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[Chengdu Recruitment] Chengdu Kaibo Education

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Original title: [Chengdu Recruitment] Chengdu Kaibo Education

Recruitment positions

International High School Class Teacher

Job Responsibilities

1. Capable of teaching in a certain high school subject, giving courses to students and classes;

2. Develop a class management system to strengthen the standardization and guidance of students' daily behavior;

3. Responsible for the routine management of the head teacher and provide timely feedback;

4. Pay attention to students' thoughts, communicate with students regularly, and enhance their learning autonomy and enthusiasm;

5. Do a good job of daily attendance management of students, supervise their morning and evening self-study;

6. Assist the various departments of the school to complete a number of activities, especially cooperate with the Student Services Department to complete the relevant communication of school applications;

7. Responsible for the daily management of students, including but not limited to the supervision of dormitory hygiene and classroom hygiene;

8. Responsible for checking the dormitory of the student dormitory to ensure the safety and order of the student dormitory;

9. Regular communication with parents to ensure the normal and orderly study and life of students during school;

10. Other tasks assigned by the school.

job requirements

1. University degree or above, relevant professional background of the subject being taught;

2. Two years or above teaching experience, and hold teacher qualification certificate and other certificates;

3. Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills;

4. Strong sense of responsibility and good patience;

5. Have a high degree of professionalism and professional ethics, hard working and able to work under pressure.

contact details

Application email: hailey.xu@kbsc

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