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Fast-forward green travel slow travel around the country 3 strokes to break the blocking panda base

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Smooth Panda Avenue

Push the time forward for one year. If you go to the panda base to play, in addition to being impressed with the panda, the traffic jam once caused a headache. There are not enough parking spaces in the parking lot, passing vehicles and recreational vehicles are intertwined, and there are explosive traffic on holidays. Panda Avenue is blocked from morning to night ...

Yesterday, when the reporter came outside the Panda Base, it was a different scene: the Panda Avenue was clear, with recreational vehicles and transit vehicles going their separate ways, and the entire traffic order was in order. "It's not blocked at all. We arrived by car from the city in more than 20 minutes." Tourists and reporters felt the same.

The layman looks lively, the layman looks at the doorway. From the perspective of Xu Jinke, the four brigade police officer of the Fifth Branch of the Traffic Police, who has been on duty for nearly 10 years, the change from a blocked to a smooth panda base stems from three tricks of the traffic management department: “outside” of transit traffic, “fast forward” of tourist traffic, Traffic "slow travel".

During the National Day Golden Week of 2018, the passenger traffic of the Panda base increased by 20% year-on-year, and the total number of tourists received reached 431,300. The peak peak passenger traffic increased by 28.6% year-on-year, and the pressure of over 100,000 passengers. The accident situation decreased by 11.7% and 15.2% compared with the same period last year.

Why is it blocked?

Incomplete road network, traffic conflict, severe overload of holiday traffic flow

In 2010, Xu Jinke began to work outside the Panda Base. He was well aware of the traffic jam here. On the first day of the May Day holiday, he drove from 9 am to 5 pm. The traffic flow was like The water from the broken faucet couldn't be turned off.

Why is the panda base blocked? Xu Jinke concluded that there are the following reasons: the surrounding road network is not perfect, and the only roads leading to the scenic spot are Panda Avenue and Shulong Road, among which there are a large number of transit vehicles and no other road diversions; the travel time of tourists is concentrated, mainly between 9-15 pm During the time period, 70% of the day's visitors were concentrated, during which time the traffic flow was severely overloaded; the parking space gap was large, and there were only two scenic parking lots around the Panda Base, with 470 parking spaces, 3 temporary parking spaces, and 760 parking spaces. According to statistics, the base received 3.52 million tourists in 2016, 4.85 million in 2017 and 5.2 million in 2018.

It is not surprising that the above factors are superimposed.

How to break the blockage?

Fine management in three different modes

How to break the blockage? The problem was left to the traffic management department, "'Embroidery Kung Fu, fine management', these are the 8 words." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau said.

Transit traffic: outside the Third Ring Road

"Before, Xindu and Qingbaijiang were used to take Panda Avenue to and from the urban area. We call it transit traffic. The traffic flow is intertwined with the traffic coming to tourism. As a result, no one can go smoothly and smoothly." Xu Jinke said. In order to effectively separate the traffic from the Panda Base Scenic Area and the transit traffic, the traffic police implemented traffic diversion on Panda Avenue during the holidays from 9 am to 17 pm to guide transit vehicles around.

Xu Jinke said that no matter from east to north or north to east, transit vehicles can use the Third Ring Road to bypass Panda Avenue and then enter the city via an interchange.

Travel traffic: "micro-circulation" fast forward

According to the characteristics that self-driving cars account for more than 60% of the holiday traffic flow of the Panda Base in the field, the traffic management department meets the needs of "quick arrival and convenient parking" for self-driving tourists in the field. "Micro-circulation", so that self-driving tourists from outside can go smoothly and smoothly. Nanzhu Lane implements a single line from west to east, and Green Bamboo lane implements a single line from east to west, forming a counterclockwise one-way circulation traffic with Panda Avenue, connecting the parking lot in the scenic area. It also diverts transit traffic.

Coordinate the territorial government departments to build 3 new parking lots around the area to be sold, and provide 2000 parking spaces for passenger cars and 76 parking spaces for coaches to alleviate the contradiction between parking supply and demand.

Green transportation: subway and bus are the most convenient

"Actually, to the Panda Base, we recommend public transportation and green travel." Xu Jinke said, coordinating the bus group to open two additional ferry bus lines from Zhaojue Temple and Metro Line 3 to the Panda Base to increase ferry buses. The transportation capacity is convenient for the “Metro + Bus” travel to coordinate the relevant departments to set up a pedestrian street, which connects the Panda Base Scenic Area and the Panda Plaza, so that the majority of tourists can experience “slow travel”, so as to enhance their experience, it ’s as convenient as not driving, and it can also be eaten Gourmet views. Our reporter He Liangwen / Picture

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