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People's Network Hubei Branch (Hubei Channel) Recruitment Announcement

release: 12-13 Category: Recruitment Companies

I. Basic requirements

1. Good conduct, love journalism and have good comprehensive qualities.

2. Good health, hard work, cheerful personality, strong verbal expression, strong ability to communicate and communicate with other countries.

3. The basic knowledge of network and new media is good, good at internet operation and application.

Recruiting positions

Editing post 1

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, Chinese, journalism and other related majors.

2. Have been a full-time journalist for more than two years in provincial or prefecture-level newspapers (websites), and can provide major news works for nearly one year.

3. Solid writing skills, strong writing and writing skills, good at discovering news clues, and able to conduct in-depth investigation and reporting independently.

4, quick response, strong execution, good at responding to emergencies, obey units to schedule at any time.

1 Deputy Office Director

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, unlimited majors, and those with media experience are preferred.

2. Strong communication skills, strong writing ability, and proficient in handling all kinds of official documents.

3. Have good market analysis and innovative thinking ability, good at writing event planning programs, and have strong work execution ability.

4. Have a good sense of teamwork and sense of responsibility, and can bear certain work pressure.

3 area managers (Yichang, Xiangyang, Edong), 1 media consultant

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, majors in Chinese, communication, journalism, advertising, public relations, etc. Those with excellent conditions can relax their education to college.

2. Engaged in planning, outreach, advertising or product sales in media or internet units for more than two years.

3. Have a certain written background, be good at copywriting and event planning, and be able to complete project cooperation or product promotion programs according to different customer needs.

Third, the registration and employment process

1. Registration: Interested parties, please send your resume (including date of birth, household registration, education, work experience, etc.), works, photos and contact phone to the designated mailbox before January 10, 2020, we will keep personal information confidential .

Email: hubei@people.cn

2. Written test and interview: For those who pass the preliminary examination, we will notify the written test and interview, and select the best candidates to determine the candidates.

3. Inspection: Conduct political review inspection on the candidates to be hired, and understand and verify the relevant situation.

4. Recruitment: Comprehensive test scores, inspections, and signing a formal labor contract after submitting to the superior for approval.

5. Remuneration: enjoy social insurance and other related benefits in accordance with regulations.

(Editor-in-chief: Zhang Ye, Guan Xiyan)
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