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Chengdu adds 11 industry sub-funds to raise 8 billion

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Original Title: Chengdu Adds 11 New Industry Sub-Funds to Raise 8 Billion

Yesterday morning, Chengdu Jiaozi Industrial Fund Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Holding Group, signed cooperation agreements with 11 fund management institutions, and jointly launched the establishment of 11 in the key industries of “5 + 5 + 1” in Chengdu. Industry sub-fund, with a total target fundraising scale of about 8 billion yuan.

Chengdu Business Daily-Hongxing News reporter learned from Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Group that the 11 fund management agencies signed include: Shanghai International Venture Capital Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Panshi Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hi-tech Investment Talent Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Gaotejia Investment Group Co., Ltd., Founder Hesheng Investment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Innovation Venture Capital Co., Ltd., etc.

Why does Chengdu need these 11 funds?

The "5 + 5 + 1" industry fund adopts a "parent-child fund" structure, which is mainly used to support advanced manufacturing industries including electronic information, equipment manufacturing, medical and health, new materials, green food, exhibition economy, financial services, and modern logistics. Industries, cultural and tourism industries, living services and other modern service industries and the new economy ("AI +", "Big Data +", "5G +", "Clean Energy +", "Supply Chain +") and other industries and directions .

The establishment of 11 sub-funds is based on the July 2018, the Third Plenary Session of the 13th Session of the Chengdu Municipal Committee, to promote the "5 + 5 + 1" key industry areas and build a high-quality modern industrial system. The 11 “5 + 5 + 1” industrial sub-funds signed this time are guided by the fund of the city's financial funds to participate in the mother fund to achieve the purpose of leveraging more social capital for Chengdu's advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. And new economic formats to provide further financial support, especially the new format of the new economy.

As the "5 + 5 + 1" industrial fund group is gradually built up, attracting social capital to continue to gather, it is self-evident for Chengdu to seize the commanding heights of the new economic development and high-end value chains. It is worth mentioning that, as the first city in the country to establish a new economic commission, Chengdu already has the first-mover advantage for future economic commanding heights.

How will the new fund work?

The "5 + 5 + 1" industrial fund, as a fund operated by the municipal financial fund and operating in a market-oriented manner, has a self-evident effect on Chengdu's economy. After the establishment and operation of the fund, the most significant role is to further accelerate the accumulation of social funds, leveraging a large amount of social capital to surround the "5 + 5 + 1" industry, thereby forming an effective capital supply effect. Another significant role will be to give full play to the role of the industry fund in optimizing capital allocation, which will help implement Chengdu's urban development and industrial policies. It will also help the construction of industrial function zones and the development of new economic industries, including the blockchain. Innovative SMEs in the economic field will also play a strong supporting role.

In addition, Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Group is a state-owned enterprise owned by the city. The fund will be an in-depth exploration in the sustainable recycling of funds, and the leverage effect of fiscal funds will be fully exerted. The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Group said that the signing of the cooperation agreement with 11 fund management institutions is a very good opportunity for Chengdu's capital market and industrial development. In the future, it will continue to enlarge and optimize industrial funds. Local economic development continues to provide “source water”.

Chengdu is building six industrial fund clusters

The Chengdu Business Daily-Hongxing News reporter learned that the industry fund will be market-oriented and focus on optimizing the capital ecology of enterprise development. With the professional and market-oriented investment capabilities of parent and sub-fund management institutions, it will deeply cultivate key investment directions and areas. We will select advantageous enterprises with core competitiveness and provide a series of comprehensive financial services for enterprises with different development stages and financing needs in Chengdu's "5 + 5 + 1" modern industrial system.

For example, through the long-term cooperative relationship established with excellent domestic fund management institutions, it will bring a continuous inflow of funds, talents, technology and projects to Chengdu, promote the coordinated development of the real economy, technological innovation, modern finance, and human resources, and lead the industrial transformation. upgrade.

The reporter noticed that Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Group has frequently acted on the fund business this year: In January, it openly recruited the Jiaozi Industrial Fund management team for the whole country; in April, China Guoxin, Sichuan Development, and Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Group The China National Xinxin Equity Investment Fund, which was initiated by other units, was formally established with a planned scale of 150 billion yuan, of which the first fund of 30 billion yuan started to invest in Chinese ships and other projects; on September 26, the group and CCB Financial Assets The establishment of the country's first government-guided investment debt-to-equity fund, Jianxin Jintou (Chengdu) Equity Investment Fund, launched by investment companies and other establishments, with a design scale of 10 billion yuan.

According to the person in charge of Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Group, the group has established a “5 ++ 5 + 1” industrial fund group, a new economic industry investment fund group, a district / county functional zone industrial fund, a regional coordinated development fund, and technological innovation. The fund group and the six major fund groups such as “debt reduction and deleveraging” debt-to-equity swaps and bail-out funds strive to become “accelerators” for regional financial capital development, “amplifiers” for regional industrial capital investment, and “ Regulator ", striving to create a" 1 + 3 "investment platform in the fund sector, building a Chengdu Jiaozi sub-fund system, and providing support for the construction of a high-quality modern industrial system in Chengdu.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star reporter Zou Yue Ye Yan

Chief Editor: Liu Debin SN222

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