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Google job search tool complained: 23 recruitment sites call for EU investigation

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搜索工具对求职者和虚位以待的工作 岗位都是一个福音,但一些求职服务的竞争对手认为谷歌不公平竞争,呼吁欧洲反垄断机构对其进行调查。 Google's fast-growing job search tool is a boon for job seekers and vacant jobs , but some job search service competitors believe that Google is unfair competition and call on European antitrust agencies to investigate it.

专员Margrethe Vestager的一封信中,23家欧洲招聘网站呼吁她在进行调查时暂时命令谷歌停止不公平竞争。 In a letter sent to Commissioner Margrethe Vestager of the European Commission that day, 23 European recruitment sites called on her to temporarily order Google to stop unfair competition while conducting an investigation.

Best Jobs Online、德国公司Intermedia和Jobindex。 Recruitment sites for the co-signed letter include British company Best Jobs Online, German company Intermedia and Jobindex. They filed a formal lawsuit against Google after submitting a letter to Vestager. A person familiar with the matter revealed that two other German companies have initiated formal lawsuits against Google.

Google's job search tool allows job seekers to see a summary of job postings posted by many employers, allows job candidates to screen, save, and remind job openings, and applications need to be made on other websites. This job search tool has been available for two years, and Google has placed it at the top of search results, ahead of results from other job search sites in most parts of the world.

,而无需向其他求职网站一样进行传统的市场营销投资 。 Some competitors claim that it is illegal for Google to put job search tools in this position because Google uses its dominance to attract users to its professional search products without having to make traditional marketing investments like other job search sites.

Other job-seeking technology companies claim that Google has reshaped competition and innovation in the industry.

量的在线内容平台之间,一直存在着激烈的竞争,此次事件则在招聘求职领域开启了一场新战役。 There has been fierce competition between Google and other online content platforms that are highly dependent on network traffic , and this incident has opened a new battle in the field of recruitment and job search. 监管者一直在呼吁对包括谷歌在内的科技巨头进行审查,目前,谷歌在过去十年里已经成功挺过了来自本地商业和旅游搜索公司的类似指控。 EU and U.S. antitrust regulators have been calling for a review of tech giants, including Google, and Google has successfully weathered similar allegations from local business and travel search companies over the past decade.

她的继任者不会丢掉其对谷歌求职搜索正在进行的审查。 EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will step down on October 31, but a person familiar with the situation said Vestager is preparing a "intensive" transition to ensure that her successor will not lose her ongoing review of Google's job search. Vestager's office declined to comment on her transfer.

公司在线竞争,对于是否正在对谷歌求职搜索进行调查,这两家监管机构拒绝做出评论。 According to reports, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DoJ) are reviewing online competition among domestic Internet companies, and the two regulators declined to comment on whether they are investigating Google ’s job search.

广告 ,这是其服务的典型特征。 The industry generally believes that Google will sell ads in its job search tool, which is a typical feature of its service.

Nick Zakrasek称,公司欢迎行业对求职搜索的反馈。 Nick Zakrasek, senior product manager at Google Search, said the company welcomes industry feedback on job search. Google said that in order to resolve previous antitrust complaints, Google allowed competitors' search services to be included in its tools, as well as a feature in Europe designed to give competitors prominence.

息提供者,从个人雇主到招聘平台,都可以在搜索中使用这个功能,它们中的很多收到的求职申请数量都有大幅增加。”Zakrasek在一份声明中称,“通过提高求职搜索的体验,我们能为全网提供更多流量,支持一个健康的求职搜索生态系统。” "Any job information provider, from individual employers to recruitment platforms, can use this feature in search, and many of them have received a significant increase in the number of job applications they have received." Zakrasek said in a statement, To improve the job search experience, we can provide more traffic to the entire network and support a healthy job search ecosystem. "

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