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Here comes the CIO! At least 8 securities merchants have been selected, and a large wave of financial institutions are recruiting!

release: 06-15 Category: Recruitment

The brokerage industry has recently added another new executive position that seems to be tall: CIO!

Recently, the reporter learned that as of now, at least Dongxing Securities has been included Guohai Securities GF Securities Seven other brokerage firms, including the others, finalized candidates for the post of chief information officer.

The reason is that the "Measures for the Administration of Information Technology of Securities Fund Management Institutions" (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures") have been formally implemented since June 1, which stipulates that securities companies should designate a senior executive as the chief information officer and be responsible for the information technology management of securities companies.

Recently, Dongxing Securities hired Liu Liang, the company's deputy general manager, as the company's chief information officer. Liu Liang is currently Deputy General Manager, Chief Information Officer and General Manager of Fujian Branch of Dongxing Securities. He has previously worked at the Securities Office of the General Office of the Fujian Provincial Government and the Fujian Special Commissioner's Office of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Why a CIO?

It is understood that the management measures issued by the CSRC Order No. 152 have been formally implemented on June 1 this year. The purpose of formulating the management measures is to strengthen the information technology management of securities fund management institutions, ensure the safe and compliant operation of the information system of the securities fund industry, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

The management measures stipulate that a securities fund management agency shall designate a senior manager who is familiar with securities and fund business with an information technology-related professional background, experience, and ability to perform duties as the chief information officer, who shall be responsible for information technology management.

The chief office requirements of the chief information officer are to work in information technology for more than ten years, of which the information technology related work in the securities and fund industries must be not less than three years; or to work in securities regulatory agencies and self-regulatory organizations of the securities and fund industries for more than eight years.

Under the regulatory requirements, various securities firms have successively identified candidates for the position of chief information officer.

Recently, Guohai Securities hired Wen Li as its chief information officer, but Wen Li still needs to obtain regulatory qualifications for securities executives.

Wen Li has rich experience in the technical work of securities companies. He has previously served as Deputy General Manager of the Information Technology Center of Guohai Securities, General Manager of the Information Technology Center, Director of IT and General Manager of the Information Technology Center.

In addition to Dongxing Securities and Bohai Securities, as of now, the reporter has learned that at least five other CIO candidates have been finalized.

Northeast Securities Hire Wang Anmin as Chief Information Officer;

GF Securities hires Xin Zhiyun as Chief Information Officer;

Founder Securities (Protect Rights) Appoint Qu Hao as Chief Information Officer;

Nanjing Securities Hire Jiang Niannan as Chief Information Officer;

Haitong Securities Hired Mao Yuxing as the company's deputy general manager, and Mao Yuxing has been the company's chief information officer since September 2016;

Dongfanghong Asset Management's new Li Yunliang is the company's chief information officer.

Industrial Securities In the recruitment information released in April, the chief information officer is also an important position for the group.

From the information of these new CIOs, most of them have rich experience in the industry.

For example, Li Hongliang of Dongfanghong has served as a lecturer at the Computer School of Chongqing University of Technology, a deputy investigator of the Institutional Supervision Department of Chongqing Securities Regulatory Bureau, and Southwest Securities. General Manager of Securities Asset Management Department of the Company Limited, Deputy General Manager and Chief Inspector of Golden Eagle Fund Management Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Shenzhen Qianhai Golden Eagle Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Orient Securities Head of Compliance and Chief Risk Officer of Asset Management Limited.

Some CIOs are listed as executives

It is worth noting that the reporter found that a brokerage company intends to amend the company's articles of association to list the chief information officer as the company's senior management.

Huatai Securities At the forthcoming general meeting of shareholders, there was a proposal to amend the company's articles of association. The amended articles of association clarified that the chief information officer is a company executive.

Huatai Securities stated that the establishment of the digital operation department and the global selection of the chief information officer (CIO) is to hope to attract high-quality talents with a background of outstanding Internet companies and technology companies to lead this pioneering and thorough digital transformation. The company's long-term technology storage and existing advantages can be transformed into a new moat for future development, and it has the ability to compete with world-class investment banks.

A person who was recently hired as the chief information officer told reporters that the business development of the securities brokerage industry is closely related to technology. Brokers, investment banks, asset management, etc. all need technology as support, and the regulatory orientation is also relatively Pay attention to this one.

"The company's investment in technology is particularly large. There are several hundred million a year. Generally, large brokers invest more, so as to better support business development." Another brokerage person told reporters.

It is reported that domestic banks currently have positions of Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This is also a requirement of the 2009 CBRC's "Guidelines on Information Technology Risk Management of Commercial Banks." But in the securities and fund industry, most CIOs were born on demand in June of this year.

What is the annual salary?

What is the annual salary of this position?

At present, the chief information officer of Haitong Securities, Mao Yuxing, has an annual salary of 4,646.5 thousand yuan in 2018, which is one of the company's six executives with an annual salary of more than 3 million yuan. A chief information officer.

The degree to which banks and the insurance industry attach importance to related positions can also be reflected in salaries.

CPIC Chief Digital Officer Yang Xiaoling, whose total pre-tax remuneration received in 2018 was 2.377 million yuan. And China People's Insurance Chief information technology executive officer Zhao Jun also received a total of 2.446 million yuan in pre-tax remuneration.

As for the four major banks, Bank of China There is also a post of Chief Information Officer, held by Liu Qiuwan, and received a pre-tax remuneration of 551,800 yuan in 2018.

With the continuous penetration of financial technology, there is a shortage of talent in this area.

Some securities firms said that at the moment when the financial industry is more closely integrated with information technology, some of the original IT executives of the securities firm may not be able to meet the new requirements. In order to adapt to global competition, external recruitment is also inevitable.

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