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Focus on 66 industrial functional areas, build a new kinetic energy platform for human resources collaborative services

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

People's Daily Online, Chengdu, November 29 (Wang Jun) In order to enhance the service efficiency of the human resources service industry, give full play to the synergistic function of the human resources service industry, and build the human resource areas of 66 industrial function zones that "co-help, co-build and share" The linkage and coordinated service platform effectively solves the problems of "recruitment" and "difficulty in employment" of enterprises, and provides human resources service kinetic energy for enterprises. On November 29, a session was hosted by the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Trade Union Office, the Chengdu Human Resources Service Industrial Park Hi-tech Park (hereinafter referred to as the “Industrial Park”), Chengdu High-tech Zone Cooperative Street Party Working Committee Office, and Xiyuan Street Party Worker The "Union Human Resource Service Open Day-Chengdu Hi-tech Zone West Park Tour" co-organized by the Commission Office was held in the Hi-tech West Zone.

The activity is divided into two parts: "on-site inspection + supply and demand discussion". The first part is a field visit of BOE, Temex and other companies for human resource service agencies to understand the development and needs of the company on the spot; Matchmaking sessions, organized more than 10 industry park top human resource service agencies including Zhongzhi Sichuan, Beisen Cloud Computing, Southwest Renrui, Mengxiang Technology, and foreigners here, and more than 20 key such as BOE, Sigma, Gaolong Machinery, and global logistics Enterprises participate in on-site docking.

At present, enterprises have a large demand for talents, and they have high requirements for accurate recruitment of talents. It is difficult to meet the demand by relying on traditional job fairs and extensive online recruitment. As the seventh national industrial park in China, Chengdu Human Resources Service Industrial Park has a group of powerful and experienced human resource service institutions that can help enterprises gather talents, cultivate talents, and develop talents in a short period of time. "The government sets up the platform and the enterprise linkages" approach can help the companies on both sides to meet the needs of the enterprise more deeply and accurately.

It is understood that this event is the first of a series of "Union Human Resource Service Open Days—Industrial Function Zones" series in Chengdu High-tech Zone. After that, it will continue to carry out this series of brand activities on a regular basis through the "government platform and enterprise linkage" method. Organize excellent human resource service agencies to regularly and accurately connect 66 industrial function zone enterprises in different industries and batches, provide enterprises with human resources services, and create a supply and demand exchange platform for human resources institutions in high-tech zones to communicate, negotiate, and cooperate with employers. Elite talents, deepen regional linkages, and promote the coordinated development of high-tech zone human resource service industries and enterprises in 66 industrial function zones to provide solid support.

(Editors: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia)
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