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2019 foreign talent recruitment meeting held in Chengdu

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Original title: 2019 foreign talent recruitment meeting held in Chengdu

On-site recruitment of more than 50 units attracted more than 400 foreign talents

Yesterday, the 2019 Foreign Talent Recruitment Fair hosted by the Foreign Talent Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology (National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs) and sponsored by China International Talent Network and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (City Foreign Experts Bureau) was held in Chengdu. Bi Xiaopu Cancer Research Institute, Chengdu Huaxi Haiying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., US-China International Education Group, Sichuan Sanyuan Environmental Governance Co., Ltd. and more than 50 well-known enterprises and institutions recruited on-site, providing high-tech, education, biomedical There are nearly a thousand positions, attracting more than 400 foreign talents.

"Chengdu is a very inclusive city. I hope to find jobs related to international trade and stay in Chengdu." Giulia Resnati from Italy is studying for a postgraduate at Sichuan University. She hopes to find this job fair A favorite job.

More than 60 foreign talent recruitment fairs have been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Suzhou. In 2016, the foreign talent recruitment fair landed in the west for the first time, settled in Chengdu, and has now successfully held three sessions.

Different from previous job fairs for foreign talents, this job fair has added policy talks, home experience interactions in Chengdu, and foreign talents talk about "My Chinese Workplace Dream", expanding the usual job fairs to promote and experience Chengdu.

Foreign talents who have just arrived in China may not know much about policies. In addition to the traditional recruitment consultation, this job fair also conducted policy presentations in independent areas. The presentation units included some participating companies, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, eChinaCareers, etc., and introduced foreign talent recruitment and foreign talents to work in China for foreigners. A comprehensive guide to work and life services such as permit policies and international community building.

This job fair not only provides superior human resources services, but also provides various forms of interactive experience activities for foreigners. This year's job fair has set up a "home in Chengdu · from here" Chengdu overseas high-level talent culture experience zone. Among them, the "Chengdu First Impressions" activity area uses video interaction to allow foreign job seekers to easily participate in Chengdu city quizzes and get customized gifts such as face-changing pandas and panda notebooks. (Reporter Song Yanyan)

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