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70% of respondents think that college students should do more internships

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Some newcomers in the workplace often “resign without a word”, which reflects their free and independent mentality when choosing a job, and also shows that the job market and their employment needs are not sufficiently matched. How do young people find jobs that meet their expectations?

Last week, a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily's Social Survey Center on a 2001 survey showed that 69.7% of the respondents believed that college students should do more internships while studying at school to find out what they like and are suitable for. , 47.3% of the respondents believe that college students should make good career plans while they are in school, and 30.9% of the respondents hope that employers will provide more on-the-job training and help for new employees.

As a student, Wei Wei (pseudonym), a senior in a university in Jinan, Shandong, believes that college students should go out of school and participate in internships to reduce the "trial and error costs" that may arise when choosing a career in the future. "I think that when I do more internships at school, I can familiarize myself with some positions in advance, and understand what type of work I am suitable for, and set up my career goal as soon as possible."

Liu Yixiao (pseudonym), a graduate student majoring in journalism at a “985” university in Beijing, said that many college students do n’t attach much importance to internships. They only use internships as a way of “decorating” resumes. Doesn't help your growth. "University students need to realize how important a down-to-earning internship experience is for an individual to apply for a job. It will be of great help to future career choices and deserves serious treatment."

Regarding college students' career selection, in the survey, 69.7% of the respondents suggested that they practice more internships to understand their preferences and suitable occupations.

According to Wang Ting, director of the Human Resources Development and Management Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law (professional setting) and professor of business school, he and his team did a study and found that they have contacted more college students in the society during the school period, and they have achieved employment The difference with the needs of the enterprise will narrow. "So, I suggest that college students have more exposure to society and better understand the needs of the company during the internship, which is very instructive for future job applications."

Wang Ting also pointed out that in addition to paying attention to college students' knowledge and professional skills, employers also pay more attention to other qualities of applicants and work attitudes. So college students should also pay attention to self-improvement in these aspects.

Regarding college students' career choices, 65.3% of the respondents believe that they should weigh their personal expectations with the actual situation and understand the trade-offs. 47.3% of the respondents believe that they should make career plans while they are in school.

Luo Li (pseudonym), who is engaged in human resources work in Chongqing, has encountered many cases of "second speech" of freshmen. He believes that before applying for a job, freshmen should first consult more brothers and sisters in the same profession to understand the real situation of the job market and related occupations. Secondly, do more homework before submitting your resume, understand the target company's situation through the network and other channels, and judge whether it meets expectations. You can also ask your parents for help, and sometimes they can provide useful advice based on life experience.

HR Wang Nian (pseudonym) of a private enterprise in Beijing believes that before graduating students, the most important thing to think about is what they want to do and what they are suitable for. "Thinking about these issues, the job goals are clear, which can save a lot of Necessary labor and time costs. "

In the survey, 30.9% of the respondents hope that the employer can provide more induction training and help for new employees.

During the recruitment season, Wei Wei often consulted the already working brothers and sisters. "One of the issues they often mention is humane management. For example, when the company recruits, it should clearly describe the job content and future development of the position, and reduce The cost of choice on both sides ". Wei Wei believes that companies must form a friendly atmosphere for newcomers to make new employees feel more at home.

Wang Ting believes that enterprises should attach importance to the design of career development channels for newcomers and provide a clear career growth path and training platform. "This is a main line of the entire human resource management system. After entering the enterprise, young people can feel what they can achieve in two, three, and five years through their own efforts and in accordance with the path established by the enterprise. Level". In addition, facing the new generation of employees, the company should change the management mode from the original management-type pressure mode to the empowerment mode to stimulate young people's initiative to work.

Liu Yixiao believes that universities should strive to cooperate with more counterparts and potential enterprises to open more employment channels for students at the same time, and help students check the quality of employers. In addition, colleges and universities should encourage students to go outside the school to practice, and let students understand the purpose and meaning of the internship.

Wang Ting believes that colleges and universities should provide practical career guidance and help to college students. "Especially in terms of professional values, we must let college students understand what the workplace is and the need for talent in the workplace to help college students adapt faster and faster Future employment environment. "

China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Du Yuanchun intern Li Dani Source: China Youth Daily

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