solar Chengdu, said in an interview with foreign media recently that as an important part of Tongwei's new energy industry chain, as of now, Tongwei Solar has formed a 20GW cell capacity, which is the world's largest and most competitive. Crystalline silicon battery company. Not long ago, Tongwei Solar just passed its sixth birthday. In 6 years, the total number of employees of Tongwei Solar has grown from the original 87 to more than 8,700 today; the company's production capacity has increased from 1.2GW to 20GW; from less than 1% of the city The market share has increased to 10% -12% in the global market. Since the full production in September 2014, the company has achieved continuous profitability for 64 consecutive months, full production and sales for 64 consecutive months, and 64 consecutive months of operating rates. 100%, and become the world's largest crystalline silicon battery company in terms of production capacity, shipments and profitability for the third consecutive year; in 2020, Tongwei's solar cell production capacity is expected to exceed 30GW, and the global market share will further expand, consolidating the global Leading position in the photovoltaic cell industry.

Emphasis on corporate culture and practice is construction

Throughout the forty years of China's private economy, the founder of Tongwei Group, Liu Hanyuan, realized that corporate culture is an important factor affecting the development of private enterprises, and only people are the most essential factor in an enterprise. He said, "Employees actually do it for themselves on the company platform." Tongwei's achievements today are the result of the care, support and help of leaders and friends from all walks of life, and the crystallization of all Tongwei people's dedication and hard work. Entering Tongwei's exhibition hall, the reporter saw the orderly display of medals and trophies. Tongwei has won the "2019 Fortune China Top 500", "The Second China Quality Award Nomination Award", "Chinese Enterprise" "Informatization Top 500", "Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises Most Contributors" and other titles. As a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Tongwei now has more than 200 branches and subsidiaries throughout the country and overseas, and employs nearly 40,000 people.

After 37 years, Tongwei has been adhering to the corporate vision of “for a better life” and unswervingly developed its main business. At the same time, it has extended and improved the surrounding industrial chain to create a collection of variety improvement, technology research and development, breeding promotion, food processing, product sales, The world-class health and safety food supplier with brand building and expansion services, and the photovoltaic new energy industry chain with independent intellectual property rights, has become an important participant and a major driving force in the development of the photovoltaic new energy industry in China and the world.

People's Daily's "abandonment and a glance at development" theme interview group entered Tongwei. People's Network E Zhichao

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