Sichuan News observation reporter Cheng Wenwen

Every Saturday in the last week of April is Chengdu "Rongpiao Talent Day", and this year's "Rongpiao Talent Day" is April 27th. On April 19th, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that on April 27th, the "Rongpiao Talent Day" extra large youth talent recruitment meeting in 2019 will be held in Hall 15 of Western China International Expo City.

It is reported that this youth recruitment conference will have more than 400 units to participate and provide more than 15,000 demand positions. Not only brought together large state-owned enterprises in Chengdu and leading enterprises in the industry, but also for the first time invited key enterprises from all cities (states) in the province to recruit talents on the same stage. There will be four major areas in the Sichuan Electronic Information Industry Recruitment Zone, the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone Recruitment Zone, the South Sichuan Recruitment Zone, the Northeast Recruitment Zone, the Panxi Recruitment Zone, and the Northwest Recruitment Zone. There is always a world that suits you.

All units and detailed positions of this job fair can be logged in "Chengdu Talent Network" (for inquiries.


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