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Zhao Rushi, the new generation director of China Life Insurance: with great love, taking advantage of the platform to start a business life

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Original title: Zhao Rushi, the new generation director of China Life Insurance: with great love, using the platform to start a business life

Zhao Rushi, regional director of the Chengdu Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., the founder of the Lions Corps, a team entrepreneur.

Zhao Rushi

Opening Zhao Rushi's career resume is a true and wonderful history of personal struggle. After graduating from university in 2010, he was far away from his hometown and dreamed of coming to Chengdu alone to find a job. After interviews with dozens of companies, a job advertisement for China Life on the bus attracted him deeply "no challenge Life is mediocrity, if you have a dream, come to insurance. " He decided to try it at China Life Sichuan Telemarketing Center! This seemingly inadvertent attempt became the starting point of his life transition and career takeoff. Zhao Rushi said: "The speech and case of the newcomer training class made me feel the vitality of the insurance industry. The industry analysis and data presentation of China Life at the entrepreneurial briefing made me feel the prospect of this industry and this company." Entering the insurance industry Zhao Rushi has been working for 9 and a half years. From the telesales agent and the team leader, to the promotion of the branch manager, to the regional director of China Life Insurance e-commerce company's national system team, both human and premium platforms, his insurance career. It develops in an orderly manner through step by step hard work. In the eyes of many peers, I feel that Zhao Rushi's insurance career has entered a stable stage, which is enviable and praised!

Zhao Rushi

However, according to Zhao Rushi, in order to run a good insurance business, the customer must be the center, and providing professional and comprehensive home financial services to customers is the key. He believes that the team needs to be on the same frequency as the market, need to transform and upgrade, and make the service more "temperature". It is necessary for the market to get the team out of the phone line and enter the offline market, so he made an incomprehensible decision: Abandoned the stable telemarketing director position and an annual salary of up to 500,000, and resolutely joined a team of financial planners of Chengdu Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. with a team of less than 100 people. After more than a year of development, the team has now grown to nearly 500 people. The team is young, highly educated, professional and efficient. Zhao Rushi has also been promoted to regional director in new channels and platforms. Nearly one year after-tax income has reached more than 1.2 million .

Zhao Rushi

Fading away all the inexperienced, promoted to a million-year director. Zhao Rushi witnessed the amazing development of the insurance industry and witnessed the once again take off of China Life. When talking about team management, Zhao Rushi said: "Small teams rely on emotions, middle teams rely on systems, and large teams depend on culture." The Lion Army has always upheld the "Three Communists" culture:

A total of wind and rain

We know that entrepreneurship is hard. "Don't be afraid of hardships, work hard, strive to start a business, and always be ready to overcome all difficulties" is the common aspiration of the male lion.

Second, common pursuit

We pursue: if you want to be stronger, if you want to be called, you will be king. Dare to challenge, be brave in innovation, pursue excellence, and jointly build a first-class life insurance marketing team in the industry are the common vision of the Lions.

Third, total prosperity

We believe: there is no best individual, only best team. The male lions have high aspirations and still need to be down-to-earth and help each other. Relying on the strength of the team, they can gradually achieve an annual income of 100,000 per capita and realize their dreams in life.

Now, Zhao Rushi and his team of male lions are melding together, and set sail for a new journey. He said, "To say the greatest opportunity, I think it is to regain the original value of life at China Life. Because of the heart of integrity, I and the customers I serve have become friends who talk to each other and create a business partner; because of the heart Entrepreneurial spirit, I and my teammates rewrite the trajectory of life and create a better future together; because of my gratitude, I also found my partner in China Life and received countless gifts, allowing me to settle here .Success is not necessarily how much I have gained, but how much I have affected and changed others. Now, I want to lead more young people to live and work in such cities and make my career happier. Sincerely, Only customers can feel it. Long-lasting life can only be achieved by being a person. " He also hopes to lead the team to contribute more to the insurance industry. "Insurance marketing is not begging, but pursuing and pursuing your own dreams. Insurance makes ordinary people extraordinary and better ones. We are fortunate to be participants and communicators in the rapid development of the insurance industry, and we will work harder for insurance marketing From extensive management to becoming more professional, innovative, and warm, we have made concerted efforts to grow China from an insurance country to an insurance country. "Zhao Rushi said again.

Zhao Rushi

Group photo of the former Party Secretary of the China Life Group and Chairman Yang Chao and Zhao Rushi.

Zhao Rushi

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