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Mingyue Village hired a "quick head"-a story of Chengdu's "net red village" manager returning home to start a business

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 24th, by the way : Mingyue Village hired a "quick head" -a story of returning home entrepreneurs from a "net red village" manager in Chengdu

Xinhua News Agency reporters Pan Jie and Xie Jiao

In January in Sichuan, there was moisture in the air, seven thousand acres of thunder bamboo rippling, and two thousand acres of tea fields cascading with green. Mingyue Village, Pujiang County, 90 kilometers away from the urban area of Chengdu, is a "new holy place" and "net red village" in the eyes of many literary youth.

Here, visitors can visit the ruins of the ancient kiln, experience the pottery making, feel the blue dyeing of grass and trees, pick new tea by hand, and taste the unique rake citrus "Spring See" here, take a bite, and the juice from the tongue is sweet to the heart!

Who would have thought that ten years ago this was still a poor village at the municipal level. How did the earth-shaking change happen? Questions came and went, and they were pushed to the woman who was not tall and soft-spoken in front of her: "Shuangli, you can speak clearly, you!"

I was a little puzzled when I saw the reporter. The old villagers introduced: "She, but the manager we hired, a great person who invited back from Beijing!"

After making a pot of tea, Shuangli chatted about the “previous life and present life” of Mingyue Village ’s “net red” —the earliest. Here, special industries such as thunder bamboo and tea were developed here. Later, the party and government integrated the village's construction land into the city, At the beginning of the "Yan Kiln", a cultural and creative industry has emerged, and poets, writers, and masters of art and beauty have settled in and become "new villagers." Nowadays, tourists from all over come to "check in". The rapid development of Mingyue Village, in Shuangli's view, relies on industry and talents.

Shuangli herself is one of the talents attracted by Mingyue Village.

At the end of 2015, Shuangli, who was about to enter a new year, made such a decision: to leave Beijing, who had lived for 12 years, to give up stable work and an annual income of nearly one million yuan, return to his hometown Pujiang, and settle in Mingyue Village.

"What's the matter with you?" "Did you get hit?" Faced with the confusion of relatives and friends, Shuangli said with a smile: "They can envy me now!"

"Yunzhang Country House", this is a guesthouse converted by Shuangli for lease of the old homestead. One or two rooms are used for self-occupancy, and the remaining 12 rooms are used to receive tourists. Small farm yard, melons and fruits. In addition, Shuangli has a job in the village-professional manager of Mingyue Village Tourism Cooperative.

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