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Fund companies recruiting: Fintech talent is in demand

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Original title fund company recruits financial technology talent

⊙Lu Haiqing ○ Editor Wu Xiaojing

It is another year of campus recruitment season. Compared with last year, the recruitment of many fund companies has increased significantly. Some head funds have stepped up their efforts to reserve fintech talents for a forward-looking layout.

Recently, many large fund companies such as Huitianfu Fund, Southern Fund, Harvest Fund, Wells Fargo Fund, and E Fund Fund have been recruited.

The Shanghai Securities Journal was informed that the school recruitment of the Wells Fargo Fund is the largest multi-position systematic recruitment in the past ten years, and is implemented in a unified manner under the "Fuxing Plan".

Specifically, Wells Fargo Fund recruitment positions are divided into four categories: investment research positions, recruitment of equity researcher assistants, overseas researcher assistants (medicine, TMT); market positions, including channel manager assistants, market strategy research assistants, etc .; functional posts , Such as fund accounting assistant, legal compliance manager assistant, etc .; technical positions, mainly recruit software development engineers.

Some medium-sized fund companies are also actively recruiting. Take Yongying Fund as an example. Last year, a total of 4 campus lectures were held in Beijing and Shanghai. This year's lectures covered 7 cities including Nanjing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, and the number of lectures also increased. To 10 games.

Some newly established fund companies are also issuing "hero posts". BDO Fund was established in June 2017 and is the third “private to public” fund company in the country. This year it will recruit 2 to 3 quantitative researchers, 1 to 2 industry researchers, 2 to 3 sales managers, and 1 to 2 Traders, etc.

In addition, large fund companies such as Harvest Fund and E Fund are still stockpiling "financial technology talent". FinTech Guan Peisheng recruited by Harvest Fund, a vision technology company, involves data engineering, machine learning, full-stack software engineers, and front-end development.

E Fund Fund will recruit 50 fresh students this year (excluding E Fund Asset Management Company), of which 10 are in the technology sector. Specifically, it includes 2 intelligent solution researchers, mainly responsible for tracking the latest developments in artificial intelligence technology, researching financial business intelligent solutions, and 8 information technology engineers.

People in the industry said that fintech is an inevitable development direction in the future, so large fund companies are now cultivating talents, increasing technology investment, and conducting a forward-looking layout.

Chief Editor: Zhao Ziniu

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