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Recruitment in Shanghai | Recruitment of Shanghai Tianqing Tiantuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (two positions, enclosing, monthly salary 8000+)

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Original title: Recruitment in Shanghai | Recruitment of Shanghai Tianqing Tiantuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (two positions, enclosing, monthly salary 8000+)


Company Profile

Shanghai Tianqing Tiantuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2006. It has branches in Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. It is composed of experienced e-commerce and online marketing professionals at home and abroad. Quickly entered the field of Internet marketing, and has long focused on the exploration and business practice of Internet effect marketing models. As a pioneer of Internet marketing, Shanghai Tianqing focuses on Internet marketing services, speaks with data and effects, and is a certified partner of multiple search and social giants. It has international search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex). , Domestic search engines (Baidu, Sogou), social media (Sina Weibo, Tencent, Momo), video media (Iqiyi, Kuaishou, Douyin), information media (today's headlines, funny headlines) and mobile advertising networks ( AdMob, InMobi) and other professional Internet marketing service providers. The company is positioned as a professional Internet marketing service provider in China. From website analysis, marketing planning, account optimization to effectiveness improvement, we professionally provide customers with a full range of accurate Internet marketing services. Since 2009, Shanghai Tianqing has obtained national high-tech enterprise qualification certification for its outstanding performance in the field of Internet marketing technology research and development. At present, we serve thousands of advertisers, including Fudan University, Elite Education, Where to Go, Ctrip, New Oriental, Suntech Education, Chain Home, Anjuke, Jingdong, Netease Strict Selection, Xiaohongshu, Momo, Qu Toutiao, Daily fresh, fluent in English, tutorABC, Korean artisans, China Foreign Trade Canton Fair, Global Trade, Lilith, etc. have chosen our services.

At present, the average salary of employees is about 8,000 yuan. 50% of employees earn over 10,000 a month. There will be no pressure on a monthly salary of 8000, but there will still be some pressure on a monthly salary of more than 10,000.

We believe: tomorrow you will thank yourself for your hard work today! !! !!

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Internet advertising sales

1. Responsible for identifying potential customers, searching for and obtaining contact information of potential customers;

2. Responsible for communicating with potential customers, recommending company products and services (Google Yahoo Bing Facebook), understanding and grasping customer needs;

3. Responsible for providing Internet advertising solutions to customers (Google Yahoo Bing Facebook), answer customer questions, sign sales contracts, collect sales rebates, and complete sales goals;

4. Responsible for return visits and maintenance of related customer relationships.


1. Unlimited age, college degree or above, e-commerce and marketing related majors are preferred;

2. Experience in Internet advertising industry is preferred;

3, the image is correct, standard Putonghua, treat others with affinity;

4. Strong achievement-oriented, customer-oriented and team spirit;

5. Perseverance, practical work, and good resistance to stress;

6, have good expression, communication skills, adaptability and learning ability;

7, accommodation, meals provided.


Graphic Design (Art Artist)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's external work including Internet advertising design and mobile terminal visual design;

2. Grasp the overall style and visual effects of the promotion activities and actively cooperate with the brand building and promotion activities;

3. Understand the aesthetic needs of the company's mainstream customer groups, and improve aesthetics and user experience.


1. Graduated in visual communication, graphic design and other related majors, the advertising industry is preferred, experience in the e-commerce industry, and Internet advertising service experience is particularly preferred;

2. Familiar with AI, Photoshop, PR and other design software;

3. Strong aesthetic ability, good at color matching, active thinking, creative, strong visual impact, proactive work, good communication, and teamwork awareness.

Recruiting elites :

Resume to email: Hr@skytech.cn

注明所要应聘的岗位 ( Please indicate the position you want to apply for when you submit your resume )





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