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In order to participate in the Football League Finals, Changchun team went to Chengdu to qualify

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Huirong Group

On November 24th, the 2019 Chery Arrizo 5X5 Football League Chengdu Station Competition was held in Chengdu OCT Park Plaza. In the end, the Huirong Group from Changchun won the Chengdu Championship with a 2-0 victory over the Zigong Black and White Dream Team. This is their second consecutive year in the Football League Finals.

A team from Changchun went to Chengdu to participate in the game. They only had one purpose, that is, they wanted to be eligible to participate in the 2019 Football League Finals. Because there is no Changchun competition in the FA Gold League this year, the Hui Rongji team, who was the champion of Changchun last year, was very anxious, so the players paid attention to the information of the FA Gold League early, and finally decided to choose Chengdu to participate, hoping to have the opportunity to enter finals.

To this end, they prepared for a long time and specially invited foreign aid to participate. Eventually, in the Chengdu competition, he passed the competition all the way, and sure enough he won the championship in Chengdu and won a ticket to participate in the finals. These twists and turns finally realized their wish.

Changchun player Liu Guanyu participated in the finals last year. Regarding this year's goals, Liu Guanyu said: I still hope to achieve good results in the finals, but the finals are definitely very difficult. They are all elite teams in various cities. Fight every game.

Although he is an amateur player, Liu Guanyu and his team members have always been concerned about Chinese football and love Chinese football. The young man said: Although we are all amateur players, we have always loved football. We played hard and did not think about it. Too many results are just hoping to play well and hope to see the day when Chinese football rises. (Yu Jing)

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