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Five insurances and one fund, the institution recruits 12 people, good treatment!

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Original title: Five insurances and one fund, the institution recruited 12 people, good treatment!

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Recruitment announcement of Anhui Vocational College of Defense Technology in 2019

According to the needs of the work, 4 personnel agents are being recruited openly to the society. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment positions and requirements

1 management position, 1 professional and technical staff, 2 counselors (see attached table for details)

Application conditions

Recruitment must meet the following conditions:

(1) Having the nationality of the People's Republic of China and abiding by the Constitution and laws;

(2) Have a good academic style and noble character, love education, have a strong sense of professionalism and a high sense of responsibility;

(3) Bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree or above required for the post;

(4) Physical and mental health, able to meet job requirements.

"Under 30 years old" in the job list is born after June 11, 1988 (inclusive).

Third, recruitment procedures and methods

(I) Registration time, method and registration fee

1. Registration method: Online registration. 报名时间为2019年6月11日9:00至6月13日16:00 ,逾期不再补报。 Please log in: The registration website is the Lu'an Personnel Examination Registration System (. The registration time is from 9:00 on June 11, 2019 to 16:00 on June 13, and there will be no resubmission after the deadline.

Candidates log in to the Lu'an Personnel Examination Registration System (for registration, sign the "Integrity Commitment Letter", fill out the "Recruitment Qualification Examination Form for Anhui Vocational College of Defence Technology", and upload my electronic photo (recent photo of a recent frontless badge, jpg format, size is (295 × 413 pixels, 20-100kb in size), and provide effective communication methods. The information filled in by the applicants must be consistent with the actual situation of the applicant, the conditions of the application and the requirements of the position being applied for. Any person who falsifies or passes the qualification examination but is actually recruiting If the requirements are not met, qualifications such as examinations, physical examinations, inspections, and employment shall be cancelled upon verification.

Candidates should log in to the Lu'an Personnel Examination Registration System in a timely manner after enrolling.

Candidates who have passed the qualification examination should log in to the Lu'an Personnel Registration System before 17:00 on June 14th.

2. Registration fee: 45 yuan / person for online payment.

(Two) assessment

1. Assessment written examination and interview

Written test: The closed-book method is adopted. The content of the written test is public basic knowledge. The main contents are common knowledge such as politics, economy, law, humanities, management, national conditions, and provincial conditions, judgment and reasoning, speech understanding and expression, and writing. The exam does not specify tutoring books, with a perfect score of 120 points. Please refer to the admission ticket for the written test time.

Candidates will download and print the "Admission Ticket" from the Lu'an Personnel Registration System from June 17 to June 19 (see "Admission Ticket" for details).

2. Qualification review

Based on the written test results, the shortlisted candidates will be determined at a ratio of 1: 5 from high to low, and the qualification review will be conducted. The qualification review will be led by the Organization and Personnel Department, and the disciplinary inspection and supervision department will participate in the identity cards, graduation certificates, and degrees of the interviewees. The originals such as certificates are re-examined, and the fresh graduates will be issued with certification materials (the graduation certificate and degree certificate cannot be cancelled when they graduate). Among them, those who have a written test less than 60 points and fail the qualification review are not allowed to enter the interview.

The qualification review will review the information filled out by the candidates during the online registration and the certification materials provided by the candidates in accordance with the qualification requirements for the examination provided in the recruitment announcement. Those who do not meet the qualification requirements or fail to provide credentials as required shall be disqualified from participating in the interview. If there is a shortage of candidates, before the interview, according to the written test scores from high to low scores, in order to make up for the same amount, the replenishment will only be done once.

3. Interview

According to the characteristics of the post, the interview method is adopted. The interview time will be notified separately.

If the number of interview candidates is less than the required ratio, the actual number of finalists will be determined. If there is more than one candidate with the same written test score, the last candidate will be selected as the interview candidate.

For management positions (2019gf001), the interview score is 100 points, personal statement is 20 points and professional test is 80 points. Candidates take the professional test sequence on the spot. The professional test preparation time is 15 minutes, the personal statement does not exceed 5 minutes, and the test and answer time does not exceed 10 minutes. It mainly examines the cognition and understanding of management positions, as well as the professional basic knowledge level, business quality capabilities and job potential of management positions.

The score of the counselor positions (2019gf003) and (2019gf004) is 100 points, the personal statement is 20 points and the theme class meeting is 80 points. Candidates pick the interview sequence on the spot. The theme class preparation time is 15 minutes, personal presentations do not exceed 5 minutes, and class meetings are held within 10 minutes. It mainly examines the cognition and understanding of the counselor's work and the ability of the counselor's daily ideological and political education.

For professional and technical positions (2019gf002), the interview score is 100 points, 30 points for comprehensive quality and 70 points for professional quality. Candidates pick the interview sequence on the spot. The comprehensive quality ability is assessed through personal statements. It mainly examines the candidate's logical thinking ability, coordination ability, language expression ability, basic theory, and behavior. The interview time is 5 minutes. Professional competence is assessed by answering professional questions. It mainly examines the basic ability of applicants' file management and file application. The preparation time is 30 minutes and the test time is not more than 10 minutes.

4. Calculation method of total score

Candidates' final test scores are determined based on a combination of written test scores and interview scores (percentage system, with two digits after the decimal point). The written test scores account for 40% and the interview scores account for 60%. Candidates who do not reach a total score of 60 are not allowed to enter the medical examination and inspection.

(V) Medical examination, inspection, publicity and employment

After the interview, according to the number of recruitment plans and the final results of the candidates' examinations, from high to low scores, determine the participants to participate in medical examinations and inspections in a 1: 1 ratio (if the final results of the examination are the same, the interview score is the highest)

Physical examinations will be organized for the schools to be recruited. Those who fail to pass the medical examination will not be accepted.

According to the requirements of the positions to be hired, the inspection work takes a variety of forms to comprehensively understand the political ideas, moral qualities, compliance with laws and regulations, business abilities, work performance (scholastic performance) and other aspects of the inspection subjects.

If there is a shortage of medical examinations and inspections, among the applicants for the same post, make up the same amount in order from the high score to the low score, and no more than twice. After the announcement of the list of people to be hired is completed, there will be no resubmission.

Publicity: Publicize the people to be hired for a period of 7 days.

4. Employment and Treatment

The probation period for the hired personnel is three months. After the probationary period has passed the assessment, a personnel agency contract is signed (the original certificate of bachelor's degree or above, bachelor's degree or above should be provided when hiring, otherwise, it will not be hired), and the hired personnel will enjoy Anhui National Defense The salaries and salaries of employees with the same conditions as those of formal employees of the Vocational College of Science and Technology, social insurance and housing provident fund shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Implementation Regulations for the Management of Externally Employed Staff (Trial) compiled by the Lu'an Municipal Government.

If the person to be hired has signed an employment contract and other agreements with the original unit, it shall be handled by himself in accordance with relevant regulations.

V. Contact Information

Mailing address: Organization and Personnel Office of Anhui Vocational College of National Defense Technology (No. 2 Xinhe East Road, Lu'an)

Zip Code: 237011

Contact: Teacher Lei, Teacher Sun

Phone: 0564-3384499

Discipline Inspection Department Tel: 0564-3383017

School website: http://www.acdt.edu.cn

6. This announcement is explained by the Personnel Office of Anhui Vocational College of National Defense Technology.

2019 Anqing Airport Recruitment Staff Announcement

I. Introduction to Anqing Airport

Anqing Airport is located in Anqing City, Anhui Province, 9 kilometers from the city center. The flight zone standard is Class 4C. Anqing is now open to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haikou, Xiamen, Xi'an, Kunming, Ningbo, Guilin, Fuzhou, Harbin, Qingdao, Guiyang. Wait for 13 routes. In 2019, Anqing Airport will complete the station environment and terminal reconstruction and expansion projects, and will subsequently open routes connecting Tianjin, Hohhot, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, and Chongqing to form economically developed areas, open coastal cities, developed western cities, and major tourism. The regional air route network helps the development of surrounding economic, social, cultural and tourism industries.

2. Professional development and benefits of employees

职业 Staff career development

We implement a "management + technology" career development dual channel to help employees plan and realize their career ideals. At the same time, we have a series of reserve talent training programs, which have cultivated a group of young and promising cadres and elites, and opened up new channels for professional development.

㈡ Benefits

1. The company provides employees with market-competitive remuneration packages based on the market and based on positions, abilities, and performance;

2. Pay social insurance and provide housing provident fund for employees, apply for commercial supplementary medical insurance and employer liability insurance;

3. Provide paid annual leave that is better than national regulations, as well as other humanized multiple leave benefits;

4. Employees enjoy a variety of special benefits such as employee medical examinations, employee mutual assistance funds, holiday expenses, birthday congratulations, visits on sick leave, and wedding benefits;

5. Enjoy the unified airfare policy for employees and relatives of HNA Group.

Recruiting positions

Fourth, recruitment arrangements

㈠Resume Delivery

fy1689@163.com mailbox for resume delivery.

㈡ Interview assessment

For candidates who have been screened by resume, our company will contact you by phone, email, text message, etc., and inform them of specific arrangements in the next step.

V. Contact Information

Contact: Ms. Fang, Ms. Pan

Phone: 0556-5861011

Email: fy1689@163.com

Postcode: 246003

Address: Comprehensive Management Department, Tianzhushan Airport Co., Ltd., Anqing, Anhui Province

Summary of recruitment information for cities in Anhui province in June 2019

Only on the top of the mountain

To see the scenery over there

Let's not miss any chance to get ourselves to the top

No matter how steep it is

We must also work hard and dare to persist

Study hard, train hard,

Hold your post! Counterattack your opponent!

We can endure hardships, we can persist,

Especially able to answer questions, especially ashore!

Want to go ashore in 2019

Come to Shangbang Public Exam!

The fourth course starts at 14:00 on June 9th

At present, the first, second and third shifts are full

Classes 4 and 5

Teacher Yanyan WeChat / Mobile: 15375466275

Township Township Finals on June 3 (1)

[Teaching philosophy]

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