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In November, Chengdu added 15,089 new houses, with a total of 51 real estate forensics

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Original title: November, Chengdu added 15,089 new houses, a total of 51 real estate forensics

Text | Xie Jia

According to the statistics of the Chengdu Housing Society website, in November, Chengdu includes 51 main projects, including traditional main urban areas, high-tech, Tianfu new districts, and near suburbs, and the number of newly added homes is about 15,089.

List of Forensic Items in November Tabulation: Interface Sichuan

List of Forensic Items in November Tabulation: Interface Sichuan

List of Forensic Items in November Tabulation: Interface Sichuan

November real estate acquisitions increased by 11 month-on-month

Number of forensics in Chengdu from January to November Tabulation: Interface Sichuan

Compared with October, Chengdu (except for the suburban areas) increased the number of new housing pre-sale permits by 11 in November, but the total number of new pre-sale houses decreased by 1053 units from October. The number of forensics in November remained the same as in September, becoming one of the most-available months this year.

Tianfu New District becomes a big new home supplier in November

Number of forensics in Chengdu in November Tabulation: Interface Sichuan

From the perspective of the supply area, in November (except the outer suburbs), five new urban areas in Chengdu, the suburbs, high-tech, and Tianfu new districts entered the market.

Tianfu New District has a total of 9 real estate forensics, which is the district with the highest number of real estate forensics in November. High-tech zones received a total of 4 real estate forensics, and the supply of real estate in the two new districts increased by 3 month-on-month in November, with a total of 4,957 units coming into the market.

In the traditional Wucheng District, a total of 15 pre-sale properties were sold in November, and a total of 3,934 new house listings were provided. Among them, the number of forensic real estate in Chenghua District is the largest, with a total of 5. In Qingyang District, there is only one real estate for the West Coast Lanyuan in Sands City to obtain evidence.

Just hard to find, improvement is still the mainstream

Judging from the area of real estate obtained in November, in addition to the suburban area, there are 10 real estates with units of less than 100 square meters, mainly concentrated in Tianfu New District, Shuangliu, Xindu. The rest of the forensic projects are mainly based on improving the unit type.

Among the newly-supplied real estate in November, the lowest unit price was Jianhuqi County of China Railway City in Wenjiang District. The average high-rise price was 7,103 yuan / square, followed by Heyi Mandai in the same area, with an average price of 8356 yuan / square. .

In November, the number of shakers in Chenghua District ranked first

Except for 29 projects that did not release their lottery data in November, about 16,918 people in the remaining 22 projects participated in the lottery.

Among them, there are more than 1,000 people with a lottery number and those who just need a winning rate of less than 50% are: Landsea Shanglin Xifu in Chenghua District, Tietou Zirui House, Qingxiu Yueshan, Tianyun New District Luyun, Longquanyi District Yunshangcheng, a fellowship in Wenjiang District.

The number of applicants for the Qingxiu Yueshan Yaohao in Chenghua District is close to 3,000, and the winning rate of just-in-hand is only 11.05%, making it the most popular one in Chengdu's opening project in November.

According to incomplete statistics, Chenghua District had the largest number of registrations in November. In addition to the unreleased data of the two projects, there were more than 5510 real estates on Landsea's Linxi Huafu, Tietou Zirui House and Qingxiu Yueshan. People participate in the lottery.

Except for the data of Forte Financial Island and Vanke Taonantanghao, the number of applicants for the other two projects has totaled about 1914. Among them, Peking University's Zijingfu Yaohao number reached 1,478.

Of the 9 forensic real estates in Tianfu New District, only Luyun, Zhonghai Tianfuli, Country Garden Haichang Tianlan have been released, and a total of about 3291 people have registered for the lot. And Luyun and Zhonghai Tianfu have more than 90 flat hardcover listings on the market.

Judging from the just-needed winning rate, in November (except for the suburban areas), in addition to 29 unreleased lottery projects in Chengdu (except for the suburban areas), there were 8 successful 100% of the 22 successful projects. Decrease by 2 from October.

Down-selling becomes the norm, cost-effective disks are favored

Picture source: Station Cool

On the whole, first of all, the supply of new properties in Chengdu (except for the outer suburbs) increased in November compared with October. However, in October, there were more celebrities in the traditional main urban area entering the market and launching new ones. month.

Secondly, buyers are still willing to pay for real estate with higher cost performance. For example, Qingxiu Yueshan in Chenghua District has launched 249 sets of 126-137 flat hardcover homes, with prices ranging from 15453-17126 yuan per flat, and nearly 3,000 people have signed up. Tianfu New District Luyun launched 330 sets of 91-139 flat hardcover homes, the price is 12185-14248 yuan / flat, the final number of people registered for the number of 1466 people. Wenjiang District Heyi Wanyitai launched 512 sets of 107-244 flats of Qingshui, with prices ranging from 7359-9353 yuan per square meter. The number of people who finally signed up for the number was 1,495.

At present, the main units of newly-supplied housing in Chengdu are mainly large-scale units with an improvement of more than 100 square meters. There are not many housings to choose from. Especially in the traditional main urban area, small-scale units with a demand of less than 100 square meters are rare.

As the regulation of the property market enters the deep water period, home buyers have become more rational. Projects that are obviously inadequate in terms of location, supporting facilities, etc. will face greater pressure to de-chemicalize, and entering the sales period will become the norm. However, at any time, cost-effective real estate can be favored by buyers in this market cycle.

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