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Gao'an Village Investment Company Recruitment Announcement

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Gao'an Village Collective Economic Development Investment Co., Ltd. (Village Investment Corporation for short) is a wholly state-owned enterprise of Gao'an Municipal Government. The company was formally established on August 28, 2019, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan and total assets of approximately 8 billion yuan. Including agricultural industrialization, agricultural infrastructure construction, rural human settlement environment improvement, state-owned asset management and operation, cultural tourism industry project investment and operation management, characteristic town development and rural complex development, agricultural product production, planting and sales, etc. Due to the needs of the company, with the consent of the municipal government, it currently recruits 12 staff members from the public (please refer to the recruitment position table for details). The relevant situation is now announced as follows:
Basic conditions
1. Nationality of the People's Republic of China;
2. Good ideological and political quality, upright conduct, obeying laws and regulations;
3, have the professional or technical conditions suitable to perform the duties of the post;
4. Adapt to the physical conditions required by the position;
5. Meet other conditions required for open recruitment.
Persons under any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the test
1. Violation of national laws and regulations, having received public security punishment and criminal accountability (including declaring guilty and exempt from criminal punishment);
2. Any violation of laws and disciplines is being investigated on file;
3. Being disciplined by the party or politics, or dismissed, dismissed, or fired from public office;
4. Morality is corrupted and bad behavior has been dealt with by public security organs;
5. Other personnel who violate laws and regulations;
Job conditions
1. For recruitment positions and related requirements, please refer to the "List of Open Recruitment Positions of Gaoan Village Collective Economic Development Investment Co., Ltd.", in which the age calculation deadline is December 31, 2019.
2. Recruitment methods and procedures
This open recruitment follows the principles of openness, equality, competition, and merit, and is carried out in accordance with the procedures of registration, qualification examination, interview, written examination, inspection of political review, publicity, physical examination, and employment.
(I) Registration and qualification review
1. Registration method: On-site registration.
2. Registration time: Candidates should be from December 16, 2019 to December 31, 2019 (Monday to Friday, 9: 00-12: 00, 14: 30-17: 00, Saturday and Sunday (Except) to our company to register and eligibility review.
3. Registration address and contact information
Registration address: First Floor, Youth Palace, Ruiyang New District, Gao'an City, Jiangxi Province
Phone: 0795-5288619 13870599959
Contact: Deng Wenyu Yang Xin
4. Qualification review requirements
(1) Each person is limited to one position, and applicants should fill in the Application Form for Gao'an Village Collective Economic Development and Investment Co., Ltd .;
(2) The originals and photocopies of the following materials shall be provided for review when registering (the originals shall be verified and photocopied):
① Original and photocopy of my identity card (front and back);
② Original and photocopy of graduation certificate (new graduates need to provide employment recommendation form), and the academic letter online prints the academic certificate and degree certificate within the validity period of the QR code;
③ Original and photocopy of relevant professional and technical title qualification certificate;
④ The original and photocopy of the hukou (photocopy includes the head of the household and the page);
⑤ I have 3 color photos of the same inch as the registration form recently;
⑥ A "Application Form";
证明 Certificate of work experience unit (with official seal of the unit).
5. Qualification review runs through the entire process of open recruitment. If the information and materials provided by the corresponding personnel do not match the reported job conditions, the qualifications will be cancelled upon verification.
(2) Interview and written test
The recruitment was conducted through a combination of interviews and written tests.
1. Exam opening ratio. In principle, the examination opening ratio is not less than 3: 1. If the examination opening ratio is not reached, the recruitment plan will be reduced accordingly. Candidates who have been canceled will not be adjusted.
2. Interview. The village investment company selected the job leadership team to conduct interviews with the candidates. The interviews focused on the applicants' professional literacy, language expression ability, and comprehensive analysis ability. The average score of the interview results is calculated by the scorer as the candidate's interview score, and the interview score is included in the next step.
Interview time and location to be announced.
3. Written test. The written test mainly tests the professional knowledge related to the selected position. For the time and place of the written test, see the admission ticket. Candidates should bring both the ID card and the original admission ticket when taking the test.
Written test content: ① Secretary post: public basic knowledge and writing;
②Other posts: related business knowledge.
The written test time and place will be notified separately.
4. Total test scores = interview scores × 60% + written test scores × 40%
(3) Inspection of political review
The total scores of candidates in each position are determined from high to low according to the 1: 1 ratio of recruiting positions. The political review list is determined. If the total score is the same, the person with the highest professional and technical qualification level is preferred. If the qualification level is the same, the local household registration personnel is preferred. If it is the same again, younger age is preferred.
(IV) Publicity
Qualified political reviewers will be publicized on the Gaoan government website and "Gaopin Gaoan" WeChat public account for 5 working days.
(V) Physical examination
1. At the expiration of the publicity period, the company will organize qualified personnel for political review to conduct a medical examination at the expense of the company. The medical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial).
2. The shortfalls due to unqualified medical examinations or personal abandonment will be replenished in turn.
(F) Employment
Those who pass the medical examination are determined to be candidates. The probationary period of the proposed personnel is three months. Those who have passed the probationary period will sign an employment contract. See the Recruitment Post Form for the salary after employment. The salary includes "five insurances and one fund". The minimum service period of the personnel in the company is 3 years, that is, they must sign an employment contract of more than 3 years. Those who violate the contract without authorization will be held liable for breach of contract in accordance with the breach clause of the employment contract.
Candidates must ensure that the communication method is unobstructed, and pay close attention to the information about the recruitment work released by the company by telephone, internet, email, etc. The company does not take any responsibility for the poor contact due to the applicant's own reasons.
This announcement is explained by Gao'an Village Investment Corporation.
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Original title: "Recruitment Announcement of Gao'an Village Investment Company"
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