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In December, eight large-scale talent recruitment fairs in Shandong are here, just for you!

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The Shandong human resources market ushered in eight job fairs in December, including two large-scale recruitment events: the special recruitment event for graduates in 2019 is scheduled to be held on December 14; the 2018 year-end feast and mid-to-high-end talent exchange meeting is scheduled to be held in Held on December 28. I believe that it can meet the recruitment needs of the majority of enterprises, companies in need to hurry up and register! The specific schedule for December is as follows:

ways of registration

Download the power of attorney and registration form of Shandong Human Resources Market Recruitment Fair at the Download Center of Shandong Public Recruitment Network. According to the requirements of the power of attorney, send the official seal and scan it to the electronic version of the unit information and the Word version registration form without the official seal to sdsrlzysc2018 @ 163.com.

Note: 1. Recruitment units and job seekers are free to attend the conference; 2. All previous college graduates participating in the job fair should bring their original IDs and job resumes to enter the venue; 3. Companies must be approved after receiving approval You can only attend the conference after the email, or follow the public account one afternoon before the job fair: sdsrlzysc to see the list of successfully registered companies.

Address: 16 Jiefang East Road, Lixia District, Jinan City

Consulting Tel: 0531-58566622

Email: sdsrlzysc2018@163.com

Bus route: Take the 18, 62, 63, 150 Sanjian Ping'anyuan Station and get off at the 200 meter eastbound; take 115, 119, 152, 504, BRT5, K139, K160 Provincial Museum Station and follow Yaojia East Road Go north to the junction of Jiefang East Road.

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