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Recruitment 丨 China Institute of Economic Research Co., Ltd.

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The National Research Institute of Economic Research is a consulting and research institution approved by the party group of the Development Research Center of the State Council and initiated by the China Economic Times. The Development Research Center of the State Council is a policy research and consulting agency directly under the State Council. It is also one of the 25 units selected as the first batch of national high-end think tank construction pilots. The State Council provides a large number of practical policy recommendations and advisory opinions.

Relying on the expert resources of the Development Research Center of the State Council and focusing on applied economic research, the National Research Institute of Economic Research focuses on the implementation of major national strategies and regional development, industrial planning and other issues. Consulting research topics for large companies. Researchers are now openly recruited. The specific positions and related requirements are as follows:

I. Recruitment Objects, Recruitment Posts and Registration Conditions

(I) Recruitment object

The recruitment targets are in principle:

1. Fresh doctoral graduates

2. Researchers who have considerable working experience in relevant think tanks (more than a master's degree).

(2) Recruitment positions

1. Research supervisor;

2. Research assistant.

(3) Registration conditions

1. Nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2. Good political quality, good moral character, obeying laws and regulations, healthy and positive outlook on life, and cheerful personality;

3. Applied economics, management, finance, foreign trade, etc.

4. Possess strong analytical ability and logical thinking ability;

5. Have good writing skills;

6, have a good sense of teamwork, work carefully and meticulously;

7. Government policy and national research institutions with relevant policy research experience or longer internship experience are preferred.

2. Employment and treatment

1. The hired personnel will practice in the unit for three months. Those who pass the assessment after the probation period will be formally hired by the National Research Institute of Economics, and those who fail will be cancelled;

2. In principle, during the internship, full-time attendance is required from Monday to Friday (special circumstances can ask for leave);

3. The treatment of hired personnel is based on their academic qualifications and working years. Negotiable.

Third, the registration method and deadline

The applicant should provide the following application materials:

(1) 1 "Application Form" in the attachment;

(2) One resume;

(3) Electronic version of identity card and academic credentials;

(4) Five or more recent research masterpieces published by individuals.

The above materials should be sent to guoyanioer@foxmail.com in the form of a compressed package, and named in the format of "name_highest school_professional_education". After receiving the materials, the unit will reply to the email confirmation as soon as possible, and optionally call to inform the interview time and method, and decline to visit.

Phone: 010-65592051

Address: Room 1211, Kaide Huaxi Building, 288 Chaoyangmen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Deadline for registration: 17:00, March 30, 2020

Attached form: "Application Form"


National Research Institute of Economic Research Co., Ltd. Application Form

Basic Information










Mobile phone



Declared position:

Available time:


Education experience

Start and end

Schools and Departments

social practice

Start and end time

Internship Units and Departments

Internship positions

The main research results

Other notes

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