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Chengdu business environment construction version 2.0 is here!

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Original title: Chengdu business environment construction version 2.0 is here! Source: Rongcheng Pioneer

The business environment is a business card for a city to go global, and it is the core competitiveness of a city in participating in global cooperation. Since the thirteenth party congress of the city, the municipal party committee has attached great importance to the construction of the business environment.

On February 11, the city convened an annual mobilization conference for the construction of an international business environment. The Municipal Party Committee established this year as the "International Business Environment Construction Year", which is committed to creating an advanced city with an international business environment and striving to build a business environment and marketization level commensurate with the international ranking of the city's economic scale.

On November 8th, the third meeting of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Municipal Party Committee pointed out that we must pay close attention to the shortcomings in the evaluation indicators and the pain points reflected by market entities, take system innovation as the core, government process reengineering as the starting point, and enhance the sense of enterprise acquisition As a standard, the system of “breaking” and “establishing” simultaneously promoted the construction of the business environment and jumped to version 2.0.

What does version 2.0 look like?

Convenient and efficient government environment!

Open and convenient investment environment!

Fair market environment!

Relaxed and orderly business environment!

Let's take a look first. In 2019, what achievements have Chengdu's international business environment construction achieved?

01. Chengdu won the "China International Business Environment Construction Benchmarking City" Award 2019

On July 2, 2019, the 2019 China International Business Environment Summit Forum and the "China City Business Environment Investment Evaluation Report" conference was held in Beijing. Chengdu's economic competitiveness, tangible asset strength, intangible asset strength, and urban brand charm And other indicators, won the 2019 "China's international business environment construction benchmark city" award.

2019 "China's international business environment construction benchmark city"

02. Chengdu's foreign trade import and export growth rate is higher than the country as a whole

According to customs statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, Chengdu's foreign trade import and export value reached 415.61 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.6%, which is higher than the country's overall import and export growth of 2.8% over the same period. Among them, the import and export of Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Insurance Zone was 308.35 billion yuan, ranking first among the national comprehensive insurance zones, with a year-on-year increase of 26%. This is the 18th consecutive month that Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Insurance Zone ranks first in China.

(Chengdu Daily Photography Department)

03. The new policy tax reduction is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan this year, which is 5.7 times the tax reduction last year.

In February this year, the "Chengdu Action Plan for Improving and Optimizing Tax Services" was released, covering 20 pragmatic and innovative measures covering 5 aspects: implementing tax incentives, improving service quality and efficiency, simplifying tax processing procedures, improving tax processing experience, and maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. .

04. Chengdu Free Trade Pilot Zone simulation ranks among the top ten in the world

In August this year, KPMG as a third-party assessment agency released the “Third-Party Assessment Report on the Business Environment of the Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Pilot Zone”. Based on the results of the World Bank ’s business environment assessment released in October 2018, simulations were performed. The business environment convenience score is 77.77 points, ranking 30th in the simulated international ranking. In this evaluation, the execution contract of the Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone entered the top ten, and the simulation ranking was the highest.

05. Chengdu Electric Power Co., Ltd. reduced administrative approval by over 70%

In May this year, Chengdu issued the “Chengdu Further Optimization of the Business Environment for Electricity Access Implementation (Trial)”, which clearly stipulates that low-voltage non-residents' applications for power access shall be accepted by power grid enterprises in one go, and the use of electricity for the installation of electricity shall be reduced by 33%. The administrative approval process was reduced by 77%.

06. Chengdu strives to add 350 billion yuan of new credit throughout the year

In February this year, the “Chengdu Promote Corporate Credit Access Facilitation Level and Protect Small and Medium Investors Action Plan” was issued, and through strengthening policy support, it guided financial institutions to effectively reduce the difficulty and cost of obtaining credit for enterprises. Then, in April, a series of supporting documents for the construction of the western financial center of the country were issued to promote the further acceleration of the construction of the western financial center and the improvement of the financial business environment in terms of service enterprise financing, expanding financial openness, supporting financial technology development, and fostering financial talents.

Look at the business environment ranking of each district (city) and county

On December 2, 2019, each think tank formally released the in-depth "physical examination" report on the business environment in Chengdu's districts (cities) and counties, which lasted half a year, and revealed the base of business environment construction in 22 districts (cities) and counties in Chengdu. According to the development differences among regions, each think tank divides 22 districts (cities) and counties into three units: the central urban area 5 + 2, other central urban areas, and suburban cities and counties. Through the calculation of nearly 500 data, the high-tech zone ranks first in all districts (cities) with 78.47 points; Wenjiang district ranks first in other central urban areas; Jintang county ranks first in suburban cities and counties. The top ten districts (cities) and counties are: High-tech Zone, Chenghua District, Jinjiang District, Wuhou District, Jinniu District, Qingyang District, Tianfu New District, Wenjiang District, Shuangliu District, and Longquanyi District.

Top 3 Business Environment in Chengdu's Circles (Cities) and Counties

Finally, let's take a look at the big moves that are being made in Chengdu to optimize the business environment!

Qingyang District first issued "investment promotion clear card"

From industry direction to support policies, from element cost to service details, as well as cultural heritage and life support ... Recently, Qingyang District officially released the "Investment Attention Card," which allows investors to achieve "one card in hand, all in Qingyang District." All information is available. " The Qingyang District “Investment Promotion and Understanding Card” covers seven major sections, including Tianfu Chengdu, regional overview, industrial development, key projects, support policies, land resources, building resources, investment services and factor costs. Among them, the industry development that investors are most concerned about covers the development goals, development status, and key areas of the Chengdu Central Financial and Commercial Functional Area, the Shaoxing International Cultural and Creative Silicon Valley, and the Qingyang Headquarters Economic Functional Area. And phone. "This loose-leaf type and postcard-style design of the" Investment Attraction Understanding Card "is beautifully made, easy to change, easy to carry, and has enhanced practicality and economy." The relevant person in charge of Qingyang District Investment Promotion Bureau introduced, "The investment promotion understanding "Card" and U disk storage style to adapt to the recommendation of different scenarios.

New business in Jinniu District, 2 hours license

At 11:30 on November 12th, at Chengdu Jinniu Civic Center, Du Hang took the business license in his hand and couldn't believe it: "I only received the business license in less than 2 hours, which is too efficient. It ’s high! ”It turned out that Jinniu District focused on the needs of the corporate masses, promoted the continuous optimization of the business environment, vigorously streamlined the business process, shortened the business start-up time, and achieved the" 2 hour license, 2 hour stamps, Settle within 4 hours "to comprehensively improve the efficiency of approval. In addition, the progress of Jinniu District's administrative approval services also includes services such as free mailing of business licenses, introduction of bank account opening services in 2 hours, and "new enterprises can settle in 4 hours, which is faster than the average one-day settlement in Chengdu. Double. "

Wuhou District launches theme approval service

Wuhou District has launched 104 "theme-type" examination and approval services, integrating the materials and links required by the departments of industry and commerce, taxation, and other topics related to "opening a restaurant" and "running a school". Materials can be saved, and links can be optimized. At the same time, the district innovatively launched the "WeChat ranking" and "Alipay for administrative affairs", and introduced all-in-one government service services to all streets, making it easier for the masses to do things. At present, Wuhou District has achieved a three-hour business license issuance, and the business can be settled as fast as six hours.

Longquanyi District launches "policy-bank cooperation"

In order to create an efficient environment for government services, the district has vigorously optimized access services, carried out "policy-bank cooperation", promoted self-declaration, online registration, and "tolerance registration", etc., to improve the level of registration facilitation of market entities, and through simplified procedures Standard materials, comprehensive acceptance at one window, and comprehensive reduction of business start-up time to 3 working days. On the other hand, the reform of the "Four Offices" and the deepening of the "one-window" reform were implemented, realizing 620 "Doing Now", 933 "Online Doing", "1594 Doing Once" and "181 Global Doing".

Qingbaijiang District 100% enterprise-related matters "online office"

In order to further facilitate enterprises, Qingbaijiang District further promotes Internet + government services, realizes that more than 100% of enterprise-related matters can be "online", expands the functions of "Qingbaijiang Government Affairs" WeChat and mobile APP, promotes the approval service "handheld office", and takes online appointment , Offline processing and SMS notification, fast delivery and other service modes, to allow data to run more, the masses to run less. At the same time, an international business environment construction enterprise service team was established to deepen the "one door, one window, one network, one chapter, one time" approval service model, provide enterprises with full-process nanny-type and professional help services, and promote "front desk acceptance" , Parallel approval, background transfer, and time-limited settlement "work mode, launched" one window acceptance, parallel processing ", the approval time limit for 100" theme-type "approval service items has been reduced from the original 1504 working days to 245 working days, speeding up The rate reached 83.7%.

Wenjiang District business environment electronic map debut

"Look at it, click on this electronic map. Not only do you have direct trains to the department, you can also arrange the number of Wenjiang Government Affairs Center online. What do you want to do in the future, it ’s too time to list the number on your mobile phone before you go!" At the international business environment briefing meeting and the Wenjiang District business environment electronic map public test briefing session, the “Wenjiang District Business Environment Electronic Map”, which was developed by the Wenjiang District Business Office, made its first public appearance. Whether you are an outside investor, an enterprise in the area, a citizen of Wenjiang, or a university student who is new to Wenjiang, you can find the policies, information, and ways of doing business through this electronic map of the business environment.

Pengzhou quality diagnosis service delivered

"Let the enterprise develop healthily. This is the 'initial heart' of the competent authorities to carry out the supervision. We need to keep in mind the mission of serving the company, and constantly change the way of working to help the company find the crux and make up for the shortcomings." According to the relevant person in charge of the Pengzhou Market Supervision Bureau, In combination with the International Year of Business Environment Construction and the "Quality Month" activity in Pengzhou, Pengzhou innovated supervision methods and methods, set up a quality diagnosis service team, and continued to carry out the "2019 Pengzhou high-risk area quality diagnosis" activity. It is reported that this is also the first time that Pengzhou has made a useful attempt in serving enterprises and innovating supervision with a quality diagnostic service model.

Xinjin County Builds "1 + 3 + N" Smart Service System

Xinjin Innovation has created a "1 + 3 + N" smart service system, that is, setting up a county-level smart service center; setting up smart sub-centers in three industrial functional areas; and establishing N smart service peripheral units in the community to gradually realize " Enterprises do things out of functional areas, and people do things right at their doorstep. " At the same time, it is also exploring the establishment of a "mobile approval service mechanism" to provide "on-site services" for enterprises.

(Source: Comprehensive Chengdu Daily, Chengdu People's Government Portal, Daily Economic News and other platforms)

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