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Next year, the "citizens' same move" in Tianjin's primary and secondary schools will follow the Shanghai model or the Chengdu model?

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Original title: Next year, the "citizens of Tianjin" will follow the Shanghai model or the Chengdu model?

Presumably, parents who are in elementary school at home already know these two words-citizens move together, and privately run numbers.

Yes! Next year, all primary and secondary schools in Tianjin will implement the "Citizens' Admissions + Private-run Number", including private schools.

So here comes the problem!

What kind of model will Tianjin's "Citizens Join the Same Way + Private Run"?

At present, the "Citizens' Same Admissions + Private-run Numbers" model that has been implemented is of reference value in Shanghai and Chengdu models!

(I) Shanghai Model

Shanghai's "Citizens Joining the Same People + Privately Run Numbers" model, whether it is a kindergarten or a junior high school, the first thing parents need to do is to choose one of the two options: public and private.

Because according to the Shanghai model, if you choose to go to a public school from the beginning, you are giving up the opportunity to go to a private school. Admissions can only be made in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures of public schools. In contrast, if you choose to go to a private school from the beginning, you will later join the private school. If they do not succeed in the future, they will be arranged to go to a school where their school district has not yet recruited students according to the student's household registration (most of these primary and secondary schools are not strong enough).

(II) Chengdu model

Chengdu's "citizens co-op + private-run numbers" model is much milder than the Shanghai model. It adopts the form of "footing two boats".

To put it simply, according to the student's academic status, the public school first shakes the number. At the same time, parents and students can also sign up for private schools (you can fill in 3 volunteers), and finally see which private school is accepted (if you have not been accepted by any private school, you can also go to public schools to read the lottery).

Finally, before the registration deadline, parents go to the system backstage to confirm which school to attend. It can be said that the choice of the Chengdu model is very large!

(3) Which model will Tianjin use?

Judging from the current situation, the Ministry of Education has clearly stated that "privately-run compulsory education schools are included in the unified management of the approval place, and they are synchronized with public schools; if the number of applicants exceeds the admissions plan, computerized random admission will be implemented."

Tianjin's implementation of "citizens with the same citizen + private run-on number" is a matter of course (only detailed rules)!

The editor of Tianjin New Oriental believes that whether Tianjin refers to the Shanghai model or the Chengdu model, it will have a certain "hit" on private schools. However, the "strike force" of the Shanghai model is significantly greater.

In the end, I want you to leave your own opinions and tell the editor: What kind of "citizens to recruit + privately run numbers" model do you prefer in Tianjin?

Editor: Tianjin New Oriental Elementary School General Education-Teacher Yuan
Review: attis
Disclaimer: New Oriental editors' original content, please indicate the source when reprinting!
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