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Original Recruitment | OPiece One Piece Partner Recruitment! You can also be a man of One Piece!

release: 07-06 Category: Recruitment

Original title: Recruitment | OPiece One Piece Partner Recruitment! You can also be a man of One Piece!

OPiece One Piece is recruiting!

OPiece One Piece is recruiting!

OPiece One Piece is recruiting!

Important things must be said three times !!!

Do you want to be a man of One Piece ?!

Would you like to be a million KOL ?!

If your answer is " YES ", continue reading and never regret it!

If you are extremely interested in the operation of new media , like the two-dimensional culture, love " One Piece ";

Wen Neng wonderful brush flower, martial arts Shaolin capture;

I love writing and want to show my writing style;

If you have a good idea in your head, it is different from ordinary people's thinking mode and has strong content smelling ability

If you satisfy these, then hesitation is a shameful waste. Hurry up and smash your resume, it won't let you lose it.

You may be an ordinary senior sea fan, so why not let interest become a profession, how interesting it will be!

Join OPiece One Piece ! !! Don't be too simple to make a million-level KOL!

OPiece One Piece has over 3 million fan bases on the entire network. It is now the largest One Piece fan base in China. Millions of fans and anime fans gather in OPiece One Piece. OPiece One Piece is committed to publishing the freshest, most interesting and most professional One Piece information and videos to global fans.

No explanation, Ma Liu's boarding !!

You can take a group photo with the autograph book of One Piece author Oda Eiichiro , and of course you may have it!

Millions of fans see you as the only "Pilot Captain"!

You will also have the opportunity to exchange a big cup with Oda to exchange the final outcome of One Piece!

Position: New Media Operations

Position: New Media Operations

Coordinates: Yubei District, Chongqing

what are you going to do:

1. Operate millions of Weibo, Toutiao, and WeChat public accounts from self-media platform accounts;

· 2. Increase the number of fans of public and media accounts through operational activities, and increase fan activity;

· 3. Targeted exposure and dissemination of relevant content based on fan reading needs and popular hotspots;

· 4. Communicate with fans in a timely manner, monitor related dissemination data, propose improvement plans, and optimize results;

· 5. Pay attention to the trends and changes of new media communication, and put forward innovative operation plans and implement them on a regular basis.

What we need:

· 1. Literature, media, and communication related majors are preferred;

· 2. New media resources with stable cooperation and rich experience in new media promotion;

· 3. Has strong anti-hitting ability, good at integrating promotion resources, and good at interacting and communicating with media fans;

· 4. Good writing skills, big brains, wide interest, love ACG, familiar with two-dimensional culture, love One Piece, OPiece One Piece fans are preferred;

· 5. Bachelor degree or above, those with certain ability in PS and PPT are preferred!

Set sail with us, looking for "ONE PIECE" !!! Back to Sohu, see more


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