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Recruitment reform of Shanghai sports associations: salary advances with the times, bringing together national professionals

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Original Title: Recruitment Reform of Shanghai Sports Associations: Salary Advances with the Times and Gather National Professionals

Recently, an announcement from the Shanghai Sports Federation has caused concern in the sports circle.

This is a recruitment notice. The Shanghai Sports Federation and the 15 sports associations in Shanghai are collectively recruiting to the public. The announcement stated that it would break through the reference wages of public institutions and provide wages that match the market.

Even across the country, similar cases of collective open recruitment by local sports federations and associations are rare. It is understood that in just three days after the announcement was issued, there were already 100 resumes received.

Zhou Binghua, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Sports Federation, told surging journalists that the purpose of recruitment is still for the development of the sports industry in Shanghai. The gap is quite large. "

Development of sports requires more fresh blood

Since the curtain of China's sports reforms has opened, the "decoupling" and socialization of sports associations has been an important part of it.

After “decoupling” from government agencies to become independent corporate legal entities, various sports associations face new challenges: introducing more fresh blood.

In the recruitment announcement issued by the Shanghai Sports Federation on December 9th, the institutions with recruitment needs include the Shanghai Sports Federation and 15 sports associations in Shanghai, including basics such as chess, chess, and badminton. Extensive traditional project associations, including rugby, e-sports and other emerging project associations.

In fact, the number of associations with recruitment needs is more than this. "These (listed) associations were all we asked first, would you like people. After the announcement was issued, there were associations to ask us to recruit people. Yes, "said Zhou Binghua.

In fact, the Shanghai Sports Federation has been brewing for such a collective open recruitment for a long time. It is understood that at the beginning of the year, the Shanghai Sports Federation did a subject survey and found that the structure of some sports association personnel was aging.

Therefore, in the final announcement of the recruitment announcement, the age limit was relaxed (minimum 22 years old, current / social).

"The staff structure is too aging. This has historical reasons and the association's own reasons. Older people are more experienced, but young people are dynamic and innovative. We must increase social recruitment, introduce young blood, and organize social organizations. This platform is good, otherwise the sport may be stagnant. "

"(Some associations have come to recruit people on their own initiative.) It shows that they have actually recognized their shortcomings. Some associations may be older on average, and their ideas and markets are not so fast. They cannot quickly adapt to external information and development rhythm. "

Breakthrough, pay standards keep pace with the times

Indeed, with the rapid development of the sports industry, the demand for talents by sports associations is also huge.

"Some time ago we formulated a lot of rules and regulations to regulate the substantive construction and put forward requirements for social organizations. However, it was discovered earlier this year that there are no one and no way to do it. People must be engaged in the work. Sports professionals The gap is quite large. "Zhou Binghua said.

To attract talent, a competitive salary package is naturally essential.

Zhou Binghua revealed that when the research and establishment of the salary system was based on the actual situation of the sports associations, reference was also made to well-known sports event companies and enterprises in the market.

It is understood that many sports associations in Shanghai have previously conducted social recruitment or campus recruitment independently, but such collective open recruitment is the first time, and the reason for collective recruitment is to establish a unified sports association salary system.

"Single associations recruit themselves, and there is no standard for remuneration. At present, the compensation system has formed a draft of comments, and later will gradually form a consensus to form a unified compensation system. The Shanghai Sports Association will refer to this system even if it recruits alone."

However, Zhou Binghua also said that the system is only used as a reference for associations, and associations can also make breakthroughs according to actual conditions.

In terms of recruitment requirements, this recruitment is not limited to regions and is open to national talents. "In fact, some of our associations have already recruited people across the country. At the core, we still want to retain people, train them, keep them, sports. Only then can there be further development. "

Recruitment process is further standardized

Zhou Binghua said that after the sports reform, many functions of the government in sports have been transferred to social organizations such as sports associations. In other words, "the level of social organization determines the level of professionalism of functions."

In order for these sports associations to have a better working ability, the importance of introducing high-quality talents is self-evident. From the current situation, this attempt of open recruitment is gratifying.

It is understood that after the recruitment announcement was issued, about 100 resumes have been received in three days. "It should be okay to receive 150 to 200 by the end of the deadline."

After collecting candidates' resumes, the Shanghai Sports Federation and each association will also select according to a rigorous and standardized process.

"First of all, we will screen the resumes internally, and we will take the written test first. After the written test, we will conduct interviews. We will conduct interviews in small groups, and invite the leaders of other institutions (as examiners) to set some situational questions to examine the candidates."

"For the finalists, we will invite the recruiting associations to choose together."

Regarding the effectiveness of this open recruitment, Zhou Binghua is still very optimistic. "The age of the candidate is good, and the quality of the resume is initially good."

He also said that similar open recruitment in the future will become the norm. "This is a very important project and is the core of future sports organization development and sports development. Otherwise, no matter how good the planning is, there are no sports professionals. Come and help you? "

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