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Recruitment 丨 Recruitment of recent enterprises and institutions

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Weinan City Institutions
Weinan City decided to openly recruit 244 high-level talents and special talents in short supply to the society. Candidates can log in to the website of Weinan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau from 8:00 on December 4 to 17:00 on December 6. "Personnel Examination Network" button to enter the registration system. Policy consultation: 0913-2126497, 2363069, and web-based technical consultation: 0913-2330625.
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Hanzhong Hantai District Rongmedia Center
Hanzhong Hantai District Media Center recruits 10 staff members, including 2 text reporters (male), 1 video reporter, 2 post-editing editors, 2 new media editors, 1 technical support staff (male), broadcasting Preside over 2 (1 male and 1 female). Requires a bachelor degree or above, under 32 years of age, and meets the eligibility requirements for the reported position. Recruitment takes on-site registration, registration review time: November 25-December 6; Location: Hanzhong Jingcheng Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (Second Floor, East of Baoqi Hotel Building, Renmin Road, Hantai District). The official salary is about 3600 yuan / month.
Consulting Tel: 0916-2251966
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Large-scale job fairs in Xi'an in December
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National Computer Network Emergency Technical Processing Coordination Center
The state-level cyber security emergency agency under the leadership of the Office of the Central Cyber Security and Informatization Commission, this recruitment unit is a provincial branch center.
Recruiting positions: 5 types of positions including network and information security technology positions, power maintenance positions, Internet information research positions, comprehensive management positions, and financial management positions.
Work locations: Involving 21 municipalities or provincial capitals, such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and 10 cities (prefectures, prefectures), including Xiamen and Turpan.
Registration time: 8:00 on November 20, 2019 to 12:00 on December 6, 2019.
Please refer to the recruitment announcement () for detailed recruitment information.
China Institute of Macroeconomics
China Academy of Macroeconomic Research (National Academy of Development and Reform Macroeconomic Research Institute, referred to as the Macroeconomic Institute) is a research institution directly under the National Development and Reform Commission.
Recruiting units: Research Management Department, Economic Research Institute, Land Development and Regional Economic Research Institute, Market and Price Research Institute, Energy Research Institute, Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute and other units.
Recruitment majors: National Economics, Industrial Economics, Quantitative Economics, Labor Economics, World Economy, Population, Resource and Environmental Economics, Administration, Road and Railway Engineering, Traffic Information Engineering and Control and other related majors.
Registration time: From the date of announcement to December 22, 2019.
Please visit the China Macroeconomic Research Institute (National Development and Reform Commission Macroeconomic Research Institute) recruitment application website ().
China Gold Group Co., Ltd.
China's gold industry is the only central enterprise and the largest gold enterprise.
Recruitment unit: This recruitment is for Beijing Gold Corporation Limited.
Recruitment majors: mining, finance and accounting, human resource management, geology, computers, ideology and politics, marketing / business management, law, civil engineering, logistics, graphic or animation design, journalism and editing.
For detailed recruitment information, please refer to the recruitment announcement ().
China Tourism Group
The key state-owned backbone enterprises directly managed by the central government are also one of the three central enterprises headquartered in Hong Kong.
Recruiting positions: management trainees, product managers, development engineers, travel consultants, marketing, architectural design, party affairs management, etc.
Recruitment majors: auditing, financial management, computer science and technology, advertising, business management, engineering management, civil engineering, international economics and trade, marketing, economics, mathematics and applied mathematics and other disciplines.
For detailed recruitment information, please visit the corporate recruitment platform (http://campus.51job.com/hkcts2020/) to view.
Original title: "Recruitment 丨 Recruitment Information of Recent Enterprises and Institutions"
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