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Chengdu's "Carnival" was investigated, "Chief Psychologist" Liu Shulin's public resume was false

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"Carnival" official website promotes Liu Shulin's materials. Screenshot of "Carnival" official website

"Carnival" official website promotes Liu Shulin's materials. "Carnival" official website screenshot

The public resume of Liu Shulin, the "Chief Psychologist" of the Chengdu Carnival Youth Psychological Counseling Center (hereinafter referred to as "Carnival") who has been exposed to abused students, may be false.
According to "Southwindow" previously reported, "Carnival" is a correctional institution for juveniles with problems. Seven trainees were reported to have been subjected to corporal punishment, abuse, etc., and "the trainers and psychological teachers indulged and indifferent".
Chengdu Dudu District Education Bureau reported on November 24 that, on July 15, the Lidu District Education Bureau, the District Public Security Branch, the District Market Supervision Bureau and Xinminchang Street investigated and handled the "Carnival" and found that the company exists Illegal school operation.
The Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) investigation found that in the resume of Liu Shulin displayed on the official website of "Carnival", the post of Deputy Secretary General of the Mental Health Committee of the China Health Care Association has lapsed, and the claimed teaching experience of Southwest Jiaotong University is not true.
Multiple agencies deny Liu Shulin job information
The "Carnival" official website shows that Liu Shulin was the Deputy Secretary-General of the Mental Health Care Committee of the China Health Care Association and the Chairman of the Chengdu Applied Psychology Research Association. He has previously taught in Southwest Jiaotong University and other schools.
On November 27, Zheng Yunliang, the chairman of the Mental Health Branch of the China Health Care Association, told Peng Mei News that Liu Shulin had served as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Mental Health Care Committee of the China Health Care Association, but the "China Mental Health Care Committee" has been renamed "China Health Care" The Association's Mental Health Care Branch "did not reappoint Liu Shulin, and his previous position automatically lapsed.
According to business information, the "Chengdu Applied Psychology Research Association" is a social organization. The competent unit is the Chengdu Social Science Association, and the legal representative is Liu Shulin. A director from the academic department of the Academic Society of the Chengdu Federation of Social Sciences Associations said that Liu Shulin was indeed the chairman of the Chengdu Applied Psychology Research Association. She said that "teaching at the carnival belongs to Liu Shulin's personal behavior and has nothing to do with the research society."
However, according to the official website of Carnival, the Chengdu Carnival and the Youth Psychological Research Base of the Chengdu Applied Psychology Research Society of Chengdu. In this regard, Director Li said that the carnival had paid membership fees from 2014 to 2015 and became a member unit of the Chengdu Applied Psychology Research Association, but did not renew the fee afterwards, and the carnival was no longer a member unit.
However, students said that the photos taken in November 2019 showed that the signboard of the “Chengdu Applied Psychological Research Youth Psychological Research Base” was still hanging on the door of the carnival.
On the 29th, Surging News contacted Southwest Jiaotong University to verify Liu Shulin's teaching experience. The school's party committee propaganda department responded with a statement of information stating that Liu Shulin was not a faculty member of Southwest Jiaotong University and had not been employed by Southwest Jiaotong University.
The reporter found that the official website of Chengdu Angel Children's Hospital showed that Liu Shulin was a physician in the hospital. The director of the hospital office, Yang Shihao, said that Liu Shulin was only a psychological counselor, not a physician. Since the hospital and Chengdu Applied Psychology Research will cooperate, the psychological counselor of the research institute will be called out.
Parents say sending children to school because they trust "experts"
"Carnival" student Chen Si (pseudonym) 's mother told Peng Mei News that because she saw Liu Shulin as a psychology expert on a TV program, she searched online and found that Liu Shulin was teaching at the school. "Student" children were sent to "Carnival."
"Carnival" official website, Liu Shulin's name appeared more than 40 times. According to the official website, in addition to being a special guest of Chengdu TV station "Beautiful Life" and "Dao Dream Space", Liu Shulin also served as the second channel of Sichuan TV Station "Where is Happiness", "Golden 30", "Very Topics", "No. "Four Live Rooms" invites psychology review experts.
The official website shows that Liu Shulin and another teacher, Pan Xiaoyang, "the true story of successfully helping the very rebellious 'problem child' who has been wandering for more than 4 years to achieve transformation was reported by authoritative media in 2009".
Chen Si ’s mother said that the person in charge of the “Carnival” told her at the time that “Schools implemented probation education and Liu Shulin would often come and give children psychological lessons.” She said that she was not assured at that time, and she also contacted Liu Shulin for consultation, and the other party acknowledged that she was “ A child psychological correction center was opened in Yi County. "
Two former students of the "Carnival" told Peng Mei News that they often saw Liu Shulin in the "Carnival". He would usually show up for training and eating. Sometimes he would drive students to medical examinations. When building a multimedia classroom in 2015, He will come to the site to inspect the work.
In the afternoon of November 26, in response to the abusive behavior in the "Carnival" referred to by the media, Surging News contacted Liu Shulin, saying, "I just instruct the psychological teacher indirectly, and I don't know about other situations without intervention."
The "Carnival" village once had another behavior training base
Chengdu Dudu District Education Bureau reported on November 24 that "Carnival" holds business licenses of "Chengdu Carnival Fitness Service Co., Ltd." and "Lidu District Carnival Psychological Counseling Service Department". Business information shows that the registered addresses of these two companies are located in Jinbai Village, Xinminchang Town, Badu District, Chengdu.
According to a report by Chengdu Business Daily on February 28, 2009, an organization called "Chengdu Weierbin Behavior Training Base" is also located in Xinminchang Town, She County. The surging news reporter found that a company profile on Zhilian Recruitment Online entitled "Chengdu Weirbin Youth Education and Training Base" showed that the address of "Chengdu Weirbin Youth Education Consulting Center" is located in Jinbai Village where the "Carnival" is located.
According to the company profile of the aforementioned Zhilian recruitment website, the center was written by "a group of psychologists and sociologists, including Professor Liu Shulin, who wrote the" Adolescent Problem Behavior Training Outline ". According to Industry and Commerce Information, "Chengdu Weierbin Youth Education Consultation Center" was established on June 28, 2007. Its legal representative is Pan Changquan. The company's business scope includes education information consultation and psychological consultation (excluding treatment programs).
Four former participants of the "Carnival" told Surging News that they saw the words "Villebin" left in the upper right corner of the "Carnival" houses, such as classrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and cafeterias. However, the trainees said that the "Carnival" does not allow students to carry mobile phones, and their claims are not confirmed by photos.
In 2009, the "Chengdu Weirbin Behavior Training Base" was disclosed by the Chengdu Business Daily that there were cases of abuse and scolding of students. The report quoted the trainees as saying, "Hungry meals, scolding, and sexual assault are all facts." A "Vilbin" staff member also said that he had seen instructors scolding trainees.
In this regard, the reporter repeatedly called the "Carnival" official website contact phone, failed to connect, has not yet confirmed the relationship between the two institutions.
Xie Mao (a pseudonym), a former student of the "Carnival", told reporters that on July 16, he went to the public security sub-bureau of Badu District to report that the "Carnival" was suspected of soft violence and violence against minors. On July 26, an administrative decision issued by Xiedu District Bureau to Xie Mao's mother stated that "the company has not found corporal punishment, abuse, soft violence and violent acts that illegally restrict the freedom of minors."
On November 26, after media reports, Xie Mao demanded "Carnival" for illegal detention and illegal medical practice and asked the Badu District Public Security Bureau to open a case for investigation. The surging news reporter called the Badu District Public Security Bureau many times to get the latest progress of the investigation, but the call was never connected.
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