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Against Typhoon "Lichma" 丨 Hongkou: Hierarchical inspection and removal of hidden danger shops

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Original title: Meeting Typhoon "Lichma" 丨 Hongkou: Hierarchical inspections to remove hidden danger shops

Based on the characteristics of many old houses in the old urban area, the Sichuan North Road Street of Hongkou District has established a hierarchical safety inspection system, organized relevant functional units and local neighborhood committees, and focused on conducting investigations, investigations, plans, supplies, communications, personnel, Hierarchical inspection system for hidden dangers. Among them, the implementation of key inspection plans, supplies, communications, and personnel for the streets. The urban management squadron focused on the safety risks of high-altitude structures such as outdoor advertisements and air-conditioning units outside the streets within the jurisdiction. The Housing Office will focus on inspecting the dangerous houses in the area and implementing the supervision of the dangerous houses (914 private house supervision orders have been issued). The neighborhood committees and the local properties will focus on inspecting the safety of outdoor hanging objects such as air conditioners and drying racks in residential areas. At the same time, do a good job of publicizing safety to the residents during the flood season. North Sichuan Road Street will also promptly dispose of shop signboards for hidden danger stores and remove more than 40 shop signboards in Bao'an Road area. For merchants that refuse to cooperate, precautionary measures will be taken during typhoons.

Caption: Remove the shop sign with hidden safety hazards. Hongxin She

There are many merchants along the street in the district under the jurisdiction of Jiangwan Town. Some of the shops are in disrepair, and serious safety hazards exist. The streets carry out safety inspections to ensure early detection, early disposal and elimination of hidden dangers. Greentree Inn Hotel, located at 201 Changzhong Road, set up a large shop at the height of the hotel. The streets were organized to dismantle overnight, eliminating potential safety hazards in a timely manner. Liangcheng Xincun Street reinforced more than 200 pieces of hidden dangers in the shop signboards in the area under its jurisdiction.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Yuan Wei, special correspondent Long Gang

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