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"Regional discrimination" has no market

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

Author: Fan Xing

Henan girl Yan Moumou refused to apply for a job in a company in Zhejiang because the girl was from Henan. In the judgment of the court, the defendant company compensated Yan Moumou for the loss of moral loss and the cost of reasonable rights protection of 10,000 yuan.

Today we are walking north and south of China's great rivers. It is difficult to imagine that there are still people who speak in the image of "Henan people". Not only is the image of Henan people completely changed, but the image of people all over China is refreshing. Behind this is that the development gap between the southeast coast and the central and western regions is getting shorter, and regional development is becoming more and more balanced.

"Regional discrimination" was originally a misconception. If there was a certain market in the past, it is becoming increasingly outdated. A company's blatant rejection of a region's identity is not only outdated but also stupid.

From the perspective of population movements, the peacocks flew southeast in the past, and now the central and western regions have also become population inflow destinations. Whether you go to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, or to Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, or to Wuhan, you can see the population gathering and blending from all corners of the world. Mandarin is spreading without promotion. Even young parents are beginning to worry His own children have never spoken in their hometown since childhood. In the context of this era, only people with a stubborn mind are obsessed with the "old stalks" of "regional discrimination."

There was a time, in life or in some programs, "regional discrimination" became "classic paragraphs", and now such paragraphs are not very popular. In the above case, we saw public criticism of the defendant's sidelines. The court's trial won praise from people, and few people in the public opinion made this a joke.

Of course, China's vast geographies, vastly different cultures, and some stereotypes and prejudices are inevitable. But as China's regional development becomes more and more balanced, the predominant "regional black" and "map cannons" will become less and less popular. (Xing Fan)

责编:王欣夷 ] [ Responsible editor: Wang Xinyi ]
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