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VIPKID strikes hard after new round of financing: plans to recruit 2,000 employees in Wuhan for three years

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

On the morning of November 13, VIPKID, a domestic online youth English education platform, announced the official establishment of Wuhan Branch and plans to recruit 2,000 local employees in the next three years. This is the latest punch in the Central China market following VIPKID's new round of financing led by Tencent. The news of VIPKID's presence in Wuhan also injected a boost into the local market.

In October this year, Tencent announced that it would lead a new round of financing for VIPKID, and the two parties announced that they had reached deeper cooperation in areas such as Internet education, artificial intelligence, and cloud services. VIPKID announced at the time that it would continue to increase its investment in quality content, talent and technology. The establishment of Wuhan Branch is the follow-up action of VIPKID to increase the recruitment of outstanding talents.

So far, VIPKID's global service network in multiple countries and cities has also surfaced. In China, VIPKID has established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian, Wuhan and other places; in North America and Europe, VIPKID offices cover multiple cities such as San Francisco, New York, Washington, Dallas, Sunnyvale, and London. In accordance with VIPKID ’s “Three-City, Ten-Cities, 100-Country” internationalization strategy launched last year, VIPKID overseas students will cover hundreds of countries in the future, and will conduct specific business in dozens of cities around the world.

Data show that as of September 30, the VIPKID platform paid 712,000 students, and more than 90,000 foreign teachers were signed in North America. The Central China market with Wuhan as its core has also become one of the fastest growing areas of VIPKID.

“The number of employees in the workplace in Wuhan is expected to reach 2,000 in the next three years, helping more children enjoy the best online learning experience,” said Liu Huan, principal of VIPKID's operation and management center.

At present, Wuhan has 89 universities and colleges, with a maximum of 1.3 million college students. It is a veritable university city. With Optics Valley as the center, top universities including Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology are distributed on all sides. In recent years, students from these universities have gradually become the mainstay of major Internet companies. VIPKID also encourages more outstanding students to devote themselves to education.

"Every two children in China learn English online, and there is a choice VIPKID. In order to better serve children and parents around the world, we welcome a large number of outstanding talents to join." Liu Huan said that VIPKID has very successful in second-tier cities such as Dalian. Operating experience, VIPKID Wuhan will also become an important team to improve the company's education service quality and education reputation.

It is reported that VIPKID is the world's largest online English education brand for young children. It connects local Chinese students with English teachers far from North America through an online platform, which greatly promotes the efficient circulation of high-quality educational resources worldwide. According to the big data report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, VIPKID occupies 67.2% of the one-on-one online youth English market, becoming the most trusted educational brand among Chinese parents.

It is worth mentioning that VIPKID has also been selected as a high-quality employer brand and the most popular education brand in the United States for two consecutive years by the well-known American recruitment site FlexJobs and the well-known American business magazine Forbes.

Text / Wang Wen

(Responsible editor: Cai Qing)

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