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The average salary of block chain talents reaches 16,000 yuan, and Chengdu's stock of talents leads the new front

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Original title: The average salary of blockchain talents reaches 16,000 yuan, and Chengdu's stock of talents leads the new frontline Source: Interface News

Text | Gan Yating

Blockchain is undoubtedly the hottest word in the field of finance.

On October 24, the central government made it clear that the blockchain should be used as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, and investment should be increased. The next week, the stock market opened on October 28, the blockchain sector rose more than 8%, the collective daily limit.

Talent is an important variable for industrial development. Gao Hong, a national research think tank, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that the demand for talents in the blockchain industry must have cross-industry knowledge and solutions, and be able to integrate the management of the information flow of different participants in different industries. , And the distribution of benefits according to relevant rights and interests, so as to promote the continuous optimization of social division of labor.

How is the overall supply and demand of talents in the blockchain field? Which cities are mainly concentrated in? What is the average salary situation? Recently, Zhilian Recruiting took “Blockchain” as its core clue, integrated platform online recruitment and job search big data, and released the “2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”).

Internet, e-commerce and computer software industries dominate demand

From the perspective of industry distribution, in the third quarter of 2019, the demand for blockchain talents in the Internet, e-commerce and computer software industries accounted for 37.14% and 14.45% of all industries, respectively, accounting for the mainstream demand. The top 10 demanding industries also include IT services, funds, securities, futures, investment, education, training, and institutions.

Compared with the third quarter of last year, the number of recruitment demand in the Internet, e-commerce, funds, securities, futures, and investment industries has decreased by 8.34% and 4.7% in all industries, while education, training, colleges, banks, and electronics The proportion of recruitment in technology, semiconductor, integrated circuit and other industries has increased.

Looking at the supply side, the supply and demand of blockchain talents are relatively matched at the industry level. Job seekers in blockchain-related positions are currently engaged in industries such as the Internet, e-commerce, computer software, and IT services. Consistent.

Image source: Zhilian recruits "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report"

Recruitment needs are mainly for technical and sales positions. Among the recruitment requirements, software engineers are the most requested positions, accounting for 7.89%. The second is sales representatives, accounting for 6.6%; senior software engineers account for 3.93%. It can be seen that technical positions are the first goal of the company to recruit talents, and the second is to help the company achieve a profitable sales team.

From the supply side, job seekers in the blockchain field are mainly technical talents such as Java development engineers and software engineers. Compared with the demand side, the supply side has a higher proportion of technical talents, while the sales talents account for a lower proportion. The "Report" states that the field of blockchain is not a working soil favored by sales talents. On the one hand, mature business models in this field are still rare. On the other hand, the blockchain technology and knowledge threshold are high, and the difficulty of entering the industry is also relatively difficult Big.

Blockchain talents account for over 60% in first-tier cities, Chengdu leads new frontline

The "Report" pointed out that blockchain talents are mainly concentrated in first-tier cities, accounting for more than 60%, of which Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai have the most talented talents in the top three, with sufficient talent reserves, accounting for 28.88% and 15.93 %, 12.19%.

In terms of talent supply, the performance of the new first-tier cities is also very eye-catching, accounting for 26.01%. Among them, Chengdu leads the new first-tier cities with a share of 5.29%, second only to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Image source: Zhilian recruits "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report"

In fact, as a leading area for the development of a new economy, Chengdu has a long history of promoting the integration of blockchain and the real economy.

In 2017, Fan Ruiping, member of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, pointed out at the Chengdu New Economy Development Conference that it is necessary to make full use of the open, transparent and non-tamperable attributes of blockchain technology to support blockchain in cross-border payments, insurance claims, and securities. Typical applications in financial fields such as trading and bill management provide efficient and convenient financing channels for supply chain management companies.

In addition, in the research report of the "Chengdu Blockchain Development Strategic Planning" project completed by the Chengdu Network Management Office under the guidance of the Chengdu Big Data Association Blockchain Commission, it has also been pointed out that in terms of the integration and application of blockchain technology, Chengdu has an advantage. Chengdu's blockchain entrepreneurial activity ranks sixth in the country. By 2020, the scale of Chengdu's blockchain industry will exceed 20 billion yuan.

Blockchain talents account for the highest proportion of undergraduates

From the perspective of academic qualifications, the blockchain talents (that is, those with blockchain-related knowledge, skills, or experience in the industry) generally have high academic qualifications, most of which are bachelor's degrees or above, which is higher than the blockchain academic qualifications. Among them, the bachelor degree accounted for the majority of the existing talents, accounting for 56.18%, the master degree and above accounted for 18.57%, followed by the college education accounted for 22.22%.

It is worth mentioning that among the blockchain talents, 31.77% have 5-10 years of work experience, 23.89% have more than 10 years work experience, followed by 26.15% with 3-5 years work experience, 1- 16.79% for 3 years, 1.40% for less than 1 year.

It can be seen that the stock market talents are relatively experienced, and correspondingly, their position selection should be more precise and prudent.

Top 10 universities for blockchain talent graduation in Sichuan

Faced with the blockchain talent gap, deriving the talent source based on the graduate schools of existing talents is the basic idea. From the distribution of graduate schools of existing talents, they are generally concentrated in first-class universities in China, including Renmin University of China, Beijing University and Beijing University of Posts are at the forefront. The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Sichuan University have also been ranked among the top 10 graduates of blockchain talents.

Image source: Zhilian recruits "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report"

From the perspective of the professional background of the existing talents, they are mainly computer science and technology, software engineering, and finance, which is also related to the underlying technology of the blockchain and the current application scenarios.

Image source: Zhilian recruits "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report"

The average recruitment salary in the blockchain field is 16,317 yuan, and the average recruitment salary for partners is the highest.

The recruitment salary of blockchain-related positions is significantly ahead of the national average, which may also be the key reason for its so attractive talent. However, from the perspective of the changing trend, unlike the continuous increase in the average salary of the entire industry, the recruitment salary in the blockchain field has fluctuated around 16,000 yuan / month in the past two years.

Image source: Zhilian recruits "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report"

According to the big data of Zhilian Recruitment, among the top 10 positions in the blockchain recruitment number, the average recruitment salary of software engineers in the hot positions is 16008 yuan / month; the average recruitment salary of sales representatives is 10094 yuan / month; the average recruitment salary of senior software engineers is 23606 yuan / month.

Image source: Zhilian recruits "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report"

Among them, the average salary of partners is the highest, which is 75,975 yuan / month, ranking first in the salary list. In addition, other high-paying positions are mostly senior professional and technical posts. It is worth noting that general-purpose positions such as sales posts have also become high-paying employment positions in the industry.

The current blockchain has risen to the national strategy, and the use of innovative technology breakthroughs to empower the real economy is expected to land in various application scenarios.

"Report" predicts that there will be a new round of robbing of blockchain talents.

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