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Former Chengdu Carnival practitioners talk about "correction of violence": tied up for 3 days without sleep

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Yangtze Evening News · Zniu News

Recently, the Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center was accused of recruiting "bad students" and abusing them. The Chengdu Dudu District Education Department responded on the 24th that the counseling center had been ordered to stop all teaching activities in July. After on-site inspection, no operation was found at the site.

Earlier reports said that the Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center, under the banner of "saving children", "saving the family" and "correcting the problem teenagers", managed students with students and persecuted the problem teenagers with problem teenagers. In the story of the students, the carnival It is a rigorous and alienated correction system. It includes extreme physical fitness, corporal punishment, violence, flattery, and reporting. "The more obedient, the more power."

Ziniu reporters today contacted two members of the center to talk about their experiences, one was a so-called "new student" who was taunted, and the other was a "domesticated" backbone veteran who later became a captain. Although the two students' experiences at the center are not the same, they have one thing in common. After leaving, they have left a painful memory, feel depressed, and lack a sense of security.

Advertising claims:

Brand professional organization for "problem children" correction education

Ziniu reporters searched some of the center's advertising slogans on the Internet: Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center is a professional institution dedicated to the psychological correction and behavior correction of stray youths. The center recruits year-round truancy, indifference, and addiction. Students who are online, love early and rebellious, fight against parents, stay home late, run away from home, and have poor self-control. According to publicity, the educational institution is not only a brand professional institution for corrective education of "problem children" in Chengdu and Sichuan, but also the leading authority and professional psychological and behavior correction institution for adolescents in the southwest.

Advertising for this educational institution

Faced with such seductive advertisements, parents with "problem children" at home will inevitably be tempted, and some parents will cheat their children into the center even at the expense of their financial resources. But is the education of the center as amazing as its advertisements boast? Let's hear from two children who have personally experienced the course of “Specialized Psychological Counseling”.

Dormitory of Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center

As a backbone and captain Zhang Hua:

Depressed and irritable after coming out

Level management for students

No communication between freshmen

Zhang Hua once spent two years at the Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center in Sichuan. After coming out of the center, he chose to disclose everything he had experienced in it. He told the journalist: "I used to be a very rebellious child I can understand how my parents want me to get better, but I want more parents to know how this center under the banner of correction treats students. "

In Zhang Hua's description, he used to be a "bad boy" in the eyes of the public. He didn't like learning and rebellion. He dropped out of junior high school. In order to make his son better, Zhang Hua's parents have been looking for school and eventually found it online. At the Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center, the other party promised to be able to make psychological corrections and behavior corrections for the lost youth. In the summer of 2017, 18-year-old Zhang Hua was tricked into "Chengdu Carnival" by his parents under the name "Look at the New School", locked into the dormitory to prevent escape, and his phone was confiscated. Zhang Hua said that the center has strict rules and hierarchies. The students are divided into four teams. Each team consists of three "classes": freshmen, veterans, and backbones. Freshmen are at the lowest level, and communication is not allowed. Get up at 5:30 and do housework. Old students and backbones can be delayed for dozens of minutes. When eating, freshmen can only get very little food, often they are not full, and backbone students are well supplied. "I still remember eating on the first day. I was divided into two cucumbers and three potato shreds, and I ate them with white rice." Every Monday is a break, you can watch TV, and a psychologist comes to the afternoon from Tuesday to Friday afternoon. Hours of classes, the rest of the time is running, running and other physical exercises, there is no cultural class. Zhang Hua said that the students who have just entered all have resistance behaviors. The instructor will order the backbone to arrange the old students to manage the new students. In fact, they will be beaten. The instructor will continue to suppress the students with words, saying they are "bad."

Extreme corporal punishment prevails,

Do thousands of squats without sleeping

As a student who resisted fiercely, Zhang Hua was often hit by the old students on the ground at first, or doubled his "strength", such as doing thousands of squats a night. "I made two or three hundred and couldn't squat down. The old man in charge of the supervision next supported me with my arms, squatted down and stood up, until one or two in the morning, they were going to bed. Called me to stand in a bucket with water, and the old man took turns supervising not to sleep, and poured water on my face when I was sleepy, until the next morning, it was called "on duty". One person was punished and everyone couldn't sleep He is bullied, so he bullies you even more. "On the most serious occasion, Zhang Hua was beaten to the injured urine and taken by the trainer to the hospital for medical treatment. What made Zhang Hua hard to accept was that after returning from the hospital, the center informed his parents, but they were not able to see him with his son. "The instructor told my mother to take me to the doctor. There was no problem. They also asked me for medical expenses. I was in it for two years, and I have never used a mobile phone or seen my parents." Meanwhile, Zhang Hua was rebelled because of resistance. The instructor informed the parents that the children were not obedient and needed to stay longer, so Zhang Hua, who had been able to return home for a year, stayed in it for two years, with a total tuition of 100,000 yuan.

Become "the highest class" among students after obedience

In order to leave the center faster, Zhang Hua began to obey the arrangement and took the initiative to help the key students and trainers to do things with great care and diligence. Nine months after joining the institution, Zhang Hua became the backbone of the team and became the team leader, becoming the "highest class" among the students. He confessed to Ziniu reporter that living in the center is much smoother than before, but he was also forced to do a lot of things that made him feel guilty. "After becoming a backbone student, we have to manage the new students according to the instructor's order, otherwise we will be punished. A new student wants to go out and swallows the nails so that he can go to the hospital. After being found, we poured it into his mouth according to the regulations. Ten pounds of oil let him expel the nails. His mistakes will punish all of us. It is common to run ten kilometers to do two thousand squats. "At the end of the two-year period, Zhang Hua was relieved. Freshman management, daily physical punishment measures are formulated by the general instructor.

Arrangement for Zhang Hua's physical training map

Discomfort after going out

Refused to see a psychologist

After two years of "correction" counseling, Zhang Hua was taken home by his parents, and he had the opportunity to reveal everything he suffered at the center. Recalling this experience, Zhang Hua confessed to Ziniu reporters that he felt angry at first and wanted to resist. Later, he became more numb under despair. "No one can stand being beaten and punished every day, and gradually assimilated. In addition to the extremely demanding instructors in the center, there are also some well-intentioned instructors who will quietly bring me food and psychologists will also enlighten us. "After returning home, Zhang Hua became more impulsive and sensitive than before. My mother used to He refused to take him to the hospital to see a psychologist. "I think I have the ability to heal slowly on trauma, and don't want to be labeled as mentally problematic." Speaking of parents, Zhang Hua also expressed his understanding: "I was indeed a very rebellious child before, and I also provoke it. A lot of trouble, they may have no way out. I understand that the original intention of my parents was to hope that I would not go astray, but I cannot accept that the center uses the name of helping parents to correct their children to collect money and corporal punishment. " Zhang Hua took an adult self-study in Chengdu and entered university to study, trying to get rid of this depressed life.

Students sent to Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center

"Two in and two out has been a freshman" Xie Yu:

Feeling insecure after coming out and worsening mental illness

Freshmen entering camp:

Was tied up for three days and nights without sleeping

Xie Yu told Ziniu News reporter that because of his rebellious psychology and fierce behavior against his parents, he was sent to the center by his parents twice in 2015, each time for 3 months, adding up to half a year. Because he went in short and rebellious, he never grew up. He told the Ziniu reporter that every day in it was painful. The most painful and impressive time was when I was stunned and fainted. After dinner one day, they went to the big toilet collectively. According to the regulations, there were 4 toilet papers per person. He took his old student to tear an extra piece of toilet paper, and there was one less section for Xie Yu. Dissatisfied, he yelled to sue the instructor and argue with Lao Sheng. Lao Sheng was very angry, so he grasped the neck of understanding Yu and stunned Xie Yu directly. This is because Xie Yu usually disobeys Lao Sheng's control, and Lao Sheng has grievances against him. This dispute just aroused Lao Sheng's "public outrage."

Xie Yu introduced that in the first week of entering, many freshmen, including Xie Yu, had more intense resistance. Just three days before entering, in order to limit his movements and prevent him from escaping, Jie Yu was tied with hands and feet with scotch tape. During group activities such as running and eating, an old man supervised him and released his Both feet, but the hands have not been loosely tied, Xie Yu could not help shouting, and his mouth was stuffed into a towel to wipe the feet. One night, the old students couldn't bear it and tied him to a double iron bed stand. During these three days, Jie Yu didn't sleep.

Students sent to Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center

Freshmen run away:

Thirty spanks in public, insulted privately

Xie Yu told Ziniu News reporter that there would be escape events every month, but most of them were unsuccessful. After being arrested, the trainees would be punished with corporal punishment. The so-called grand prize is to take off the pants in front of all the students, and hit the buttocks with a thick wooden stick thirty times. After the fight, no one can sit and must apply medicine. In addition, the instructor will instruct the old student to “correct” the escape student, and the old student can think of nothing more than beating or insulting.

There will also be penalties for escape. As long as one student escapes and is captured by each team, the whole team cannot sleep. They must take turns to guard this "destroyer" for one hour. The team has to do extra laps when it comes to running. Most of the escaping students are freshmen, so after being captured, they will still be collectively insulted by the old students: who makes you trouble everyone!

Students sent to Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center

Students commit suicide by eating glasses,

I was banned from wearing glasses for two months

The more extreme case was the suicide of the students. Xie Yu told Ziniu reporters that there are many types of suicide: swallowing nails, drinking detergent, toothpaste, and eyeglasses. One suicide incident that Xie Yu saw with her own eyes was eating eyeglasses. At that time, the student was rattling, and Xie Yu thought that the other party was eating something good. He had to eat a little while joking. But soon the practitioner had bleeding from his mouth and knew that the situation was not right. Suicide was stopped by the trainer who came. Xie Yu heard that the lens was pulled out of his mouth. The lenses that have been eaten may be pulled out after being filled with oil.

This lens suicide incident also involved understanding Yu. The spectacles of the entire team were confiscated for two months. Xie Yu, who has more than 600 degrees of myopia, was extremely inconvenient to leave his glasses. He did not dare to imagine how he came over those two months. Previously, there was a solution for mild depression. After coming out of the center, there has been a serious lack of security. Later, he was diagnosed with "two-way affective disorder" by the hospital. He said that this is a psychological disease based on depression, which is more important than depression. serious.

Local Education Bureau notified:

Order has been ordered to stop teaching activities

The Education Bureau of Badu District has released the “Notice on Investigation and Prosecution of Chengdu Carnival Fitness Service Co., Ltd.” through the official WeChat public account on November 24.

The report said that on July 12, 2019, the Chengdu Dudu District Education Bureau found Internet public opinion. Some netizens posted in the Tianya community that "the Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center in Dudu District recruited 'bad students' and tortured them." The Education Bureau of Ba Du District immediately conducted an investigation, and on July 15th, the District Market Supervision Bureau, the District Public Security Branch, and Xinminchang Street investigated and dealt with it.

After investigation, the company holds business licenses of "Chengdu Carnival Fitness Service Co., Ltd." and "Carnival Psychological Counseling Service Department in Badu District". The business scope includes leisure fitness services, psychological counseling services (excluding treatment and medical consultation), fitness Equipment sales. There was a school-running behavior that violated regulations, and then the institution was notified of the violation according to law, ordering it to stop all education and teaching activities, and to retire all students. From August to October, the relevant departments conducted on-site inspections several times, and the trainees had been cleared. On November 24, the Education Bureau of Badu District conducted another on-site inspection, and no operation was found in the site.

The report also stated that in the next step, the Education Bureau of Badu District will, together with relevant district-level departments, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the education and training institutions in the region, standardize education and training behaviors, and prevent similar situations. The found clues of violations and crimes will be handed over to relevant departments for serious handling in accordance with the law.

In order to protect the interviewees, the two interviewees in the article are pseudonyms

Purple Bull News Reporter | Song Nanfei

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