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Fuzhou Recruitment | Recruitment of Fujian Chaodaquan Qiushi Trading Company (including board and lodging)

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Original title: Recruitment in Fuzhou | Recruitment of Fujian Chaodaquan Qiushi Trading Company (including board and lodging)

Company Profile

Chaodaquanqiu Group is part of Chaoda Group, together with Chaoda Modern Agriculture Group and Chaoda Agricultural Resources Technology Group. Chaodaquanqiu Group is committed to using the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data and other technologies to build a modern green agricultural product supply chain, to create a "full-demand system" that integrates production, supply and sales management of agricultural products, and comprehensively improve agricultural production and supply. Modernization; it is fully connected with the canteens of restaurants, catering hotels, commercial supermarkets, and residents and consumers, so as to effectively connect production with the market.

1. On-site supervisor 2 people 5000-6000 yuan / month

1. On-site command sorting, assign sorting tasks

2. On-site quality control and follow-up

3. Assist the Treasury Acceptance

4. On-site command and optimization process

5. Command and arrange the loading of logistics vehicles

6. Check distribution orders to reduce errors

7. Procurement and delivery command

2. Job requirements:

1. Familiar with general office software;

2. Good communication skills;

3. Strong sense of responsibility;

4. Some knowledge of fresh products is preferred.

2. Accompanying secretary: 5000-8000 yuan / month

1. Assist the boss to handle daily tasks, schedules, and guest receptions;

2. Responsible for the boss's luggage packing, living arrangements, meetings, travel contacts, formation arrangements and other affairs during the business trip;

3. Upload and release;

4. Send and receive documents, preliminary control of documents;

job requirements:

1. Unlimited gender, age 20-45 years old, college degree or above in secretarial related major, more than 2 years working experience as secretary, can often follow business trips;

2. Have a certain ability to write official documents, familiar with office software such as WORD, EXCEL, PPT, and all kinds of office equipment;

3. Good Putonghua, careful work and strong sense of responsibility;

4. Have good psychological pressure, communication and expression skills, and professional ethics;

5. Able to travel frequently.

3. 2 people from the chairman of the office to 4500-6000 yuan / month

I. Duties

1. Visitor reception (tea service, pouring water, refreshments, etc.)

2. File scanning and archiving work, etc.

3. Upload and release

2. Job requirements:

1. Age 20-45 years old, majored in secretarial related, college degree or above, good facial features, standard Mandarin; 1 year working experience as secretary

2, have a certain ability to write official documents, familiar with WORD, EXCEL, PPT and other office software, and various office equipment;

3. Professionalism, rigorous work style, meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility and initiative.

包吃、 包住、 单休 Housing provident fund, meals , packages , single break

contact details

Contact: Ms. Xu

Address: 6 / F, Chaoda Group, 29 Tongpan Road, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

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