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Football League-Huirong Group 2-0 Zigong black and white dream to win the championship in Chengdu

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Pure Gold Chengdu Station

In the afternoon of November 24th, the 2019 Chery Arize Football Gold League went to the Chengdu finals, and Zigong black and white dreams faced the convergence team. Assad and Liu Jingdong each went to the next city in the second half. In the end, Huirong Group defeated the Zigong Black and White Dream Team 2-0 to win the Chengdu Championship.

After the start of the game, Huirong Group kicked the ball in the frontcourt and shot the ball slightly out of the far corner. In the 2nd minute, goalkeeper Luo Haoyang rescued the game and recovered after being injured. In the 7th minute, Luo Haoyang jumped to the ground and saved the game. After resuming the game, He Rui made a low-ball shot from the right with the ball in the right wing. In the 12th minute, Assad made a breakthrough on the left with a ball to the penalty area. Facing goalkeeper Luo Haoyang took a shot, the ball entered the net from between the two goalkeepers, and Huirong Group led 1-0. In the 16th minute, Wang Shuwei took a free kick. He Rui turned right and shot the ball in the frontcourt and was saved by the goalkeeper. At the end of the first half, Huirong Group led the Zigong Black and White Dream Team 1-0.

In the second half, the two teams fought again. In the 22nd minute, Liu Guanyu shot the ball high above the goal. In the 25th minute, Liu Guanyu's teammate at the front of the penalty area made a cross pass. Liu Jingdong made a low shot and scored a goal to 2-0. In the 39th minute, Niu Liang turned around and fell to the ground. In the end, the Huirong Group defeated the Zigong Black and White Dream Team to win the Chengdu Station Championship 2-0.

Zigong Black and White Dream Team (blue) appearance lineup: 1- Luo Haoyang, 2- Zhang Liangzhao, 3- Zeng Yong, 4- He Jun, 6- Song Yu, 7-He Rui, 8- Huang Wenjun, 9- Wang Cheng, 10- Wang Shuwei

Huirongji team (white) appearance lineup: 1- Fan Lei, 2-Assad, 3-Chen Long, 4-Wang Qiang, 5-Liu Jingdong, 6-Niu Liang, 7-Liu Guanyu, 8-Zhou Mingyu, 9- Li Chao, 10-Li Guo


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