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Chengdu held “Rongpiao Talent Day” job fair to offer millions of annual salary

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Original title: Chengdu Rongpiao Talent Day held a job fair with millions of annual salary

Early in the morning, Rongpiao Talent Day was filled with crowds of young talents. Excitement, tension and expectation spread in the air.

On April 27, the 2019 Rongpiao Talent Day Youth Talent Extraordinary Job Fair with the theme of "Rongyou Pride · Let Rongpiao Become the Fashion of the Times for Your Shining" was held in the West China International Expo City.

As an important part of the "Rongpiao Talent Day" series of activities in 2019, the job fair organized a total of 403 participating companies and released 11,486 demand positions. The aim is to provide good career choice and high-quality public employment for "Rongpiao" young talents. service.

Thousands of posts are vacant

Average monthly salary is 8922 yuan

Relevant person in charge of Chengdu Talent Market Management Committee told reporters that 310 enterprises in the city took 7,861 positions to attend the meeting. At the same time, a total of 93 well-known units and advantageous enterprises participated in the other 7 cities in the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, as well as the South Sichuan Economic Zone, Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone, Panxi Economic Zone, and Northwest Sichuan Ecological Demonstration Zone, bringing 3,625 urgently needed positions. . Among them, the "Dongjin" strategic zone brings together 36 "three cities and one park" enterprises and new economic enterprises.

According to statistics, the average monthly salary of all the positions given by the 403 participating companies at the conference reached 8,922 yuan, a significant increase from the average monthly salary given by the first "Rongpiao Talent Day" job fair last year. Among them, Chengdu Times Star Technology Co., Ltd., a military-civilian integration high-tech enterprise, urgently needed overseas sales managers and regional sales managers, and gave an annual salary of 1.2 million yuan on the spot.

Among the participating enterprises, there were 104 state-owned enterprises, 53 foreign enterprises, 212 private enterprises, and 34 other units. Among them, there are 5 Fortune 500 companies such as CRRC, Carrefour, Posco and 6 Fortune 500 companies in China. There are 18 top 100 enterprises in Chengdu, 23 top 100 manufacturing companies, 18 top 100 private enterprises, and 70 top 100 service industries.

Optimistic about living environment

Ready to settle in Chengdu

At the job fair, there were long queues in front of enterprises such as Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Urban Construction Investment Management Group Co., Ltd.

The reporter met Mr. Zeng and his girlfriend in the application team of Chengdu Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Zeng, who graduated from work last year, accompany his girlfriend to apply this time. He told reporters that he is a native of Sichuan and his girlfriend is a Luoyang native of Henan.

"My girlfriend is a freshman, and her university major is Chinese language and literature." He said that when choosing a career and choosing a city, the two thought carefully. "On the one hand, Chengdu has a very comfortable living environment, and we like it. It ’s getting better and better, and there are future development prospects. On the other hand, we also think a lot about starting a family, and we will choose Chengdu, which will be closer to my parents. "

On the other side, Mr. Cao, who is engaged in technical positions in automobile companies, and his friends are waiting to participate in the recruitment of Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. He graduated from Chongqing Jiaotong University. After graduation, he worked in Chengdu, where he is now married and settled. This job fair is mainly to accompany friends. By the way, I also take this rare opportunity to understand the market of related technical posts in Chengdu and see if there are any suitable opportunities to seek further development.

Interviewed nearly a hundred people

30% of foreign candidates

This recruitment will provide precise services for the needs of industrial talents. There is a special electronic information industry zone. A total of 70 companies have begun to recruit, including many well-known innovative companies such as BOE and Ximi Technology.

Chengdu Jimi Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Rongpiao Talent Day Youth Talent Super Large Job Fair for the first time. Through the recruitment gap, the reporter learned from the head of recruitment of Chengdu Jimi Technology Co., Ltd. that within two hours, she and her colleagues had interviewed nearly a hundred candidates.

"This is the first time for our company to participate, and the overall situation is better than I expected." The person in charge told reporters that this time the company provided different job requirements such as technology research and development, marketing, supply chain, and quality. Very high.

She said, "relative to fresh graduates, we still tend to recruit candidates with mature work experience." More candidates are more interested in job content, job requirements and career development space, and in terms of salary, working hours, etc. Few people make too many claims.

The reporter noticed that during the interview, the colleague next to the person in charge continued to receive candidates, many of whom came from outside. In this connection, the person in charge told the reporter that about 30% of the foreigners who came to apply for jobs today. In particular, positions in marketing and supply chain have attracted many people from the eastern coastal areas.

"For us, this is an attempt, and it is not necessary to recruit the talents we need through this recruitment. I think that through such job fairs, we can also promote our company and expand its visibility. According to today Traffic and quality, we will participate next time. "The person in charge said.

The reporter learned from Chengdu Talent Office that the number of people attending the job fair reached 17,000. According to the on-site sample survey, 82.6% of the undergraduates and above accounted for the talents, of which 21.8% were masters and above. A total of 24,305 resumes were received at the job fair, and the intent completion rate was 40.4% (the ratio of the number of people who reached the intent to the number of resumes received).

Red Star News Intern reporter Zengaga

Editor Liu Yupeng

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