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Dan Yu Xiaoxi values the Chengdu Men's Table Tennis World Cup with a bronze medal as the goal

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Dan Yu Xiaoxi values Chengdu Men's Table Tennis World Cup

On November 28th, Japan ’s 11th-ranked Japanese table tennis player Dan Yu Xiaoxi (25 years old) embarked on the journey of the Chengdu Men ’s World Cup and expressed his extraordinary determination: “Because it is a very important match, I want to start this year The mood of the final game to challenge. "

At present, the Japanese team is fiercely competing for the singles representative qualification of the Tokyo Olympics. Zhang Benzhi has already locked one ticket in advance, and the remaining one will be born between Mizutani and Dan Yu Xiaoxi.

Dan Yu Xiaoxi, who is temporarily ranked third, is not far behind Mizutani. This time, if he wins, he will get 2550 points and the Olympic seats will be successfully obtained. Next, despite the North American Challenge that started on December 4, but he failed to win the finals next month, this importance is even more important after the Olympics and the World Championships.

The Dan Yu player who staged a round of trips several times ago defeated M-Falke (Sweden), which ranked 9th in the world at the Austrian Open this month; T2 Diamond Singapore defeated Calderano, 6th in the world ( Brazil) waiting to advance to the top 8 of the men's singles, and realized the long-lost mood of "becoming confident".

In the men's World Cup, he qualified for the Asian Cup third place in April. Because of this, Dan Yu Xiaoxi also looks forward to winning the podium: "No. 3 in the Asian Cup, I think this should be the goal. (4 weeks in a row) The competition has continued, although tired, but the results have improved It's a pleasure. As a final sprint, I will do my best to fight to the end. "

(He Xia)

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