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Beijing Rulai Intelligent | Chengdu Branch Recruiting Front-end, Full Stack Development Engineer

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

Original title: Beijing Rulai Intelligence | Chengdu Branch Recruiting Front-end, Full-stack Development Engineer

本科及以上 Requirement: Bachelor and above

Front-end development engineer-1 person 13k-18k

Full Stack Development Engineer-1 person 13k-18k

salary range: 13k-18k

  • Design and complete the SAAS platform front-end to show users a high-quality network interface;
  • Build a responsive user interface with a simplified workflow, making it easy for users to complete operations;
  • Work closely with the customer team and the AI team to quickly adjust the workflow to ensure smooth development work;
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or related field, well-known colleges or universities are preferred;
  • 5+ years of web front-end programming experience;
  • Proficient in CSS / HTML / Java, in-depth understanding of modern front-end Java frameworks; understand UX design principles;
  • Familiar with VUE framework, willing and enjoy learning new technologies;
  • Have experience supporting mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers;
  • Integrity and good attitude; good communication skills, excellent time management ability and teamwork spirit.

Full stack development engineer

13k-18k Salary range: 13k-18k

  • Build, design and implement scalable cloud-based web applications for SaaS;
  • Participate in code and design reviews to maintain our high development standards;
  • Work with other teams to deliver and operate large-scale distributed services in the cloud;
  • Responsible for the overall system architecture, scalability, reliability and performance of the company's products;
  • Computer science or related major, proficient in Java, vue or react.js experience, proficient in Java or Python;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment, drive tasks to completion and take ownership of projects;
  • Experience in delivering and operating large-scale, high-availability distributed cloud services;
  • Rich experience in debugging, diagnosing and troubleshooting complex production software;
  • Have good communication skills, keen analytical skills and proven design skills.

Beijing Rulai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

外资 1. Nature of the company: foreign capital

20人以下 2. Company size: less than 20 people

Rulai Intelligence is an artificial intelligence startup that has received hundreds of millions of investment from top investors such as Jinshajiang Fidelity, and provides dialogue robots for many internationally renowned companies. The company has won many international awards (Gartner Cool Vendor, Forrester, Bloomberg top 50 startups etc.) The company has a strong market opening ability, and the CEO is the former vice president of Google's marketing. The company has strong technical strength. The CTO is a tenured professor at the University of California, USA. He has served as the chairman of several international conferences. The company's employees have published more than 400 papers at international conferences. The founders are from well-known domestic and international companies (Alibaba, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google) and universities (Tsinghua Peking University Fudan University of Science and Technology Stanford Carnegie Mellon University). The Chengdu branch was established. We welcome outstanding people to apply and hope that employees and the company will grow together.

9:00-17:30,周末双休 4. Working hours: 9: 00-17: 30, weekends and weekends

极少几乎没有 5. Overtime situation: rarely, rarely

初试--复试(远程)—终面(远程) 6. Interview process: initial test-retest (remote)-final (remote)

公积金比例: 6%(工资全额) 1. Five insurances and one fund: Provident fund ratio: 6% (full salary)

基本薪资*12+年终1-6个月 2. Salary composition: basic salary * 12 + year-end 1-6 months

车补+饭补25元/天、带薪年假5天、期权等福利 3. Others: car supplement + meal supplement 25 yuan / day, paid annual leave 5 days, options and other benefits

成都市武侯区威斯顿联邦大厦 Company Address: Weston Federal Building, Wuhou District , Chengdu

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