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"Salad Plate" Airborne Rongcheng Bundesliga Championship Tour to Chengdu

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"Salad Plate" Airborne Rongcheng

On November 24, 2019, "We are Champions-Bundesliga Champions National Tour Exhibition" hosted by Visman Heating Technology, Bayern Munich's official partner in Mainland China, and hosted by Beauty Comfort Home was held in Chengdu. The majority of fans were close to the "Salad Plate" at the scene, and the fans of Rongcheng enjoyed the glory of the championship.

The "We are Champions-Bundesliga National Tour" exhibition is another joint performance in China between Fisman Heating Technology and Bayern Munich Club two centuries-old German companies, and it is also the first time that the Bundesliga champion trophy "Salad Plate" has been launched in mainland China. Perform long traveling exhibitions. This event hosted by Viessmann Heating Technology and hosted by Beauty Comfort Co., Ltd., "We are Champions-Bundesliga Champions National Tour" Chengdu Station is the third stop of this tour, which ignited the enthusiasm of Chengdu fans and promoted In-depth exchanges among people in Chengdu football.

The cooperation between Viessmann and Bayern Munich is the cooperation between the champion and the champion, and also the inheritance of the champion quality. Since 2004, he has provided a complete set of thermal solutions for Allianz Stadium. In 2018, Fisman officially became the official partner of Bayern Munich in mainland China. From March 2019, he invited Zhu Guanghu to guide to the documentary "Chong worship" in Munich. In May, the "Sino-German Football Forum" will be held in Beijing, and the joint-named household wall-mounted stoves by Fisman Bayern will be released. Then, the "We are Champions-Bundesliga National Tour Tournament" will be held. Fisman and Bayern Munich have jointly achieved the quality of the championship, and look forward to sending more champions to the Chinese market in the Chinese market. The only signature wall-mounted stove on the scene was also bought by enthusiastic Bayern fans on the spot.

After the tour, the representative of Sichuan football, former Chinese national team captain Ma Mingyu, appeared in surprise and interacted with the fans on the spot. As the first transfer player of the Chinese Professional League and the only captain of the Chinese team during the World Cup finals, Ma Mingyu is a symbol of the golden age of Chinese football and a favorite horse of Sichuan fans. Ma Mingyu talked about the development prospects of Chinese football at the scene, shared his fond memories of Sichuan football with the fans, and led the fans' enthusiasm to a climax.

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