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Chengdu overseas talents offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base has set up 31 overseas workstations

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"Not only geographical, but not all, and eclectic." Chengdu, adhering to the new talent concept, was awarded the China Science and Technology Association in June 2016 to establish the Chengdu Overseas Talents Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. High-end overseas talents do not have to be. Leaving the familiar environment, you can continue to stay overseas to innovate and start business, and land the results in China.

With the blessing of the New Talents Policy, the effect of offshore bases in attracting talents for the city's "flexibility" has now emerged.

Gradually improve policy

Comprehensive services for offshore projects

A more complete offshore base policy support system is the support. For more than two years, Chengdu has successively introduced supporting policies such as "Chengdu's In-depth Implementation of Innovation-Driven Development Strategies to Create" Double Innovation "Upgrades", "Chengdu Talents New Deal 10", "Chengdu Talents 36" and "Chengdu Talents New 12" Policies to support overseas talents to innovate and start businesses in Chengdu.

Among them, the high-tech zone where Shuangchuang's resources are concentrated has also issued "Chengdu High-tech Zone's Implementation of the" Gold Panda "Plan to Promote Priority Development of Talents." Offshore talents, offshore projects, and offshore funds are integrated into the policy support system, which has enhanced the attractiveness and influence of overseas talents.

At present, the comprehensive service mechanism for the landing of offshore projects-the comprehensive service functional area and project incubation functional area with Chengdu International Talent City as the core has been put into use, which can provide overseas talents with full agency services and project incubation in Chengdu's offshore innovation and entrepreneurship. service. At the same time, Chengdu has established offshore bases, offshore projects, the Chengdu High-tech Talent Promotion Association, and the Quartet of the Organizing Department in the pilot area to accelerate the transformation of offshore projects.

In addition, through the functions of substantive offshore base service agencies such as "Chengdu Haichuanglian Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.", it provides one-stop, comprehensive and professional "hosted" services for overseas talents and double creation. Overseas talent projects settled for incubation.

200 million fund

Strengthen financial support

After the start of policies and services, Chengdu also provided more direct support to overseas talents through bases and financial support.

Chengdu Business Daily-Hongxing News reporter learned that at present, relying on relevant universities, enterprises and overseas institutions, Chengdu has established 31 overseas bases (workstations) in innovative resource-rich cities in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, and relying on offshore bases. Overseas sites have established green channels for companies to connect with overseas, effectively helping companies attract high-end overseas talents. At present, Nobel Prize winner Robert Huber and other high-level overseas talents have been "income" in Chengdu, and 15 overseas talent projects have been stationed in offshore bases.

In terms of strengthening technological and financial support, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone initiated the establishment of an offshore talent innovation and entrepreneurship fund of 200 million yuan in 2017, focusing on investment and financing support for the transformation of offshore talents' scientific and technological achievements. Multiple rounds of investment for a single project can reach 2000 10,000 yuan. Since 2018, it has supported 57 million yuan in investment and financing of three overseas talent projects.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Yin Qintong

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