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Chengdu's largest recruitment fair this spring is held this weekend, providing more than 70,000 jobs

release: 08-19 Category: Recruitment

People's Daily Online, Chengdu, February 26th, reporters learned that the 2019 · Chengdu Spring Extra Large Talent Recruitment Fair and the "Rongpiao Talent Concentration" Youth Talent Recruitment Fair and the "Chengde Meizi" Talent Recruitment Event will be held on 3 Held on the 2nd and 3rd (Saturday and Sunday) in Chengdu Century City New Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 7, 8 and 9.

It is understood that, as the first large-scale talent recruitment fair in Chengdu this year, it is also the largest recruitment event of the year. The two-day recruitment fair set up a total of 2254 booths. As of February 26, the number of units registered for the conference reached 2010, and many of the well-known key enterprises in the provinces and cities were recruited, and more than 70,000 posts of various types have been submitted for release.

In addition to regular exchanges and negotiations, in order to accurately implement public services and improve the effect of supply and demand negotiations, this event also set up eight special recruitment sessions (areas). Among them, on the 2nd, there will be a special recruitment area for talents and talents in the city of Demei, and a “Rongpiao · Talent Talent” Qingyang special area; on the 3rd, a special “Rongpiao Talent Talent” special talent recruitment session will be held, with 90 companies Attend. Recruitment zones such as Chengdu SME Service Center were set up on both days.

It is reported that in order to actively assist college graduates in employment and entrepreneurship, on the 2nd, a special public welfare lecture on “Reshaping Professional Thinking and Building a Personal Workplace Brand” will also be held to provide college graduates with opportunities for training and exchange. On the 3rd, there will also be a special college graduate recruitment area and a college graduate employment apprenticeship recruitment area. 110 companies from various districts and counties in Chengdu will provide orientation opportunities for college graduates. At the same time, the job fair site will also provide employment and entrepreneurship policies and personnel and personnel policy consulting services. (Intern Wang Jie)

(Editors: Yuan Fuling, Gao Hongxia)
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